Oil And Vinegar Cruets

Details matter. The same applies to home accessories which add character to the interior. Even the smallest things sometimes play an important decorative role. Check out the oil and vinegar cruets. In the collection below you'll find hundreds of styles with a lot of functionality and good design.

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Vinegar cruet vintage

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Crystal oil and vinegar set

This incredible set of crockery looks like two diverter glasses of wine, but they are glazed containers to storage oil and vinegar. Elegant cap is stylised on glass base. It is not only useful, but very stylish too.

Antique cruets

A stylish dining table set: an oil and vinegar cruet in sophisticated empire style, glass with silver colored metal. Best choice to enhance an antique vibe that's already been introduced into a dining room.

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An Oil and vinegar cruet set to place to eat, kitchen and other. If you searching for vintage accents, you should choose this set. Excellent as a gift and accent piece to any apartment.

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Why not make your kitchen stylish to the last detail? This oil and vinegar cruet sports the beautifully detailed glass bottle and will easily hold both oil and vinegar in the same vessel, making both look exquisite.

Antique cruet

Oil and vinegar cruets

Badash Crystal NY206 CRUET SET H8.5 in. 6 OZ 2PC ST ORLANDO - Pack of 2

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Vintage ceramic oil and vinegar cruet

Vintage Ceramic Oil And Vinegar Cruet
In the Italian villages, the real oil is extracted, which is then served in a dignified way, thanks to such a pottery oil and vinegar cruets. Hand-painted motifs, such as a rooster, with two funnels, also contain plugs.

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Vintage vinegar cruet

Blue rose oil and vinegar cruet set 2

Apple faces oil and vinegar cruet

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Oil and vinegar cruets 3

A wonderful 2-in-1 cruet for oil and vinegar. It's made of transparent glass with one container being in the shape of grapes. It has two non-drip tips which make it more functional than keeping the oil in a bottle.

Mojoo oil and vinegar cruet

Oil and vinegar cruets 2

Crystal oil and vinegar cruet with silver handle holding stand

Oil and vinegar cruet set 11

Stylish and unique take on a set of oil and vinegar cruets made to resemble long chilli peppers with matching stands. Both stands and the cruets themselves are made out of pure glass, which gives them an elegant detail.

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Oil and vinegar cruet set 5

Oil and vinegar cruets suitable for kitchen use. These elements of equipment are not only durable, but they also decorate indoors thanks to their blue floral themes on white background. They are resistant to microwaves and dishwashers.

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Vintage clear cut glass oil and vinegar

Vintage Clear Cut Glass Oil And Vinegar
Beautiful vintage containers for oil and vinegar. They're crafted of quality clear glass with engraved charming floral motifs. Each cruet has a hexagonal base, a sleek body, a narrow neck with a spout on end, a lug and a showy ornate plug.

Oil and vinegar cruet set germany

Oil And Vinegar Cruet Set Germany
Cruets for oil and vinegar. These elements of kitchen equipment are made of durable materials that also look very attractive. These are practical and decorative elements of kitchen equipment. They are also resistant to wear.

Le creuset oil and vinegar set

An adorable set of two hand-painted oil and vinegar cruet set, made out of glass with a caddy made out of stainless steel. The cruets are painted with a pattern made to depict blooming sunflowers, which gives them a fresh look.

Stoneware 2 Piece EVOO & Vinegar Dispensing Bottle Set

Stoneware 2 Piece EVOO & Vinegar Dispensing Bottle Set
It is a set of two bottles of cooking, which perfectly suits the administration vinegar. Bottles are red. They are equipped with a special dispenser and the handle, which is not only practical, but also decorative, ornate.

Antique 19thc french solid silver huge oil vinegar cruet set

Antique 19thc French Solid Silver Huge Oil Vinegar Cruet Set Veyrat C 1845
If you’re looking for a vintage, antique vibe in your traditional kitchen, take a look at this gorgeous set of oil and vinegar cruets with a French, solid silver caddy made in a decorative manner, which gives it a sophisticated appearance.

Retro tupperware mustard cream oil vinegar cruet set camping campers

Retro Tupperware Mustard Cream Oil Vinegar Cruet Set Camping Campers Vw Vacum
Can be used for syrup, oil, vinegar, cream. This retro cruet set comprises 2 items - one in creamy white, the other one in mustard colour. They can constitute a funky accent in one's kitchen.

Oil vinegar cruet set 33

Exquisitely elegant, this oil and vinegar cruet set from is a solid stained glass product. It comprises crystal bottles with stoppers to store and a silver plated stand that also has compartments to hold salt and pepper shakers.

2 Piece Oil/Vinegar Cruet Set with Rack

2 Piece Oil/Vinegar Cruet Set with Rack
It is a 2-piece set that includes oil and vinegar cruets and rack. The rack has got a stainless steel construction, chrome-plated finish and loop handle at the top. It is a perfect choice.

Tuscany Fleur De Lis Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set

Tuscany Fleur De Lis Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set
It is a beautiful set that includes Tuscany fleur de lis oil and vinegar cruets for your kitchen. This set is perfect as a gift for your friends and family. You will be impressed how fantastic these products are.

Stoneware EVOO Dispensing Bottle

Stoneware EVOO Dispensing Bottle
Pretty and aesthetic 24-oz bottle untended for olive oil dispensing. It's made of opaque glazed blue stoneware and has a nice shape of a drop with an integrated handle. Its spout is of stainless steel. It's dishwasher safe.

Coral Coll Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set

Coral Coll Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set
Pleasing to the eye contemporary set of bottles for oil and vinegar marked by letters O and V. They're quite tall, sleek, made of aluminium with a white finish. They have metallic caps with spouts and a rack looking like a coral on 4 splayed feet.

Oil and Vinegar Glass Bottle

Oil and Vinegar Glass Bottle
If you're looking for some stylish and practical decorations for your kitchen, you should check out this awesome glass bottle! It will bring you not only a perfect way to store your oils, but also an incredible design.

Oil and vinegar cruet set 9

Durable and decorative oil and vinegar cruets. These glass cruets are durable and they include some decorative accents. They also include metal tips and round supports finished in very stylish gold color.

Oil and vinegar cruet set 31

Oil and vinegar decanters made from clear glass. Handy gadget for each home. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Lovely hand blown oil and vinegar cruet

Lovely Hand Blown Oil And Vinegar Cruet
Multi-color hand blown oil and vinegar cruet. This bottle features a durable and practical metal tip. The lower part is wide, spherical and includes attractive walls finished in many different colors.

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A high quality cruet for oil and vinegar with stylish, decorative etching. This functional item features a durable construction with antique stylization. Its round base provides stability and support.

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Container for dispensing oil or vinegar. It is safe to washed in the dishwasher. It is made of combining plastic and glass. Handy gadget for each kitchen. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Oil and vinegar cruets fit for the queen

Anchor Hocking 980R Presence Cruet With Stopper

Cucina Stoneware EVOO Dispensing Bottle

Cucina Stoneware EVOO Dispensing Bottle