Oversized Leaning Floor Mirror

Oversized leaning floor mirrors do not only have a practical use. They are great decorative features of the interior and also make the space look lighter and bigger. The frames also play a crucial role so don't overlook their style. Check the ideas below.

Lily Wright Interior Design Expert
Oversized mirror
Wilson Gabrielle

A stylish Venetian masterpiece that goes well with contemporary decor of your master bedroom. The mirror is designed to stand on a floor. And it's quite huge, so you may want to lean it against a wall for stability. Measurements: 110cm x 200cm.

Oversized leaning floor mirror
Alexis Millerism

This huge and beautifully exposed in a unique frame mirror is a beautiful detail of the interior design. The interior adds lightness and optically expands the space. Fine particulars of the decorative frame fascinate.

Oversized floor mirror
Lambert Abbey

Floor mirrors are great for minimalistic, modern houses, where you don't need much decoration. The one here has an antique vibe to it because the frame shows signs of old age. Well, it can be used like that, or renovated if one prefers it that way.

Oversized leaning floor mirror 1
Robinson Layla

Beautiful shabby look of this leaning floor mirror was accomplished through aged finish and eglomisé frame surrounding the antique mirror plate. This rectangular mirror can be either leaned against a wall or hung, horizontally or vertically.

Cheap floor mirrors
Cassandra Patterson

Massive and large floor mirrors add to the living room, hall, bedroom or dressing room nice charm. Combined with a vanity table and a delightful ottoman, the daily preparations are great. The whole is elegant and chic.

Large floor mirror
Kelly Shannon

Oversize floor mirror is unque accent of stylish house. Antique frame, which gives him a touch of old mode in modern, minimalistic style. Not only for seeing your whole outfit, but also to make the room brighter and bigger.

Extra large floor mirror

A tremendous example of a floor mirror. Its gently arched, large surface will fit into spacious interiors, adding a refined character. Evoking associations with the Mediterranean houses, it will provide a warm and soft climate into the space.

Large leaning floor mirror 1

Add this stunning Venetian beaded leaner mirror that will beautifully complete the look of your room and add some nice visual appeal as well as the practical use to your interior instantly with its wide and spacious frame.

Leaning mirrors
Jamie Fost

This leaning mirror offers a sublime design and the oversized structure that will ensure to make it into a true focal point of any space and will allow you to create an illusion of more room anywhere it's put.

Leaning mirror

An impressive and fashionable large rectangular mirror of bevelled glass. It has a straight frame of brown plastic. It can be wall mounted or simply leant against the wall vertically or horizontally.

Large 84 horchow floor panel leaner foyer beveled mirror w
Krystal Smi

Large-84-Horchow-FLOOR-Panel-LEANER-Foyer-Beveled-MIRROR-w-Beaded ...

Large mirror ikea
Alexis Milani

love a good oversized leaning mirror

Floor mirror cheap

This gorgeous interior with oversize leaning mirror in the golden frame is a perfect combination of unique style and beautiful interior detail. Combined with an impressive bench and leather on the floor looks great.

Oversized floor mirrors

A wonderful, beveled mirror in a size that is normally placed on the floor, but here it's mounted on the wall, which looks really impressive. A mirrored frame features accents made of acacia wood with a gold trim.

Vintage oversized mirror 3
Jasmine Clar

Everyone that has come into my apartment has commented on this vintage oversized mirror. It's exactly the size we needed for our bedroom, and the glam frame is so breathtaking.

Leaning floor mirror
Kathleen Ram

With this oversized floor mirror you'll be able to see yourself in all your glory! The mirror is, simply, gorgeous, and can be leaned against a wall for maximum stability. The frame is beautifully crafted, bringing to your bedroom a flare of Venetian elegance.

Vivian Rectangle Studded Leaning Floor Mirror
Olivia Smithist

Vivian Rectangle Studded Leaning Floor Mirror
This useful and decorative item is a leaning floor mirror. It has got a very solid frame with some decorative accents. Its rectangular glass area is solid, stylish and quite large. The whole mirror is resistant to damage.

Oversized mirror 1

A great idea to enhance your master bedroom with vintage accents and an oversized masterpiece. This oversized mirror stands firmly on a floor while gracefully leaning against a wall. It has a artistically carved frame with a distinctively weathered finish.

Big floor mirror
Yulia Thompson

This oversized leaning floor mirror constitutes a great example of the ornamental, antique art. Richly adorned silhouette fits well to the eclectically designed interior, providing a refined appeal.

Full length mirror ikea

I want to furnish my master bedroom with a large floor lenght mirror. It has got the rectangular shape and elegant, classic style, and wooden light gray frame with floral decors in the corners.

Large leaning mirror

Apart from its modern, steely finish, this oversized floor leaning floor mirror has the ideal size to place it in a bedroom or the end of a hallway. It has the following dimensions: 80"H x 33"W.

