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What would you say if you were to choose a…parrot lamp? Take all the time you want to get to know these designs, shapes, sizes and other details that make this site a great place for making choice. Even the most demanding customers have done this and what will you say?

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Incredible vintage parrot lamp meissen style porcelain hollywood regency

Incredible Vintage Parrot Lamp Meissen Style Porcelain Hollywood Regency
A charming vintage electric table lamp featuring a unique base (on a round foot) in the form of a beautiful realistic parrot sitting on a leafy twig. It's made of famous Meissen porcelain painted in greens and blues with orange and red accents.

Parrot lamp shade

There is no lampshade or bulb, just lamp kickstands. They are made of brass and painted very colorful. Kickstands look like two green parrots. These elements are stylised on rococo, because it very vivid and encrusted.

Parrot lamps 2

This lovely, antique parrot lamp is a proposition for all vintage enthusiasts. Deriving from the Victorian times, it is made from solid brass, which ensures a durable, stable construction.

Tropical Parrot 30" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Tropical Parrot 30" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
This table lamp has got a functional and original decorative character. It includes a solid and attractive base with a tropical parrot design. Its shade has got a white color finished with a small yellow line.

Vintage czech hand painted orange glass

Vintage Czech Hand Painted Orange Glass
Vintage table lamp base in juicy tropical orange, vase shaped, with hand painted colorful parrots and flowers pattern. For those who love old items with soul, and also wouldn't mind an essential drop of color around.

Parrot lamp 1

Tropical Parrot 63" Floor Lamp

Tropical Parrot 63" Floor Lamp

Parrot lamp 9

A unique table lamp in the Art Deco style. It features an old-fashioned base in the shape of a lantern and a parrot that holds a lamp shade in the bill. The lamp is made of distressed metal with a subtle layer of vivid colors on the parrot.

Antique parrot lamp

Birds were a symbol of the higher spheres in many myths, so also in interior design right now. This crazy parrot lamp, with a strong blue lamp-shade-has a base, made of ceramic in the form of a silent, white parrot - with a yellow mane.

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Kathy ireland parrot lamps

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Vintage style stained glass three parrots hanging lamp chandelier

Vintage Style Stained Glass Three Parrots Hanging Lamp Chandelier
This magical example of Tiffany style will enchant not only enthusiasts of this design. Beautifully crafted, designed with big attention to details, the parrots enchant will embellish both your living room and your bedroom space.

Parrot lamp 28

Parrot lamp 25

Such a cute, gorgeous table lamp! Very vintage design. The whole lamp is made to resemble a parrot. Very unique and unusual piece of furniture, perfect for any room and architectural style. Simply amazing!

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Parrot lamp 2

Parrot lamp 34

Parrot lamp 16

Parrot lamp 27

Parrot lamp 33

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Parrot lamp 15

Parrot lamp 37

White navy parrot lamp

Parrot lamp

Beautiful antique tiffin high gloss orange parrot lamp

Parrot lamp 19

Kathy Ireland Greek Parrot Paradise Torchiere 73" Floor Lamp

Kathy Ireland Greek Parrot Paradise Torchiere 73" Floor Lamp
If you're looking for some intriguing and extraordinary decorations for your living room or bedroom, check out this unique and stylish floor lamp! It's gonna bring you a huge dose of an incredible design.

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Parrot lamp 39

Tiffany Parrot 16" H Table Lamp

Tiffany Parrot 16" H Table Lamp

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Business Signs Parrot Margarita Neon Sign

Business Signs Parrot Margarita Neon Sign
It is a fantastic parrot neon sign that is colorful and it can be hung on a wall or sit on a table. Everyone will be impressed how amazing it looks in your home. It is a very good choice.

Ormolu Parrot 25" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade (Set of 2)

Ormolu Parrot 25" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade (Set of 2)

Pair of parrot lamps with porcelain flower surrounds

Kathy Ireland Parrot Paradise Torchiere Floor Lamp

Look at this white lola parrot lamp by foreside on

Perfect lady rider gift parrot accent lamp real stained glass

I too spray paint lamps and other weird thrift shop

Is it wrong that i love this cockatoo lamp

My parrot lamp obsession continues