Novelty Drawer Pulls

All the people who are searching for useful and pretty furniture or it elements, will surely find this collection interesting. Find out for yourself whether such style, such designs, colours and shapes would fit into your house well. You can take all the time you need so make use of it.

Layla Robinson Interior Design Expert
Unique door pulls

Novelty drawer pulls, because who wants their drawers to be boring? Trust us, with drawers like these, your drawers will gain a new life. Not to mention how impressed your guests will be when they see them!

Novelty drawer pulls 3

A completely different dimension of novelty drawer pulls - a golden hand, looking as the hand of an Indian goddess. It will help you open the drawer. In addition, it will surprise you and your interior with an unearthly character.

Novelty drawer pulls 2
Novelty drawer pulls

Novelty drawer pulls in the form of a fork and spoons it is a sensational accent to the kitchen décor. The beautiful performance and functionality of this solution captivate. This allows you to bring some humor and interesting character to the kitchen.

Vintage art deco drawer pulls red bakelite chrome heaven
Cabinet knobs drawer pulls 1
Fish door pulls

This set of novelty drawer pulls will help you distinguish your interiors, providing a designer, contemporary accent to the space. Avialable in various shades of blue, these square knobs will intrigue everyone entering the room.

Novelty drawer pulls

You get bored looking at the old wooden chest of drawers, and the means to change it do not have much. Just a small element like a colored, non-standard novelty drawer pulls. Its cobalt color combined with a jute string creates a unique charm.

Owl drawer pulls

Characterized by premium metal craftsmanship with attention to slightest details, this drawer-pull is long-lasting and very beautiful. Designed in shape of a pair of acorns and leaves, it can be a nice way to refresh the look of your worn-out dresser.

Seahorse Arch Pull (Set of 4)

Seahorse Arch Pull (Set of 4)
It is a set that includes four seahorse arch pulls with two finish options to choose: burnished gold and vintage pewter. It has got a zinc metal construction and beautiful design. You need to have it.

Laundry room cabinet pulls

The beautifully finished novelty drawer pulls in the shape of a decorative coffee pot made of wood. Allure will be charmingly present in the kitchen or dining room. This is an original way to make simple furniture.

Novelty drawer pulls 16

Your dresser or kitchen cabinetry lack elegance somehow? Been thinking about refreshing their looks a bit? Novelty knobs might be a good way to start. This crystal drawer pull mixes contemporary satin nickel finish with classically cut clear acrylic.

Novelty cabinet knobs

If you want to refresh the look of your worn-out chest of drawers, here is one of the steps to do it right. This highly decorative drawer pull is crafted of durable metal, adorned by an eye-catching leaf design and distressed finish.

Novelty drawer pulls 17

The quickest and least expensive way to renew the furniture is to invest in original furniture novelty drawer pulls. These small colorful accessories can make our interior revive. Round balls in many colors have bronze decorations.

Novelty cabinet hardware

Why not go for a charming and a bit more unique set of metal knobs shaped like a turtle? These sport the classy look and are crafted with great attention to details for a more refined and yet fun look.

Unique drawer pulls and cabinet
Novelty drawer pulls 22
Unique drawer knobs artistic drawer knobs
Laundry room drawer pulls

Now you can easily refresh the look of your cabinet or drawer by emphasizing it with this gorgeous pull-knob. Its lovely design is consisted of purple ice solid crystal glass and mounting metal hardware.

Unique bathroom cabinet pulls door handles knobs drawer pulls drawer
Novelty drawer pulls 3

Even when we buy the simplest cabinet made of pine wood, we can give it a unique character thanks to novelty drawer pulls. In this case, they mix the color of fuchsia and reddish with white, creating a pattern of polka dots, or geometric motif with crystals.

Novelty drawer pulls 1

Kids ball cabinet knob. Great for children’s bedroom furniture as they have no sharp edges - it will be fit especially to little boy's bedroom. It has a durable rubber front for safety and plastic back for strength.

Novelty drawer pulls 20

The vintage glass translucent door knobs for the drawers. I am not pretty sure if the glass knobs are the most intelligent solution for a drawer - it is easy to break it, what could be dangerous for the users.

Fun drawer pulls

This novelty drawer pulls, or you can call it also novelty knob - is made of zinc-aluminum alloy and metal, finished wih polished chrome has a traditional form.It is a simple, slightly curved shape, as if a rectangle would bow to you.

Novelty drawer pulls 2

If you love unique, handmade items and you have house arrange in vintage style. It handle dedicated to old-fashioned cabinets or doors. This item is made of wood and available in three color versions - black, brown and white.

Novelty drawer pulls 19

The fastest and least expensive way to refresh furniture is to invest in original furniture handles. These small accessories - novelty drawer pulls with a mint shade made of ceramics can make a worn wardrobe get a new, elegant design.

Novelty drawer pulls 11
Leaves 2 5 novelty knob
Novelty drawer pulls 1

Now you can refresh the old look of your cabinets with a splash of fashionable design by using those stylish pull-handles. Made of chromed-finished metal, the pull-handle is adorned with various rings that form a fine mix of black, gray and white.

Novelty drawer pulls 18
Unique drawer handles

Amusing fashionable drawer snap-on pulls especially suitable for kids' furniture in the underwater style as they have forms of lovely fish and dolphins. They're manufactured of durable colourful plastic.

Novelty drawer pulls 9
Novelty drawer pulls 8
Novelty drawer pulls 21
Novelty drawer pulls 15
Novelty door knobs
Unique knobs drawer pulls set of two jungle green vintage
Novelty knobs and pulls

Add something extraordinary, unique and original into your home, and change old drawer pulls on the novelty pieces. They have got many shapes and color options. For me, they looks like the cosmic stones.

Golf ball office drawer pull furniture gift novelty new
Kids novelty wardrobe drawer handles knobs
Ring Pull

Ring Pull
Add a stylish and meticulously crafted, antique-looking detail to your decor with this beautiful ring pull made from solid and durable zinc. It is to me mounted vertically, comes already with a backplate.

Look what i found on zulily blue owl drawer pull
Star knobs antique vintage looking glass pulls free shipping 30mm
Unique and funky upcycled fork drawer pull by shopofmetaldreams 7
Builders Program 1.24" Round Knob

Builders Program 1.24" Round Knob

Long Trout 3" Center Novelty Pull

Long Trout 3" Center Novelty Pull

Novelty drawer pulls 4
Crystal lace 0 46 novelty knob
Novelty drawer pulls 10
Swarovski Crystal 1.13" Round Knob

Swarovski Crystal 1.13" Round Knob