Outdoor Hanging Pendants

Do you think that such hanging pendants would be a good option for you ? Maybe you are not sure about that yet so we encourage you to take a tour through this collection and try to find the best suitable offer for yourself. Which one would you decide on ?

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Outdoor hanging pendants
Outdoor hanging pendants 1

If you like the oriental design, this Morrocan style outdoor hanging pendants will appeal to you. Their crystal shades, embellished by multiple, subtle spots, provide a unique glittering experience.

Outdoor hanging pendants
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One light pendant 4
Outdoor hanging pendants 9
Outdoor hanging pendants

The DIY lamp constructed with some wires and colorful jam-jars. The lamp was composed of 8 jar in the cascading position. The chandelier is really big, so it is dedicated for the interiors with the higher ceiling.

Outdoor lampshades

A great example of a handcrafted lighting fixture. Using Balinese, reclaimed wood, this outdoor hanging pendants are designed to enlighten your patio or veranda, adding a warm, romantic glow.

Porch lanterns hanging
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3 light island light 1

Pendant lamp in industrial style. Frame is made of metal and covered with clear glass. It is mounted on adjustable chain. Suitable as main or additional source of light in any interior as needed.

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Outdoor lamp shades 1

Ideal for weddings, banquets or outdoor parties, this DIY wicker lamps comprises vibrantly coloured balls, banded with wicker cords, it will create a warm, alluring ambiance.

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Candle style chandelier
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Outdoor hanging pendants 1
Outdoor hanging pendants 3
Outdoor lamp shades

Outdoor hanging pendants which make for a nice lamp shade replacements in the garden and give your backyard a rustic, vintage look. These are made out of copper-coloured metal sheets, which gives them an industrial touch.

Colored glass candlesticks

Lightness, like the summer bubbles we've released so far, are reminiscent of those made of blown glass outdoor hanging pendants. They have a form of pristine tears, and in the middle contain little lights.

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Outdoor hanging pendants 2
Outdoor hanging pendants
Moroccan living rooms

Oriental interior style was variegated here with colorful Moroccan lamps hanging from all over the ceiling. Stained with various colors, the glass pendant lights do their job in terms of making the interior vivider.

Outdoor hanging pendants 1
Iron 4 Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern/Pendant

Iron 4 Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern/Pendant
Hanging lantern with traditional design, which adds a lot of style to the interior, constructed of metal. The lantern is intended for indoor use only. Additionally, it includes shade made of glass. Each bulb has 60 watts.

Iron 4 Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern/Pendant

Iron 4 Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern/Pendant
4 light hanging pendant. This beautiful hanging pendant has been designed in elegant style, that will complement any rustic or natural decor. It has rust finish and a cage inspired frame with intricate detailing of a leaf-like pattern on all four of its sides.

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Buy outdoor lighting 1
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Tea light wall sconces

The metal wall candle holder is a beautiful combination of stylish looks and functionality. Nice decorative details add all the lightness and engaging style. The glass candle inserts beautifully diffuse light.

Outdoor pallet lights would look great indoors too diypalletideas
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Outdoor hanging pendants 16
Richmond outdoor hanging lantern designed and fabricated in its namesake
Large glass globe

Eye-catching contemporary hanging lights having forms of seamed balls made of clear cast glass featuring inner bubbles and other imperfections so each ball is unique. A ball has a frosted cylindrical void inside containing a LED.

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Outdoor hanging pendants 17
Birch bark pendant lights an updated natural look
Fire lamps outdoor
Outdoor hanging pendants 9
Rectangular nesting tables
Recycled 1800 tequila bottle pendant lamp with old by heirloom2011
I want this or something like it for my sweet
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Outdoor hanging pendants 19
Urban artifacts pendant with reclaimed petrified wood varaluz stem