Outdoor Wall Plaques

This collection doesn’t contain the most important furniture ever but these wall plaques can prove to be a nice addition to your house. They are available in various sizes, shapes and with different details so that everyone can find something for themselves. What would you decide on? If you need another look, take your time.

Outdoor wall plaques

Being a good representation of the art nouveau style, this gorgeous stone wall plaque constitutes a great way to add some classic refinement to your space. It depicts a half-naked woman.

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Stylish wall decoration made of bronze and copper. It consists of 3 panels and finished with tree theme. It has screw holes for easy assembly. Elegant accent for each room according to taste.

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If you want a breathtaking addition to your garden and a truly unique-looking piece to serve as a decorative piece there then this medusa wall plaque from the Greek and Roman reproductions will do the trick, especially with its beautifully detailed face.

Outdoor wall plaques 15

Ornate wall art, medallion shaped, with striking Fleur-de-Lis motif. Finished matte black. Due to the durable make and weather-resistant finish, it might be displayed outdoors (used e.g. as an outdoor plaque).

Pool rules tropical surfboard wall art

Pool Rules Tropical Surfboard Wall Art
This cool "Pool Rules" tropical surfboard measures 48"x 16". It can be used as a cool wall decoration, both indoors and outdoors. Trimmed with a jute cord. Hung with 2 Picture sawtooth hangers.

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An absolutely adorable example of a stylish porch. Black plaque number, trimmed with an ornate golden frame, towers over a wooden wall planter for flowers. It creates a warm, welcoming ambiance.

Stone wall plaques garden

You do not have to be extremely religious to afford a sacred sculpture in your garden. St. Francis of Assisi plaque will make your wall garden very special and spiritual. St. Francis as a outdoor wall plaque,remindes You about the human relation with nature.

Large horchow outdoor mingling circles wall art decor plaque patio

Large Horchow Outdoor Mingling Circles Wall Art Decor Plaque Patio Garden Metal
The metal wall art circles looks awesome on any wall at interior or exterior. It is construct of the tole metal and iron frame. The spirals merge into circles design create the industrial accent piece.

San Pacific Half Face Sun Garden Wall Plaque

Garden wall decor 1

Winds, rain, gale are not terrible as well as the heat and frost for outdoor wall plaques made of wrought iron. They can fantastically present themselves as pots and obelisks mounted to the wall, in the form of three-dimensional circles with shelves.

Large wall plaques

A fabulous decoration for outdoors that will quickly transform your porch or patio into a colorful masterpiece. It's designed of multiple tiny shards of stained glass and drowned in a cute lake theme, with a butterfly, a dragonfly, a frog and two fish.

Outdoor wall plaques 2

Here's something for every fishing fan! The outdoor wall plaque with fishing hooks, distressed wooden frame and the rope accent. It's a fantastic addition to any exterior wall.

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Outdoor wall plaque

Outdoor wall plaques are what makes or breaks a house. Without a proper plaque, no entryway is complete. This one here is great for seaside or riverside houses!

Lucques Wall Plaque

Lucques Wall Plaque
This wall plaque will instantly help you bring the best in your interior, making sure it looks stylish and elegant. The curves of this charming piece are to die for and the strong, sturdy design lets it grace your home for years.

Outdoor wall plaques

Delightful outdoor wall plaques evolve sirens are a captivating combination of untypical form and an attractive decorative element. All beautifully made impresses and brings exotic atmosphere to the decor.

Cat wall or garden plaque

Cat Wall Or Garden Plaque
Cat themed outdoor plaque. A cat sleeps among leaves and branches; the rectangular frame around the main theme features some Celtic knots motifs. Crafted (I assume so) of earthenware, with stained green patina finish.

Decorative exterior wall plaques

This eye-catching and exceptionally distinctive mosaic chameleon is an excellent choice for outdoor decoration. Beautiful wall plaque décor adds character and looks sensational on the wall. Live coloring delights.

Moon gazing hares wall plaque

Moon Gazing Hares Wall Plaque
Outdoor wall plaque with moon gazing hares design. The long-eared hares stare at the smiling crescent moon among leafless trees entwined in ivy. Fairy tale picture for those who like decorations that are eerie a bit.

Outdoor wall plaques

A charming arrangement of a house facade. It features a plaque with a house number. It's in a black color, but with bronze numerals and decorative, curved edges. Underneath the plaque there is a wall pocket filled with flowers.

Outdoor wall plaques

A long-lasting wall plaque, designed for outdoor areas and resistant to weather conditions. The rectangle plaque is beautifully adorned with a GARDEN sign on top, and two pots embedded in the concrete structure.

LG 12 inch Hand Carved Wood Pirate Skull Cross Bone "Shit Happens" Sign Plaque Wall Art Decor

In order not to leave anyone doubts about your life motto and what to expect when they come to your home - instead of a rim on the front door, hang a warning pirate skull - an outdoor wall plaque with the inscription "shit happens".

Wall plaques for outside

If your enclosed outdoor area is lacking proper decorations, you can always use this striking wall art that emanates with vivid colors and abstract design. The decoration is made using durable canvas with tiny shards of stained glass that form a beautiful mosaic.

Exterior wall plaques

A cool country style wall-mounted plaque handmade of natural-finished planks of wooden pallets. Planks are arranged vertically and have a sturdy frame of black-finished metal profiles. Both stylised writing and a star on the plaque are black.

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32" Fleur De Lis Wall Plaque

This stunning wall plaque with the fleur de list theme will make any wall of your interior beautifully stand out with traditional style and classical appeal. It offers the round shape and the strong, metal structure for a more vintage vibe.

Bejeweled Display® Parrot w/ Glass Wall Art Plaque & Home Decor

Outdoor wall plaques

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Mirrored carved plaque set of 4

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Floral laser cut wall decor traditional outdoor decor

Floral Laser Cut Wall Decor Traditional Outdoor Decor
A set of two identical pieces of outdoor décor. The pieces are made out of pieces of wrought iron with laser-cut traditional decals on the whole front, giving them a sophisticated and old-fashioned appearance.

Outdoor wall plaques 20

Outdoor wall plaques 19

Outdoor wall plaques 21

Peace Sign, Haitian Metal, Recycled Outdoor Art, Wall Sculpture 12" x 12"

Nature and Outdoors 9 Piece Wall Plaque Set

Nature and Outdoors 9 Piece Wall Plaque Set
This set of 9 wall plaques is crafted from MDF wood, with neatly hand-finished borders. Each plaque is eco-friendly, multi-colored, and includes a sawtooth hanger for instant hanging.

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Garden wall plaques animal wall plaques hare wall plaque hare

Swirly flower metal wall art

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An amazing outdoor decoration, perfect for adorning gardens, and backyards. The set is consisted of various river stones that form a lovely composition, with each stone embellished with a name of your family member.

Just right for our brick wall on the patio wed

Garden wall plaques sun moon wall plaques smiling sun wall

Succulent hanging planter metal address 6

Succulent Hanging Planter Metal Address
Isn't it a beautiful way to show where you live?Exterior wall plaque is a first symbol of your home.Made of steel and iron with a little pocket for your favorite flowers has a great brown shade and white,magnetic aluminum address number,so you won't get lost.

Use an outdoor wall sculpture to enhance a garden theme

Transforming by Stephane Original Painting Plaque

Transforming by Stephane Original Painting Plaque

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Koehlerhomedecor Indoor Outdoor Wall Art Sun Moon Stars Welcome Plaque

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