Panel Screens

This collection will be something for you if you like such decorative elements. Below you will see a wide range of panel screens made of different materials, in different styles, colours, shapes and sizes. They also vary when it comes to patterns, details and other decorative elements. Now you should choose the one for yourself without a problem.

Panel screens

Aesthetic contemporary panel screens for outdoor use. A panel has sturdy tall metal square section posts finished in black. Horizontally arranged long rectangular wooden planks are beautifully finished in browns.

Ikea applaro wall panel

A large choice of panel screens for outdoor use, that will effectively spice up your patio, garden, or sun deck. They are available in different finishes, designs and sizes, allowing you to easily find the one that suits you the most.

Panel screens 1

These wall panelswith plant pot hooks can be used in a row or separately. Natural beauty of the wood is exposed here, but with a pre-treatment of semi-transparent wood stain, so that the piece is more resistant to nature's elements.

Panel screens 20

A smooth way to divide one space from another, for example separating the intimate bedroom's surface from the living space. This set of stylish beige panel screens constitutes is available in multiple patterning, designed to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.

Paulownia wood home depot

A long-lasting and well-balanced outdoor fence that will give you privacy and keep your nosy neighbors on the other side. Constructed of durable wood planks, the fence is approx. 6' high, and covered in a two-toned oak and ash finish.

Panel screens 23

This set of panel screens will not cover a bit the staircase, but most of all provide a new contemporary character to the historic house. Minimalistic, cool and clean lines are what counts most here.

Pplar wall panel

Cool contemporary screen panels made of durable weatherproof steel alloy looking like it was rust eaten. Long quite narrow rectangular slats are fixed to a rectangular frame in regular gaps. Panels protect well both against sunlight and burglars!

Wall panels by guessica via flickr possible backyard privacy solution

Panel screens 10

At least two things draw my attention on this pic: a large outdoor tub with dark wood (?) outer shell, and a delicate metalwork panel screen that ensures some privacy while not blocking the natural light. Patio décor idea

Panel screens 15

A handful of interesting options showcasing the different finishes of polished steel screening panels. The schematic displays twenty different pattern options, providing a wide array of unique styles to choose from.

Panel screens 9

An easy and inexpensive hack from IKEA how to embellish your patio or veranda's space. Apart from dividing your space from the neighbors, this wooden panel screen with various kinds of flowers adds warmth and liveliness to the space.

Panel screens 26

Panel screens 2

Aesthetic contemporary ground mounted screens for outdoor use. A screen is built of horizontal narrow wooden slats with a waterproof stained finish in brown shades. Panels have full central parts but bottom and top ones with gaps between slats.

Panel screens

Panel screens 3

Built-to-last and characterized by durable metal construction, those detailed panels are stylish and captivating. Each of them is covered in a distressed finish, with a perforated design in shape of a branchy tree.

Panel screens 9

Panel screens 2

Designed for outdoor areas, this fabulous panel screen set will give you privacy, and at the same time, will also decorate your patio. The set consists of 2 screens, both made of 3 powder-coated panels with lovely metalwork, embedded in an oak-finished wood frame.

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Panel screens 3

Panel screens 14

Panel screens 1

With such a beautiful set of panel screens you can now easily enhance your garden, backyard, or park. Each panel is weather-resistant and crafted of hardwood, featuring a lattice design that effectively improves the whole appearance.

Panel screens 6

Panel screens 6

A stylish panel screen for outdoor areas such as patios, porches, or sun decks. The panel is characterized by weather-resistant hardwood construction, and lattice design that forms an eye-catching, geometric pattern.

Applaro wall panel

Suitable for modern and contemporary interiors, this set of panel screens sparkles with white elegance and functional usage. The set is consisted of 4 movable panels - with each made of a double skin of rough polycarbonate and the skylight of polycarbonate alveolar.

Panel screens 22

6 Panel Black Bamboo Print Oriental Shoji Screen Room Dividers

Interesting motives panel of black bamboo print design in oriental delight and make this panel folding screen charms. Functional and easy-to-arrange decoration element impresses with details. The whole in stylish black and white colors.

