Outdoor Fire Lamps

A flickering fire lamp outdoors? Why not! I've stumbled upon plenty of them on the web and here they are. Take a look below and you'll be stunned with the wide variety of designs. Find out the details and look for inspiration how to add more character into the outdoor zone of the house.

Emily Hilton Interior Design Expert
Outdoor fire lamps

Fire bowls for outdoor use. These decorative elements include plastic bowls, concrete and stones. They look natural and very attractive in any design at day and night. These decorations are also very solid.

Steel outdoor fireplace

Such a pretty, very creative way to light up your bathroom. A beautiful, very modern fire lamp, made out of polished steel and a stunning glass cylinder. Looks amazing and is bound to work even during blackouts!

Fire lamp

Cool small fashionable portable outdoor firepits. They have round bases of weatherproof heat-resistant fiber-cast concrete with a textured surface finished in grey. Cylindrical removable shades are of heatproof clear glass.

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Being an ideal embodiment of luxury and style, this beautiful outdoor lighting torch will embellish one's garden or patio space, providing a refined appeal. Placed next to the poolside, it creates a magical glowing experience on the water.

Outdoor fire lamps

These outdoor oil burning rock lamps constitute a great DIY addition to your patio or garden. Made from rock or slate, a strip of cotton for wick or a fiberglass, shallow mason jar for oil reservoir and a bamboo or other material, surrounding and concealing the glass reservoir.

Hanging citronella oil lanterns

Fire lamps mounted on metal base. Perfect addition for each outdoor place. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

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Outdoor fire lamps 15
Outdoor fire lamps 2
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Add this amazing fire lamp near your poolside and ensure a boost of warm atmosphere and a nice option of bringing your garden decor to the next level. It sports the metal structure and will allow for maximum safety.

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Column mount automated 1 torch system mediterranean outdoor lighting
Innovative fire light out of brick new jersey and warming
Lantern style indoor wall sconces

An antique lantern sconce for an outdoor use. It features a metal structure with curved ornaments and a transparent glass shade. It will give bright and warm light, which will an eye-catching element of the interior.

Outdoor fire lanterns
Outdoor fire lamps 24
Outdoor fire lamps 1

If you have a recycling bin full of glass bottles then you can use them for various options such as creating a sublime outdoor fire lamp that will instantly catch everyone's attention and make for an original addition to the decor.

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Nuvo Wall Mounted Steel Bio Ethanol Outdoor Fireplace

Nuvo Wall Mounted Steel Bio Ethanol Outdoor Fireplace
Decorative modern wall-mounted fireplace for indoor and outdoor use. It has a twisted tube body of black-coated steel. It doesn't emit heat, is gel and bio-ethanol fueled, match or lighter ignited and equipped with a snuffer.

Outdoor bio ethanol flame light round glass table fire lamp
Outdoor fire lamps
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Fire lamps outdoor
Tiki torch wine bottle holder
Twilight by HouseWarmer HWT03FR Decorative Fire Rocks with Real North American River Rock Look, 3-Pack
These outdoor space gas heaters by alpina let you soak
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Outdoor fire lamps 2
Fire lamps outdoor
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Heininger Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

Heininger Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit
This 58,000 BTU Portable Fire Pit is lightweight and easy to move, thus also perfect for camping, backyards, and patios. Includes a 19" diameter fire pit, decorative rocks, clean and smokeless burning, and gas conversion feature.

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Centerpiece fire lamp by brasafire can be used indoors or
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LP Gas Outdoor Fire Pit

LP Gas Outdoor Fire Pit
This outdoor fire pit was design to help create a safe and well looking fire place. Its sturdy, durable construction was made of solid stainless steal with black powder coat finish. its fuel is a propane gas.

New Danish Elipse Outdoor Torch, Patented Hands-free Design, 63", Plus 750ml Danish Clean Green Oil
With fire pit table also mounted lamps and green grass
AZ Patio Heaters HLDSO-WGTHG Quartz Glass Tube Patio Heater, Hammered Bronze
Fire Sense Stainless Steel Elite Bullet Patio Heater
Rock candles great for outdoor entertaining
Outsunny 50-pk 33" Paper Chinese Sky Lanterns - Outdoor Flying Fire Lamps - Multi Color
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34 cool and modern diy concrete projects house number candle
Petite Malibu Outdoor Fire Pit

Petite Malibu Outdoor Fire Pit

Modern portable fireplaces and fire lamps
Flame lamp decorative fake fire light indoor outdoor patio home
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Java 30 weatherproof outdoor table lamp walnut shade 1
Pineapple outdoor coach lamp gets so many compliments from total