Oversized Decorative Wall Clocks

Do you think that time is money? Maybe it is worth to take a look at the decorative wall clocks that you can see in the lower part of this site. We’re telling you this to make you aware of the fact that this collection presents a rare choice of designs, colours and sizes.

Extra large decorative wall clocks

Oversized wall clock with a stylization of a pocket watch. It features an oval shape with solid red frame. Its distressed aged frame and glass front are attractive and durable. White face includes black Roman numbers and black hands.

Oversized decorative wall clocks

Roman Numeral Oversized Wall Clock in White

Oversized decorative wall clocks

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49 wall clock

Giant wall clock in vintage style. Round shield is made of wood and fitted with Roman numeral. Elegant and functional accent for each place according to taste.

Oversized decorative wall clocks 19

It's A Grandville Life sources for oversized wall clocks. Perfect art pieces for any room in the house.

Oversized decorative wall clocks 1

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Oversized decorative wall clocks 15

Slatted wood wall clock with oversized numbering and a distressed finish. Product: ClockConstruction Material: WoodColor: MultiAccommodates: Batteries - not includedDimensions: 28.875" Diameter x 1.75" D

Oversized decorative wall clocks 8

love this clock and candlesticks

Wall clock above fireplace

The gorgeous combination of antique styling and the large form of this stylish wall clock makes it all enchanted. Oversize design with beautiful Roman numerals on the clock face creates a unique whole.

Oversized decorative wall clocks 1

Phenomenal interior requires details that make up the whole, so this stylish, huge wall clock with Roman numerals is a whole element. Bright interior with antique accessories, beautiful beige leather on the floor creates a different mood.

Oversized decorative wall clocks 5

oversized clock above buffet table

Oversized decorative wall clocks

Decorative Wall Clock 06 3D model

Oversized decorative wall clocks

Tell Time Easily with Large Wall Clocks

Oversized decorative wall clocks 10

Oversized Wall Clock

Oversized 36" Decorative Wall Clock

Oversized 36" Decorative Wall Clock
It is a very decorative wall clock. Its frame is openwork, decorated with delicate leaves. As a result looks very nice and aesthetically. The clock face is white and has Roman numerals. It is very elegant and stylish.

Large decorative wall clocks

Interesting combination of massive, large wall clock with Roman numerals and rustic foyer table design impresses. The Beautiful wood design is adorable and brings cozy and warm atmosphere to the decor.

Howard Miller Brass Works Wall Clock 625-542

Oversized (32'') wall clock in metal outer frame, distinguishing itself with four antique brass finished cogged wheels incorporated in the see-through open centre of its dial. The elements are made of plastic.

Extra large distressed white metal roman numeral clock

Extra Large Distressed White Metal Roman Numeral Clock
A stunning numeral clock that will make simply any interior shine with class and charm - this piece offers more than enough of functional use and is more than suitable for your vintage styled household.

Large metal clock 5

An impressive giant round wall clock made of metal with a worn finish and well visible traces of rust. It has an analogue dial in off-white. A rim, minute dots and large Roman numerals are black. Decorative hands are heavily rust.

Large Wall Clock

Large wall clock, having 36 inch in diameter and black and bronze finish. Additionally, it has beautifully crafted hands and large Roman numerals, which are easy to read. It's a great addition to all interiors which require more originality.

Big metal clock

This big rustic clock tells the time while you rejoice your drink with friends. Perhaps its decorous hallmarks are even more welcome than its practical features! It's very large - centering the design to the home bar - and it softens the industrial vibe of this interior.

Large metal clock 2

Antique death notice. This old-fashioned element has frame made of work-out brass. Glass clepsydra has a very graceful shape. This death notice can be used as a stylish decoration or vintage egg timer.

Large decorative wall clocks 3

Large Decorative Wall Clocks

Large metal clock 3

Giant wall clock in classic form. Shield is made of metal. It is fitted with Roman numeral and quartz movement. Adds freshness and elegance to each room. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Large metal clock 1

Giant wall clock with antique finish. Shield is made of wood. It is fitted with quartz movement and Roman numeral. Elegant accent for each place.

Large metal clock 10

A chic French cottage style battery powered wall clock featuring a large round openwork frame adorned with 2 rows of scrolls. It has a round glazed dial in worn creamy tones with a round metal casing. Roman numerals and arrow-like hands are black.

Decorative alarm clock 3

This unique alarm clock has the characteristic charm and gentleness of antique items. Its exterior surface is covered with tiny, silver crystals, corresponding well to the Roman numerics on the face clock.

