One Panel Room Divider

Well, these are certainly original and nice. The variety of these room dividers is truly impressive – they are all available in various shapes, sizes and designs. Even the customers who are quite demanding, have decided on these models so maybe you should take a look, too. Choose the right one for your house.

Andrea Coupe Interior Design Expert
One panel room divider 3
Laetitia Zernike

Contemporary setup for a modern storage area with a set of two-panel room divider made out of cherry wood with matte glass panels and steel base and top, hiding a set of metals shelves with a lot of space behind them.

One panel room divider

Do you need to create more spaces in small apartment? Then, you need the one panel room divider. It is made of moveable pallets, and it can be used as a wall or to display photos, lights, pictures and more.

Laser cut metal screens

Room dividers do not have to be fancy – but why settle for something boring when you can choose an interesting and intriguing decoration instead? This metal, a geometrical room divider can easily become the focal point of your living room, if you give it the chance!

Door functions as a room divider in commercial and residential
Jaclyn Torr

... door functions as a room divider in commercial and residential spaces

One panel room divider 2

Ths single panel wooden room divider constitutes a perfect solution for all, who want to separate their private spaces from the commonly available ones. Distinguish itself with a characteristic louvred design.

Room divider single panel room dividers
Peyton Marthy

Room Divider - single panel room dividers

Wood panel divider

Cacher la télévision derrière des panneaux de bois à lamelles, montés sur glissières. D'autres idées sur le site.

Decorative laser cut panels
Roberts Isabelle

A vintage room divider, like this one, can truly change the appearance of your indoor area. It's made of old-fashioned, repurposed windows that are mounted to a ceiling with strong chains. Each window has a wood frame and clear glass panels.

Panel dividers

Separation of space can happen in an unconventional way-for example, thanks to a sculpted,modern white panel room divider, suspended to the ceiling.Composed of small triangles, combined in various compilations. Geometrical work of useful art!

Room divider screen translucent space divider
Tara Zucker

room divider screen translucent space divider

Decorative panel screens 2

Room divider mounted on the floor and ceiling. It is finished with sophisticated ornament. Modern design for the living room and others interiors as needed. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Decorative panel screens
Davis Courtney

It's a DecoGlide sliding window panel with geometric and illustrative design, which is cut by the laser. The pieces of this curtain have a wooden construction with synthetic fabric. It adds a beauty to any interior.

One panel room divider
Allison Davi

Characterized by laser cut design and long-lasting usage, this divider panel boasts of a starburst pattern and modern elegance. Made of premium metal, the panel also provides easy maintenance and installation.

Flat room divider
Elizabeth Coupe

Boasting of country appearance and long-lasting usage, this indoor divider is crafted of sturdy wood and covered in distressed finish. Features a slatted design, well-balanced structure and easy maintenance.

One panel room divider
Yulia Thompson

A simple and interestingly made form of this sectional panel room divider makes the interior design gain additional space. Ideally, suits every modern interior where we want to create an intimate corner. Simple white form impresses.

78" x 76" Modern Room Divider

78" x 76" Modern Room Divider

One panel room divider 5

Separate one space from another with stylish, easy-to-sew fabric panels. Hanging from sleek hardware, they take up zero floor space.

Sliding hanging room dividers
Vanessa Jac

My friend has a small apartment with one big space. We was thinking how separate rooms, so he decide to try the classic sliding doors with wooden construction. It's an easy and cheap manner to create fantastic home.

20 best selling room dividers extremely useful for your home

20 Best Selling Room Dividers Extremely Useful For Your Home |

Tension wall room divider
Tara Zucker

Light glows through the circular holes to give a star-studded appearance to the walls. The hinged panels are hollow and a transparent PVC pipe lines each perforation. Hidden wheels allow the partitions to be easily moved. by CUT Architectures via Dezeen (

Panel divider
Holly Flo

Gray felt one panel room divider made of durable pure wool (no chemical additives to retain healthy indoor environment) of 3 mm thickness (this adds to sound-absorbing quality), mounted on black aluminium frame.

