Orange Lava Lamp

An orange lava lamp is a hypnotizing accessory which adds colour to the interior and catches the attention with slow peaceful movements. If you want to relax and unwind a bit, just sit beside it and follow the bubbles! Take a look below at my collection to find out more about these mesmerizing lamps.

Orange lava lamp 3

A magnificent table lamp that is filled with lava in a bright orange color, which makes a nice contrast with a dark background. The lamp will give a subtle light and will be an extraordinary decoration of a party.

Orange lava lamp 2

A futuristic lava lamp with orange and red color. Excellent and extraordinary gift for everyone. It create a striking space in any interior and apartment.

Orange lava lamp

Very unique stylization in the house. This orange lava lamp features a large size and very original construction based on durable materials. It provides attractive light effects and decorates indoors at day and night.

Vintage lava lamp orange 16 large size clear liquid w

Vintage Lava Lamp Orange 16 Large Size Clear Liquid W Orange Colored Wax
Go back to the past with this gorgeous, vintage lava lamp with orange colored wax. A great piece if you’re into retro furniture, perfect to put up in a moody bedroom on a night table or in a study room.

Blue and orange lava lamp

Orange lava lamp 10

A magical table lamp in the shape of a space rocket. It's filled with orange lava that makes a pretty contrast with a black background. The piece is an ideal gift idea for a teenagers or a cool decoration of a Haloween party.

Orange lava lamp 1

Cool vintage 1970s orange mid century

Cool Vintage 1970s Orange Mid Century
It can be said that a small volcano was closed in the middle of a home-grown table lamp. Visible lava - fortunately artificial - is a great advantage of this vintage orange lava lamp. Based on metal ground, makes you feel groovie.

Orange lava lamp 4

Red and blue lava lamp

Orange lava lamp 34

My aunt and uncle had one of these when i

Orange lava lamp 8

Orange lava lamp 9

Orange lava lamp 33

Lava lamp orange

Red lava lamp

Orange lava lamp 14

Orange lava lamp 15

Orange lava lamp 13

Orange lava lamp 11

Orange lava lamp 24

Orange lava lamp 26

Purple and orange lava lamp 1

Orange lava lamp 22

Orange lava lamps

Orange lava lamp 20

Orange lava lamp 17

Orange lava lamp 21

Orange lava lamp 27

Lava lamp stand

Bellona 17" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Bellona 17" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
Add some colors to any room of your home with this beautiful table lamp in red finish. The empire shade provides the best shade of light for your room, while the construction is strong and will prove to be most durable.

Orange lava lamp 6

Hand Blown 26" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Hand Blown 26" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
Beautiful decoration for living rooms and bedrooms, this stylish 26-Inch Height Table Lamp with Drum Shade & Orange Finish is hand-blown and hand-crafted. Includes rotary on/off switch, and provides your home with soothing, warm light.

Orange lava lamp 23

My grandmother had one of these and its definitely a

Orange lava lamp 25

Orange lava lamp 28

Black based lava lamp with yellow and orange water and

Orange lava lamp 29

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Lava lite 14 1 2 inch classic lava lamp white

Orange lava lamp 30

Orange lava lamp 31

Lava lite usa lava lamp time lapse orange white great

Mathmos rocket lamp orange

Orange lava lamp 32

Orange lava lamp 35

Lava lamp clip art lava lite designer lava lamp yellow

Orange lava lamp 36