Old World Wall Clocks

Time is money, or is it? This collection includes a wide range of antique and old-fashioned wall clocks. If you are a fan of such vintage style then this is something for you. Of course, you can choose from clocks of different sizes and designs. No clock lover should be disappointed after seeing this.

Bulova C4331 Hartwick Old World Clock, Walnut Finish

An element that introduces a touch of classic stylization into the house. This kind of clock features a very durable wooden case and glass doors. The overall size of this element is 14W x 5.5D x 29.75H in.

Handcrafted regent geographic wall clock

Handcrafted Regent Geographic Wall Clock
Time + travel. Not a time traveller, though; just a geographic wall clock with old vintage paper map used instead of an ordinary face background (the clock itself is 100% MDF). Stylized Roman numerals complement the style.

Old world wall clocks

Take your home back in time with this fantabulous piece from Old World, that is shaped like a large pocket watch. The weathered dial is embedded in a rustic metal frame, with Arabic numerals and decorative metal hands.

Gallerie de gaston vintage metal pocket watch large wall clock

Gallerie De Gaston Vintage Metal Pocket Watch Large Wall Clock Tuscan Old World
Oval wall clock with antique finish. Shield is finished with pocket clock theme. It is fitted with quartz movement and Roman numeral. Sophisticated decoration for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Old world wall clocks

Old World wall clock sporting distressed shabby chic design, perfect for vintage style buffs. It sports two big black hands, black Arabic numerals and stylishly cracked sepia background with black signs on it.

Old world wall clocks 1

An attractive clock face in the form of an old map makes the decor gain an antique traveler's climate. Beautiful round shape and attractive Arabic figures create a stylish whole, very versatile for many interiors.

Old wall clock

Vintage ANTIQUE style Old WORLD MAP WALL CLOCK Wood new

Item C6029 Antique Style Merchant Clock (10.5 Inch Diameter)

Inspired by antique style, this 10.5-inch diameter wall clock is hand-crafted, including a round MDF frame, black metal hands, and Arabic numerals. The clock also provides an accurate quartz movement and is easy to mount.

Old world clocks

Old World walnut finish in a solid wood case with angled corners with fluted pilasters and decorative carved accents. Two-tone metal dial behind a decorative screened curved glass lens. Triple-chime movement plays choice of Westminster, Ave Maria or Bim-B

Old world wall clock bulova ravenna pic 8 www clocksnmore

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Wall clock old

Old-World Pendulum Wall Clock 23

Old fashioned wall clocks


Oversized 31.5" Wall Clock

Oversized 31.5" Wall Clock
Round wall clock with carefully made antique finish. It is made of combining wood, glass and iron. Quartz mechanism is powered by one AA battery. It is well assessed for sleek design and high quality.

Howard Miller 625-352 Greer Wall Clock

Beautiful wall clock with ornamental carvings applied to wood case. The latter is bedecked with column flutings, dental moldings and arched glass panel. The clock plays chimes, which volume can be controlled.

Item C1230 Vintage Style 10.5 Inch Wine Grapes Clock

This round clock is a high quality wall-mounted product that features a very attractive stylization that shows wine grapes. The product is ideal for people who like old, classic stylizations in their houses.

Old wall clocks

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North Hampton 20 inch Wall Clock

Wall clock having 20 inch in diameter and featuring wooden case, antique walnut finish and high quality protective glass lens. Additionally, it has dial with Roman numerals and classic design, which fits any interior.



Double Sided Wall Clock

Double Sided Wall Clock
Practical wall-mounted clock with double sided construction. It looks charming thanks to its old world scroll work and designs. This versatile clock is suitable for mounting indoors and outdoors. It includes black hands and black Arabic numbers.

Old world wall clock bulova canterbury

Old World Wall Clock | Bulova Canterbury

Tuscan wall decor old indies oversized clock

Tuscan Wall Decor Old Indies Oversized Clock

Howard Miller 620-168 Brentwood Wall Clock

A wall clock that has got a very accurate and reliable mechanism. It features a round frame made of wood that is durable and attractive. Its arabic numbers have got a black color and they are easy to read.

Bulova C4419 Manorcourt Clock, Golden Oak Finish

This classic wall clock will last for years to come! Solid wood construction sports beautiful golden oak finish, that creates a lovable couple with the golden tone of pendulum. The pediment is subtly detailed.

Old world wall clock 2

A large decorative old world wall clock contain arabic numerals. In this way everyone can easily read it. Wooden case, in the middle containing a shaded brown dial. Antique hints in the middle are made of iron. Tempus fugit!

Howard Miller 645-446 Monroe Table Clock

It is a classic and traditional table clock that has got a polished brass finish, white dial and high quality. It adds style, elegance and beauty to any living room, bedroom, office space and other.

Yosemite Home Decor CLKA1B359 Iron Wall Clock

Add some retro appeal to your interior with this French inspired double sided black iron clock that hangs from a decorative black iron wall mounting. The dial is a distressed beige color with traditional numbers, an emblem and writing.