One panel room divider 4
Denise You

Mozilla Japan: Removable Whiteboard Panels

4 panel room divider ikea

This sliding panel system makes an ideal option for patio or closet doors. Its smooth and clean design suits well modern interiors, constituting a stylish room divider. Good solution for big open living spaces.

One panel room divider 3
Craven Zoe

DIY privacy screen. For some reason I have always wanted one of these

5 ½ ft. Tall Modern Venetian Room Divider
Brittany Watson

5 ½ ft. Tall Modern Venetian Room Divider

One panel room divider
Hilton Emily

french doors into a library. heaven.

Stained glass pieces
Baker Jacqueline

Reusing glass from a shower curtain is a good solution for the environment,but also for your interior.Colorful glass,floral ornaments can serve as a screen, or as a decoration inviting into the interior of the home.Stained glass can be also panel room divider!

Room divider designs with single panel door room divider and
Patterson Gracie

... Room Divider Designs With Single Panel Door Room Divider And Floral

Decorative room partitions
Perez Alexandra

Antique rooms
Krystal Ross

Separate spaces with this handmade primitive room divider, which is made from antique looked wood. It measures 5.1 inches of tall and is construct of three panels. Great for living zone or dinette and kitchen.

Single panel room divider
Perez Alexandra

Room divider decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. It is made of durable material. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed. Classic form and elegant design.

Eighth graders did this i need to get my high
Renee Griffin

Eighth graders did this....I need to get my high school students to do something this cool!

3 and 4 Panel Fabric In-lay Wooden Screen Room Divider Natural Finish

3 and 4 Panel Fabric In-lay Wooden Screen Room Divider Natural Finish

3-panel White Wood Shoji Screen / Room Divider
Nelson Lindsay

3-panel White Wood Shoji Screen / Room Divider

Narrow shelves for dining room window spray frosted glass paint
Craven Rachel

Narrow shelves for dining room window. Spray frosted glass paint on windows first, to hide ugly view. second jour escalier

Panel shattered glass room divider
Laura Tur

Panel Shattered Glass Room Divider

Room divider screens 1
Roberts Isabelle

Room Divider Screens

123 00 the elaborate flora and fauna of the until
Katherine Rog

$123.00 The elaborate flora-and-fauna of the Until Dawn Curtain panels play with light, creating intriguing shadows and textures in any environment. Use as a curtain, screen, or wall hanging in your home and watch as this curtain generously adds to your h

Painted room divider 2
Kristen Howa

Cover a store-bought screen divider with chalkboard paint. | 27 Ways To Maximize Space With Room Dividers

2 panel room dividers

In love with Airflake by ABSTRACTA- a sound absorbing screen made from moulded fiber

Wrought iron room divider

This room divider was designed to enhance interiors arranged in the industrial style. Little holes not only let some light in but also further add to the industrial character. Get some privacy with style!

Walnut room screen divider modern screens and wall dividers
Chloe Hughesful

Walnut Room Screen Divider modern-screens-and-wall-dividers

Realpages energetic and open san francisco offices
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RealPages Energetic and Open San Francisco Offices

One panel room divider
Lauren Martinezify

Room divider Framed frosted Plexiglas panels linked by steel cables create a visual partition without blocking natural light. Make yours by lining acrylic—sold at home centers for about $20 per 2-by-4-foot piece—in Light Effects Etched Leaf Window F

Single panel room dividers ideas
Holly Bell

single panel room dividers ideas

Solid room divider 29
Stacey Hall

love this idea to paint on wood to create a magical room divider, create 4 wooden frames with a brace in the middle then nail you boards in a staggered pattern onto the frames, you want your boards to end exactly where the frame does to ensure easy closin

Wood room divider panel

Large Macrame Wall Hanging/ Room Divider

Folding screen room divider
Jenna Delicata

Folding Screen Room Divider

Painted room divider 1
Rivera Tiffany

The Classical vintage room divider is an excellent way to have a fun interior design and functional element of every decor. Beautiful and solid construction with wooden panels is folded and lacquered. The perfect solution for the bedroom.

One room living is often the way it goes in
Flores Karen

One room living is often the way it goes in small homes. To provide some privacy and help define the space, screens and dividers are problem solvers that can do double duty as a design statement. Here are ten interesting ones from around the web (in no pa