Panel screens 17

Oriental Furniture Classic Elegant Beautiful Formal Room Divider, 6-Feet Wedgewood Blue Floral Double Print Wall Paper Folding Floor Screen

A charming, Oriental, double-sided room divider. It features an unusual, white and blue, floral pattern. It can be used to block the light or to provide intimacy. It's foldable so you can quickly move it.

Proman Saigon Folding Screen, Wood with Bamboo Inserts, Walnut

This type of screen is a product created for people who love Asian stylization. Its simple and contemporary design looks very nice in any type of decor. What is more, the product is made of very durable materials.

Panel screens 24

Folding Screen

This transitional piece of equipment is a high quality screen that consists of three panels. It has got a folding construction and it can also play the role of a room divider. The size of this product is 52 x 0.8 x 70.2 inches.

Panel screens 4

Standing Panel - Photo-decorated (4"x6") Privacy Screen and Room Divider Product SKU: HD221922

It is a beautiful standing panel that has got three panels with spaces for your photos. It adds beauty and elegance to your living room, bedroom, family room and other. you need to have it.

Panel screens 2

Fabric in Lay Folding Room Screen Divider in Cherry Finish Wood 4 Panels

It is a room screen divider that has got a cherry finish and four wooden panels. It is a fantastic addition for your living room, bedroom, family room, dining room and other.

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Leisure Season PS9662 Folding Patio and Garden Privacy Screen

A decorative and functional element. It is a privacy screen designed for use in a garden or patio. It is a standing and folding equipment that doesn't require staking into ground installation. The product is made of solid wood.

Panel screens 13

3 Panel Espresso Wood Oriental Shoji Screen / Room Divider (White, 3 Panel)

This type of element has got a functional role in the house. It is a special room divider that also serves as a screen. The product is made of three wooden panels with a neutral white color, so it looks very nice in any decor.

3-panel Room Screen Divider - Black

Japanese style room divider in black: lets you divide a room to sections without hassle, and with maintaining desired flexibility. The panels feature traditional grid design, with black hardwood frame and half-translucent white paper.

80" x 72" Rustic Screen 4 Panel Room Divider

80" x 72" Rustic Screen 4 Panel Room Divider

Black 4 Panel Plum Blossom Screen Room Divider

Inspired by Japanese style, this panel screen in a black finish includes a sturdy wood frame that holds 4 rice paper panels. The divider is hinged and foldable, decorated with a plum blossom design.

Panel screens 2

3 panel bamboo design room divider (Floral, 4 Panel)

Add style to your home with this beautiful room divider screen. It is made of four bamboo panels and has got a floral pattern and Japanese oriental design. You will be impressed how great it looks in your living room.

ORE International 4-Panel Room Divider, Cherry

With the stunning cherry finish and amazing structure of the highest quality this piece will aid you for when you need to make the best out of your room setting and would still like to find some privacy around it.

Panel screens 4

A captivating way for giving the front of your house a complete transformation. Those hypnotizing panel screens are made of dturdy wood with protective finish, forming a truly amazing composition.

Panel screens 5

With those long-lasting and industrial-looking panel screens you can have all the privacy you need. Each screen is assembled of 3 metal panels that boast of perforated design and thick construction.

Panel screens 7

A truly impressive work of art, designed of multiple panel screens that form an eye-catching mosaic consisted of detailed cutouts. The structure is very durable, made of weather-resistant metal, and simply - breathtaking.

3-panel Natural Color Wood Shoji Screen / Room Divider

This very classic looking room screen in oriental style can be use to divide space or create place to change clothes. Solid wooden frame in natural color will fit everywhere, and 3 panels are covered with shoji paper.

Japanese Oriental Style Room Screen Divider (Black 5 Panel)

This product is a screen divider fashioned in the distinct classic oriental Japanese style. The piece feature five black framed panels and is sure to fit rather well in bedrooms of exotic or classic oriental nature.