Wall clock with pendulum and chimes

Putting aside the clock on your mobile,we go back in time-looking at this solid wooden chiming wall clock with a bright traditional dial and a wooden tie at the bottom. A strong dark shade of wood and a symbol of the coat of arms of some aristocratic family.

Old world walls

Old World Map Kids Clock

Vintage clock wag on wall chimes rare

Vintage Clock Wag On Wall Chimes Rare
Being an ideal proposition for all classic interiors, this chiming wall clock enchants with its vintage appeal. Finished in antique gold, it features a square clock face with Roman numerals.

Item C2100 Vintage Style British Colonial Pineapple Clock (10.5 Inch Diameter)

This vintage wall clock is embellished by a botanical pineapple illustration that makes it fitting for dining rooms and kitchens. The clock features MDF construction, Roman numerals, and no face cover. Requires 1 AA battery.

Chiming wall clocks

This great pendulum clock is a beautiful teak and brass version. The whole is enchantingly composed, has a nice shield with golden details. Ideal for the elegant interior of the living room or dining room.

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Junghans german mid century chiming wall

Junghans German Mid Century Chiming Wall
This lovable chiming wall clock whisks you away to mid century. Not-so-traditional, it boasts some features of desirable unique form. Its classic pendulum has brass sheen. Digits - except for 12 - have been replaced with marks.

Antique pendulum wall clock

Classic standing chiming clocks are usually made of good quality deciduous wood - this is also what happened in this ancient classic case, which is made of cherry wood. A white dial with a nickel-plated heart, and a tinted wooden interior.

15.44" Westminster Chime Wall Clock

15.44" Westminster Chime Wall Clock
Classic watch designed to hang on the wall. It has round shield and is made primarily of plastic. It offers quartz movement powered by 2 AA batteries. Designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Howard Miller 625-282 Amanda Wall Clock

Chiming wall clock (plays Westminster or Ave Maria chimes) with polished brass bezel and lyre-style pendulum. Black Arabic numerals and serpentine black metal hands contrast elegantly against white-off face.

Windup pendulum wall clocks

This antiqued wall clock features a black wrought iron case with twisted columns. It enchants with the elegant off-white dial ring with Roman numerals and filigree decorations between the number.

Uttermost leonardo black chronograph wall clock 18w in wall clocks

Uttermost Leonardo Black Chronograph Wall Clock - 18W in. - Wall Clocks at Hayneedle

Howard Miller 613-229 Alcott Wall Clock

Thanks to classic detailing, such as column carvings on the bezel and dentil molding, this wall clock boasts unrivalled elegance and a charm of tradition. The golden pendulum is itself very decorative.

Wall clocks 137

Wall Clocks

Bulova C4431 Edenhall Clock, Dark Oak Finish

This beautiful clock is characterized by solid oak construction covered in a dark oak finish, with recessed glass side panels. The clock plays Westminster or Whittington melody on the quarter hour, and provides adjustable volume control and night shut-off.

Howard Miller 613-108 Sandringham Wall Clock

If you looking for a traditional and solid wall clock, you have to choose this one. It has got a pendulum, white face with Arabic numerals and great finish. You need to have it.

Howard Miller 625-214 Corporate Wall Clock by

A touch of simplicity, style and functionality in the house. This is a wall clock that features a round shape. The size of this product is 1.5 x 12.8 x 12.8 inches and it has got a very accurate and reliable mechanism.

Wall clock it is made of solid oak

Wall Clock It Is Made Of Solid Oak
This handmade chiming wall clock constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who like classic decors. Finished in dark brown wood, it maintained its great condition despite the passing years. Features Roman numerals.

River City Clocks 15 Inch Wood Wall Clock with Four Different Chiming Options - Model # 7100-15

Sturdy wall clock in round wood case, with multitone brown finish and sleek texture. The face of the clock is quite traditional - it has black Arabic numerals, and black spade style hands. The clock features four assorted chiming modes.

Farmington Rusty Brown 19" Round Wall Clock

Inspired by classic influences, with ivory face and distressed touch to it, this clock looks the part in traditional decor. It has black roman numerals, protective glass lens and thick brown case with fluting.

Wall clocks that chime

The chiming wall block in elegant mahogany casing. The round clock face was covered with the delicate white paint, what deepen the contrast with the box. The Roman numerals and the golden elements make it more elegant.

Howard Miller 625-249 Shore Station Weather & Maritime Wall Clock by

Triple dial wall clock combined with a weather station: displays time, temperature and humidity. All dials are composed into a rectangular, elongated wooden case, vertically oriented. The bezels are brass-accented.

WSM Senora Musical - Chiming Wall Clock by Rhythm Clocks

Streamlined wall clock featuring wooden/MDF case, with chiming option (the volume can be controlled with a knob). At night, the chiming automatically shuts off for your convenience. Your guests will be in awe!

Vision Contemporary Wall Clock with Triple-chime movement

This clock is an exaple of merging elegant simplicity, falling on contemporary side, with classic features, like chimes. The elegance of the look has been acomplished mainly with form and combination of finishes.