Old Fashioned Trunks

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Morgan Johnson Interior Design Expert
Leather trunks 20

Old fashioned trunk with a traditional design. This element of equipment features a durable construction covered with leather. It also features some metal, decorative accents. The trunk also features a trolley and a handle.

Old fashioned suitcases

Sophisticated, cool and pink luggage for traveling and to storing your favorite items. Vintage details are so wonderful.If you searching for a pretty luggage, you should try this one.

Old fashioned trunk luggage
Leather storage trunks and chests
Old fashioned luggage trunks

This old-school trunk delights with its vintage appeal, depicting a Great Britain flag. Behind the characteristic, well-known motive, there is a considerable storage space concealed

Shabby chic trunk coffee table

I think that this stylization is great for family living rooms. It includes a coffee table with a rectangular trunk stylization. This solid element offers some black metal elements for support and decoration.

Antique looking bedroom furniture

It is a beautiful piece of equipment that brings a touch of an antique style into the house. This treasure chest styled wood trunk is not very heavy and it is easy to move. It is 16 inches high x 27 inches wide x 15 inches deep.

Old Fashioned Wood Storage Trunk

Old Fashioned Wood Storage Trunk
Do you need to add more storage options to your interior? This old fashioned wood trunk is a great choice. It features sturdy leather straps with tiny stitched details and sleek nail head trims as well as rustic metallic corners on the top.

Antique style bedroom sets

This item is a solid wooden trunk with durable and decorative legs in black color. Its upper area is finished in neutral white color and it offers a quite spacious storage compartment. Its simple shape looks good in any room.

Old Vintage Suitcase Trunk

Old Vintage Suitcase Trunk
It is an old vintage suitcase trunk that has got solid wood construction and faux upholstery. It is small and it fits to any style and décor. If you looking for a perfect trunk to your home, you need to choose this one.

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Old fashioned trunks 2
Old fashioned trunks 3
Old fashioned trunk 1
Old fashioned leather suitcase
Old fashion trunk
Old fashion suitcases
Old fashioned storage trunks
Old fashioned trunks 4
Old fashioned trunks 5
Old fashioned trunks 6
Old fashioned trunks 7

Wall decoration in the shape of window. Frame is made of wood with antique finish and covered with world map theme. Sophisticated decoration for each room according to taste.

Old fashioned trunks 8
Old fashioned trunks 9
Old fashioned trunks 10
Old fashioned trunks 11
Old fashioned trunks
Wood storage trunk coffee table
Old fashioned trunks 12
Old fashioned trunks 13
Old fashioned trunks 14
Old fashioned trunks 15
Old fashioned trunks 16
Old fashioned trunks 17
Old fashioned trunks 18
Old fashioned trunks 19
Old fashioned trunks 20
Old fashioned trunks 21
Old fashioned trunks 22
Old fashioned trunks 23
Old fashioned trunks 24
Old fashioned trunks 25
Old fashioned trunks 26

Featuring the old-fashioned hardware to ensure an antique look this wood trunk is a great choice for when you need a piece that will prove useful for both storage and decoration. It offers the antique dark red finish and is made of cedar wood of the best quality.

Old fashioned trunks 27

Featuring the old-fashioned hardware to ensure an antique look this decorative treasure chest is just great for your coffee table, end table, storage or decoration, making it a must-have for all those homes that feature a nautical theme.

Old fashioned trunks 28
Old fashioned trunks 29
Old fashioned trunks 30
Super Jumbo Armor Trunk

Super Jumbo Armor Trunk
Elegant traditional trunk having a large body of plywood covered in waterproof white nylon. It has nickel plated hardware of stainless steel: cornerpieces, fittings, rivets, locks. It has wheels adapters and leather handles. A lid has safety hinges.

Small Wooden Treasure Box, Old Style Treasure Chest

A small wooden treasure box in an old style - a perfect gift idea and a wonderful compliment to your decor, combining functionality with great looks. The old fashioned hardware adds to an antique feel.

Diy filing cabinet take an old trunk or cabinet and