Orange Lamp Base

Lamp bases that are presented down here, have already proved to be an inspiration for numerous customers. Do you think that you want to be next or is it that you still need some more time to decide? Anyway, it will be wise to get to know all these orange lamp bases.

Mid century oversize raymor table lamp

Mid Century Oversize Raymor Table Lamp
The midcentury folk style lamp in the orange shades. The cylindrical lampshade has been covered with the material with the convex texture. Even if it the oldschool style, I would like to have such one in my bedroom.

Mid century red ceramic walnut wood lamp

Mid Century Red Ceramic Walnut Wood Lamp
How about adding a hint of bold color to indoor space with two table lamps? What's special about them are their bases - ceramic, in bright red that sports glossy finish. This feature contrasts with walnut wood details. Retro Danish design.

Orange lamp base 1

With its soft coral painting, this 33"Hx18"Wx18"D table lamp constitutes a very appealing element of any decor. Available in a wide range of glossy ceramics with a clear lucite base, topped with designer coordinated glossy paper drum shades.

Orange lamp base 33

Orange lamp base 21

Orange lamp base

Orange glass lamp

Orange lamp base 30

Orange lamp base 25

Orange lamp base 32

Mia table lamp

Mia Table Lamp
Table lamp mounted on ceramic base with orange finish. Drum lampshade is covered with fabric and gives warm tone of light. Perfect as night lamp or extra source of light in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Orange lamp base 12

Orange lamp base 18

Orange lamp base

Orange lamp base 15

Honeycomb lamp base

A contemporary, retro triple gourd mini standing lamp on a crystal clear base with a ceramic design and a vibrant, orange color. Its unusual design provides a beautiful contrast to the white walls and antique decorations.

Orange lamp base 23

Exotic in our house now took the form of bamboo style table lantern.An unusual solution for decorating the patio or as a centerpiece on the table. Bamboo is covered with melon color paint. In the middle contains a glass roller-shaped form of candle protection.

Orange lamp base 13

Orange lamp base 17

Orange lamp base 6

Orange lamp base 5

Orange lamp base 8

Orange lamp base 9

Orange glass lamp base

Orange lamp base 3

Orange lamp base 4

Orange glass lamp 2

Orange lamp base 7

Orange lamp base 10

Orange lamp base 11

Tiffany 4" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Tiffany 4" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade
It is very pretty and very interesting light into the room. It has the shape of a turtle. Lamp shade is a tortoise shell, which is very nicely lit and makes an excellent impression. The lamp is extremely stylish and attractive.

Ceramic 9.45" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Ceramic 9.45" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
It is a simple and classic table lamp that has got an empire shade and five color options to choose: blue, green, off white, orange and purple. It is a perfect addition to your bedroom.

Orange lamp base 16

Orange lamp base 20

Orange lamp base 24

Orange lamp base 26

Orange glass lamp 19

Orange lamp base 27

Orange lamp base 28

Orange lamp base 29

Orange lamp base

Orange lamp base 31

Orange lamp base

Right up there with what could possibly be my favorite

Living room thrifted ceramic orange lamp base

Vintage murano lamps in orange

Orange lamp base 34

Nesso 13" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Nesso 13" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

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Orange lamp base 35