Paper Mache Zebra Head

Well, these are certainly original and intriguing. Even if this is not your favorite style, maybe you will still find these paper mache zebra heads quite interesting. We can assure you that there are people who have decided to buy these and are quite satisfied with their choice. And what is your opinion?

Paper mache zebra head 1

This paper mache zebra head is made with vintage French book pages and finished with an oil-based varnish so you can just wipe it clean. It makes a refined decor proposition for your interiors.

Paper mache zebra head

A cool contemporary wall decor in the form a hunting trophy - zebra head fixed to a square backplate made of wooden materials finished in black. This very realistic head is handmade of papier-mache pulp and then painted.

Paper mache zebra head 3

Paper mache animal head 1

Paper mache zebra head 2

Wall arts in the form of wild animals. It is made of paper and finished with pastel colors. Adds freshness and modernity to any interior.

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6922 african zebra pedestal shoulder taxidermy mount

6922 African Zebra Pedestal Shoulder Taxidermy Mount
An attention-grabbing traditional decor to mount on walls or display on shelves. It has the form of a very realistic zebra head and neck in creamy-white and brown shades. It's crafted of paper mache.

Paper mache zebra head 7

Paper mache mounted animal heads

Paper mache moose head

Paper mache zebra head 15

Paper mache zebra head

Paper mache zebra head 3

Paper mache zebra head 17

Anthropologie animal heads

Adorable DIY idea if you don’t know how to decorate a side wall in the living room – a paper-mache zebra head trophy made out of old newspapers, shaped to look like an animal head, giving it an avant-garde look.

Paper mache taxidermy

The paper mache decoration in the shape of giraffe's head. On the parts of the sculpture there is some visible letters from the newspaper, but it adds charm to this accessory and makes it fit to the office also.

Paper mache trophy heads maleficent dragon hunters trophy

Paper mache trophy heads

Paper mache zebra head 15

Hand painted animal heads nickey kehoe on beverly

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Paper mache zebra head 13

Paper mache zebra head 18

Paper mache zebra 1

Paper mache zebra head. This attractive wall decoration brings a nice natural accent into the house. Its black and white finish is universal, so it looks very attractive in any type of interior stylization.

Paper mache zebra head 9

Paper mache elephant head tutorial

Gorgeous design for a decorative wall in a living room, fitted with an arrangement of different taxidermy trophies made out of paper-mache, so no animals were harmed in the making of these fabulous wall decorations.

Paper mache zebra 19

Handmade animal heads that are able to decorate indoors. They look very attractive and natural in any home design. They are finished in many colors, so they will complement any kind of home decor without problems.

Paper mache zebra head 5

Paper mache zebra 3

Do it yourself! This element of home design is a handmade paper zebra head. It provides a very original decoration into the house without killing animals. Its natural, traditional black and white colors look great in any indoors.

Zebra paper mache head

Zebra heads

Paper mache zebra 38

An eye-catching traditional wall decor in the form of a very realistic rich detailed zebra head. It's handmade of paper mache and painted black and white. It's fixed to an ornate backplate (with curved edges) of wood finished in warm browns.

Serengeti Zebra Rug

Serengeti Zebra Rug
Elegant trendy medium-size square rug made of wool fibre. It is hand-tufted and has an exciting and exotic black and white zebra pattern print. It is vacuum safe. Spilled liquids can be tapped with damp towels.

Papier mache giraffe head

Zebra Sky Papier-Mâché Head Wall Décor

Zebra Sky Papier-Mâché Head Wall Décor
Funny wall-mounted decor intended for kids' rooms or playrooms. It's handmade of vintage French paper books and hand-painted with a glossy bluish lacquer. There's visible black print in non-painted places.

Zebra Petal Papier-Mâché Head Wall Décor

Zebra Petal Papier-Mâché Head Wall Décor
Very original wall decor resembling zebra head. It's a very original and extravagant decoration, which will add a lot of freshness to any interior. It's perfect for al modern interiors which require unique addition.

Zebra Paper Print

Zebra Paper Print
Decorative print paper with the image of a beautiful and joyful zebra. The perfect way to decorating and decorating. Zebra is a beautiful, smiling. It introduces a joy and a positive attitude. It's a very interesting way to use decorative paper.

Bling Fleur De Lis with Zebra Art Print

Bling Fleur De Lis with Zebra Art Print
These charming fleur de lis with zebra art print is extraordinary and very stylish decorative detail to your child's room, and more. A colorful and very creative enough to add to the frame.

Zebra Memo Board

Zebra Memo Board
Every day we have to do a lot of different things and meet a lot of different responsibilities. This board is a way for this to remember them and execute them on time. In addition, its interesting and very pretty arrangement means that the board is also very impressive.

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Paper mache zebra head 22

Paper mache zebra head 8

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Ebay image 1 paper mache zebra wall mask handmade thailand

Zebra paper mache head modern childs room decor

Image of zebra faux taxidermy wall hook

The mache zebra head paper mache animal heads faux taxidermy

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