Decorative alarm clock 24

Modern and contemporary design for a futuristic table alarm clock made out of walnut wood with a smooth finish and rounded edges. The digits are displayed on a clear wooden side, providing a unique look.

Oversized decorative wall clocks 23

Oversize Clock: $149

Decorative alarm clock 23

These two pictures show interesting interior decorations. The left one features a decorative cage and case. Right picture shows an old-styled, decorative alarm clock with a round, white face and black Arabic numbers.

Decorative alarm clock 4

Alarm clock with smartphone holder. It is powered by batteries. Frame is made of plastic and decorated with polka dot theme. Excellent gift idea. Classic form and contemporary design.

Oversized decorative wall clock 2

Oversized Decorative Wall Clock

Oversized 30" Crosby Wall Clock

Oversized 30" Crosby Wall Clock

Rondo Travel Alarm Clock

Rondo Travel Alarm Clock
This is a small, round, travel alarm clock is a perfect and useful gadget to use both at home and when traveling. It has a metal stand, luminous clock face with big, clear numbers, acrylic len and durable frame.

Decorative table clocks 1

A stunning decorative alarm clock that will ensure just the perfect addition of original decor for your interior and make for a nice functional choice when you simply can't help but get a precise time telling device.

Oversized clock diy anyways want the steps to make your

oversized clock diy | Anyways. Want the steps to make your own?

Office wall clocks

A pretty large round wall clock having a dial crafted of vertically arranged wooden slats with a natural finish. It has screwed Arabic numerals and thin long arrow-style hands of metal. It requires 1 AA battery.

Small table stand

An elegant bedroom set with wooden frames in mid-browns. A platform bed has a rectangular padded headboard with a brown tufted cover. Two side towers have drawers and open front shelves. The entirety is topped with a simple shelf between towers.

Chryses Oversized 30" Decorative Wall Clock

Chryses Oversized 30" Decorative Wall Clock
Finished in black and silver, this Oversized 30-Inch Decorative Wall Clock features sturdy, metal construction. The clock has Roman numerals, requires 1 AA battery, and can be wiped clean with a dry cloth.

25 ideas for modern interior decorating with large wall clocks

25 Ideas for Modern Interior Decorating with Large Wall Clocks

Rooster 12" Wide Decorative Wall Clock

Vintage, distressed wall clock with old-fashioned rooster graphic. The black Roman numerals are quite heavily distressed, but I still don't have problems to read them. The hands are black and straight.

Geneva 15" Plastic Decorative Wall Clock, Black

This decorative wall clock offers the weathered black finish and comes with a traditional design, while the stepped plastic case is utmost reliable and strong and the glass lens only adds to its strength.

Oversized decorative wall clocks 20

Family room with oversized clock redecorated with chalk paint

Oversized decorative wall clocks 3

Create the unique look and make a grand impression by choosing oversized wall clocks. You can make your own clock gallery, just like on this brick wall. These clock are vintage, and they are a great decoration.

Fireplace clock

Openwork wall clock falling on the side of oversized scale. Roman numerals cut out from a metal frame surround the wood board patterned dial with nailheads replacing hourmarks for a contemporary + vintage mix.

Howard miller 25c2 25ae georgian oversized 33 wall clock

Howard Miller%25c2%25ae Georgian Oversized 33 Wall Clock
Time is rolling. For example, a wooden wheel form. With iron finishes in the middle. This georgian oversized clock face is a rustic combination of these two materials.Shock mechanisms are symbolized on the dial.Contains roman numerals.

Ashton Sutton HOC013 QA Antique Pocket Watch Wall Clock, 22-Inch

It is a wall clock that has got a pocket watch shape, antique finish and Arabic numerals. If you looking for an elegant wall clock, you have to choose this one.

Oversized decorative wall clock 3

Fashionable and functional oversized wall clock in a round shape. This yellow and cream clock works very well with many decorative styles. Its aged, detailed face includes black Roman numerals that are easy to read.

Uttermost vintage license plates clock

Uttermost Vintage License Plates Clock
Looking for the gift idea? The uttermost vintage license plates clock has the round shape and colorful finish. It will be a great addition to the teenage room, garage, play room and more.

Oversized decorative wall clocks

With such a large piece of vintage craftsmanship and swiftly-operating mechanism, you are getting a lovely and practical decoration for rustic interiors. The clock is made of surdy wood planks, and has a round dial with Roman numbers and black metal hands.