Oak Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed is yet another clever idea to use a small place effectively. The bed can be easily pulled out of the wall unit at night but it doesn't take any floor space during the day. Perfect for small spaces!

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A magnificent addition for vintage-looking homes. This fine Murphy bed is crafted of solid Oakwood and splashed with a distressed finish; including lovely hand-carvings and a stylishly shaped mirror. It can be quickly unfolded with just one easy pull.

Oak murphy bed 16

This oak Murphy bed constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who appreciate the functionality and space-saving values. Crafted from solid dark wood, it maintained its beautiful character despite the passing years.

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Characterized by a solid hardwood Oak construction and light oak finish, this functional bed looks like a stylish closet when not in use. The bed can be unfolded with one easy pull, white its front panel (the bed's bottom) has a rectangle mirror embedded in the center.

Oak murphy bed 10

Carved oak murphy bed with mirror. How gorgeous is it?! Swirl carvings create a symmetric pattern on the front. The top mirror is flanked with shelves - for candle holders, perhaps? The item is dated for 1900

Oak murphy bed 6

Victorian design for an old-fashioned single sized murphy bed with a small mirror on the top. The murphy bed resembles a small cabinet and is made out of oak wood with a smooth finish and decorative engravings.

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Very rare antique oak murphy bed dresser secretary desk book

Very Rare Antique Oak Murphy Bed Dresser Secretary Desk Book Case 1800s
Deriving from the 1800s, this beautiful murphy bed constitutes a fabulous piece of furniture. Not only it features a place to sleep, but also a clever secretary desk with a bookcase. Finished in natural oak.

Oak murphy bed

This old vintage murphy bed delights with its marvellous condition, featuring a beautifully maintained oak despite the passing years. Beautifully stained and sanded, it exposes the densely grained wood.

Oak murphy bed

It is the Revera Horizontal Murphy bed with oak wooden construction and honey finish. If you need to create another sleeping space, this bed with opening option is a great idea, especially for small apartments.

Oak murphy bed 1

A lovely piece of fine craftsmanship; this cabinet is crafted of Oak wood in oak finish. Includes 5 two-door cabinets with shelves inside, and 3 storage drawers - each equipped with metal pull-handles.

Splendid improvement of comfort and interior aesthetics, this Contemporary Murphy Bed in Oak Finish beautifully emphasizes any bedroom décor. The bed can be locked in the closed position, and features a patented lift mechanism for easy usage.

Antique murphy bed for sale

The large and very well done oak Murphy bed and a desk with lock is a great combination of bed and desk, which will perfectly suit you in small interiors. The beauty of wood and its warm shade brings comfort to the decor.

1880s antique oak murphy bed open

Rustic murphy bed

Richly decorated headboard finished with carefully made carvings. It is completely made of wood. Stylish addition to any bedroom according to taste and need.

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Oak murphy bed 19

Wallbeds contemporary oak horizontal twin murphy bed with hutch

Wallbeds Contemporary Oak Horizontal Twin Murphy Bed With Hutch
This piece of furniture is a high quality twin size bed that includes plenty of storage space thanks to its upper shelves. This construction is made of wood and it features stability, solidity and original appearance.

Wallbeds mission oak murphy bed 4

Wallbeds Mission Oak Murphy Bed

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Details about antique oak murphy fold out hide a bed

Wallbeds contemporary oak murphy bed 6

Wallbeds Contemporary Oak Murphy Bed
The steely and very functional oak Murphy bed is a great combination of unique style and form. The whole folded and made in contemporary style captivates. It is a perfect solution for contemporary interior design.

Oak mission murphy wall bed

Wallbeds mission oak murphy bed

Wallbeds Mission Oak Murphy Bed
This mission bed is space-saving and functional, allowing you to easily lift it up and press it against a wall. Crafted of solid oak, the unit also offers 4 open shelves, 6 storage drawers, and 1 capacious door cabinet.

Vintage murphy bed

A comfortable and space-saving design of a bed. It features a folding wall-mounted design. Solid wooden frame is resistant to wear and excessive use. It includes durable metal hardware that is long lasting.

Oak mission murphy bed for downstairs

Antique murphy beds

Fold out bed frame made of wood. It is fitted with open shelves, cabinet and a lot of drawers for storing needed stuff. Perfect solution for small spaces. Simple form and functional design.

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Wallbeds contemporary oak murphy bed 1

Oak murphy bed 3

Ebay murphy bed

Folding bed designed for small spaces. Construction is made of wood. Classic form and modern design for each home.

Wallbeds mission oak murphy bed 5

Wallbeds Mission Oak Murphy Bed
A traditional lifted up bed of oak wood in light browns. It has a simple frame and a recessed support. A wall frame features a moulding top just like side units. One of units has 3 open shelves, the second - a full door cabinet. Each has 3 drawers.

Antique murphy beds for sale

Antique oak bed

The beautifully made oak Murphy bed is a stylish design and functionality. The whole combined with functional drawers and shelves is very practical and will fit well into the small interiors. The bright shade of the finish is captivating.

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Murphy bed antique

Lighter colours are a good idea when you are dealing with small, insufficient space and look for ways to make your room optically bigger. That is the case with this set of cabinets.

The new oak murphy bed folds out from the original

Mission style bookcase with drop down table and bottom drawers

Oak murphy bed height 4 ft 8 in 142 cm

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Wallbeds contemporary horizontal twin murphy bed

Oak murphy bed 20

Perfect for small spaces tuck murphy bed folding horizontal bed

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Oak murphy bed height 4 ft 8 in 142 cm

Quarter sawn oak murphy bed w desk beveled mirror 1200

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