Floor mirrors cheap

The production of mirrors began in ancient times. Were then made of polished metal. Today, oversized leaning floor mirror add the character of the bedroom thanks to, this huge, slightly carved wooden frame - also increasing the size of the room visually.

Melange Glamour Floor Mirror
Jenna Edw

Melange Glamour Floor Mirror
This impressive mirror is a real treat for the lover of trends and being glamorous. Beautiful mirror and the mirror border as they do a stunning impression by giving the class and style to any salon, hall or bedroom.

Floor mirrors ikea
Turner Veronica

Today, although we have become accustomed to the ubiquity of mirrors,we are still disturbed by the broken mirror. This is not cracked oversized leaning floor mirror, so we have nothing to fear.A simple wooden frame of this mirror lends our room a shaded white.

Leaning wall mirror
Erika King

love oversize leaning floor mirrors

Decor reclaimed wood mirrors8 homespirations

decor reclaimed wood mirrors8 HomeSpirations

Brentwood Daffodil Floor Mirror
Heather Robi

Brentwood Daffodil Floor Mirror
This high and very glamorous mirror floor is a combination of stylish and functional frame of the mirror. It looks beautiful and check in the bedroom, closet or bathroom. Elegance and style in one.

Huge floor mirror
Thompson Alyssa

Imperial Oversize leaning floor Mirror. Available at

Converted aircraft hanger home of graphic designer glenn garriock of
Abigail Wrightful

Converted aircraft hanger home of graphic designer Glenn Garriock of Atelier 1A

Oversized full length mirror

Oversized Modern Floor Mirrors

Floating wood floor mirror is made from glass and a
Allison Gree

Floating Wood Floor Mirror is made from glass and a solid wood frame ...

Wall leaning mirrors
Katie Thom

Mirrors like this can be a bit expensive, but YOu can move them to your next house. Little candles like that on the floor are cheap and give a nice atmosphere =)

Large wall mirror ikea
Jenna Edward

The Design Chaser: Interior Styling | Oversized Mirrors

Leaner mirror ikea
Cintia Kowalski

x bench, oversize mirror, twin lamps

French country distressed wood leaning floor mirror 82
Tara Zucker

FRENCH COUNTRY Distressed Wood Leaning FLOOR MIRROR 82

Big floor mirrors
Julia Lambertify

If you want to bring a little light, some drama and more space – or the illusion of space – into a room, try an oversized mirror.

I want an oversized standing mirror hilary leaning wall mirror
Powell Leah

I want an oversized standing mirror!!! Hilary Leaning Wall Mirror - 66W x 90H in.

Classic Oversize Silver Mirror | Wall Floor Leaner Huge
Lauren Carter

Classic Oversize Silver Mirror | Wall Floor Leaner Huge

Cerramientos de terrazas vidrios templados vidrios blindados
Jaclyn Wil

Cerramientos de terrazas | Vidrios templados | Vidrios Blindados ...

Oversize mirror

#Upcycle that old $5 mirror into an amazing #DIY statement piece. You just need a full-length mirror, some wood, stain, tools, and Elmer's ProBond Advanced to achieve this chic leaning floor mirror. #homedecor

Howard Elliott Howard Elliott Detroit Oversized Full Length Mirror - 32W x 80H in.
Roberts Katherine

Howard Elliott Howard Elliott Detroit Oversized Full Length Mirror - 32W x 80H in.

About large oversize french ornate 86 floor wall mirror leaner
Bush Eliza

about Large OVERSIZE FRENCH Ornate 86" FLOOR/WALL MIRROR Leaner ...

Cheap floor mirror
Peyton Marthy

This green looks so fresh and awesome with yellow, white, cream

Leaning floor mirrors
Lisa Perr

Have to have it. Ansonia Oversized Metal Framed Wall / Leaning Floor Mirror - 42W x 59.5H in. $646.80

Floor leaning mirror
Maria Wil

black framed oversize leaning mirror

We have 2 over sized huge black framed mirrors a

we have 2 over-sized huge black framed mirrors.... a bit wider & heavier than this one pictured....using one in farmhouse master bedroom & other in dining room at the end of our long black farm both spots they are leaning...& make the room P

Brass floor mirror
Laura Perr


001 decor iv wall decor floor mirrors alloro mirrors floors
Mega Leahbrown

001 decor iv wall decor floor mirrors alloro mirrors floors mirrors ...

The design chaser interior styling oversized mirrors 1
Elizabeth Coupe

The Design Chaser: Interior Styling | Oversized Mirrors

Floor mirror ikea
Mega Leahbrown

This large and beautifully framed mirror is a stylish detail that help you to change the interior. It allows bringing freshness and optically additional space creating a unique atmosphere. Perfect mirror for a bedroom or dressing room.