Oriental Lamp Shades

Feel free to browse through these lamp shades and see what you want to have. In case you are not convinced about that yet, it might be a good choice to get to know all these models, so as to have an idea about the available opportunities. Are you ready to have one of them?

Oriental lamp shades 1

Extraordinary oriental lamp shade. Love the fact it's not exaggerated, the harmonious mix of deep purple with black detailing make it pretty serene in tone. Clearly Orient Express inspired. My fav stylization!

Pair of fine porcelain painted shade japanese table lamps

Pair Of Fine Porcelain Painted Shade Japanese Table Lamps
Unique table lamp in oriental style. It has simple ceramic kickstand with carved decoration and wooden base. The most important thing in this lamp is paper lampshade - it has shape of cylinder and it is stylised on Chinese lantern.

Oriental furniture oriental furniture xian landscape vase lamp in ivory

Oriental Furniture Oriental Furniture Xian Landscape Vase Lamp In Ivory And Terracotta Glaze
Functional and attractive lamp for people who love Chinese oriental stylizations on their desks and tables. Its frame features an oriental mountain landscape design. Traditional bell shade is finished in universal white color.

Oriental lamp tv lamp venetian blind

Oriental Lamp Tv Lamp Venetian Blind
Original table lamp in oriental style. It is mounted on carefully carving base made of plaster. Lampshade gives warm tone of light. Adds freshness and elegance to any interior. It is highly rated by the customers.

Oriental lamp shades 5

With the black lacquered base and the linen pagoda shaped custom shades these mid-century Asian lamps will make for a nice addition to any possible decor and would definitely shine through in your master suite.

Oriental lamp shades 31

This unique lamp is dedicated for everyone, who loves oriental style. It has metal base and kickstand made of white, ceramic figurine. Wooden lampshade is inspired of traditional Chinese house's roofs.

Oriental lamp shades 26

Being a beautiful example of the stained glass design, this oriental poppy lamp constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who like Tiffany lamps and stained glass art. It depicts roses on a meadow.

Oriental lamp shades 27

Not exactly falling on the side of oriental lamp shades, but still and interesting one and having this exotic vibe somehow... Black lasercut lampshade with intricate abstract pattern, enveloping a regular drum shade. Wow!

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Oriental furniture porcelain lily 25 h table lamp with empire

Oriental Furniture Porcelain Lily 25 H Table Lamp With Empire Shade
Oriental approach to a decorative table lamp with a frame made out of white ceramic with hand-painted floral patterns and decals on it, paired with a wooden base and a lampshade made out of cotton fabric in white.

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Oriental lamp shades 30

Oriental lampshades

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Oriental light shades

Oriental Furniture Blue Cherry Blossom Lamp, 22-Inch

Unusual light shades

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Asian lamp shade

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Oriental lamp shades 32

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Oriental furniture 20 5 h table lamp with bell shade

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21" Hardback Linen Empire Lamp Shade

21" Hardback Linen Empire Lamp Shade
Aesthetic traditional shade for table lamps. It is made of creamy solid-patterned linen which can be dry wiped. This shade has a brass wire shell and it is click-on attachable by sliding a clip over a bulb top.

Oriental lamp shades 21

Oriental furniture victorian design 28 h table lamp with bell

Oriental Furniture Victorian Design 28 H Table Lamp With Bell Shade
Oriental table lamp alluding for Victorian findings. White porcelain vase shaped base showcases an intricate, intensely blue pattern. White fabric shade diffuses the light of a single bulb. A perfect pairing for oriental furniture.

Oriental lamp shade

Decorative table lamp stylization with an oriental theme on its porcelain jar-styled base. This orange and white pattern perfectly decorates different kinds of interior design. Its traditional shade is finished in white color.

Oriental garden lamp shade

15" Hard Back Linen Cylinder Lamp Shade

15" Hard Back Linen Cylinder Lamp Shade
It is a cylinder lamp shade that is made of linen and has got a traditional design. It fits to any style and décor and is a great addition to living room, bedroom and other. It looks very classic and elegant.

Oriental lamp shades for table lamps

Red leather oriental table lamp

Oriental lamp shades

18" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade

18" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade
Aesthetic traditional flared bell-like softback shade made of off-white silk with a solid pattern. It has a wire shell with a recessed top crossbar. It is clip on attachable and should be cleaned with dry cloths.

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Oriental lamp shades 1

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Exquisite antique asian table lamp porcelain w lamp shade lamps

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