Noguchi Paper Lamp

Lamps are obviously a good thing to have, even if you haven’t thought much about buying one of such models. We advise you to browse through these shapes, designs and colours, so as to make the best decision. Can you already see something for yourself or do you need more time?

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Noguchi paper lamp 3

Inspired by Noguchi, this mid-century looking lamp is actually a DIY variation of a modern IKEA lamp. Mid-century design in contemporary finish will fit into both traditional and modern interiors.

Noguchi paper lamps

An interesting traditional Japanese style table lamp having a base and frame of very thin metal rods with ball finials on 3 splayed legs. It features an ovalish but asymmetric lampshade made of paper in creamy shades and bamboo.

Noguchi lighting ceiling
Noguchi paper lamp 32
Noguchi paper lamp
Noguchi table lamp
Noguchi pendant
Noguchi paper lamp 7

This set of furniture will play its role perfectly in dining room or spacious living room. It is composed of wooden table, chairs, console table with blanched desktop, floor lamp in fancy shape and paper chandelier in Chinese style.

Noguchi paper lamp 8

Round lampshade made of paper. Suitable for each standard pendant lamp. Modern accessory for all kinds of interiors.

Noguchi paper lamp 10

An aesthetic handmade traditional Japanese hanging chandelier having an ovalish frame of thin bamboo rods. Its lampshade is of decorative patternless white rice paper with delicate creamy undertones.

Noguchi paper lamp 40
Noguchi paper lamp 13
Noguchi paper lamp 6
Isamu noguchi paper lamp to go with my noguchi coffee
Noguchi paper lamp 38
Noguchi paper lamp 5
Noguchi paper lamp 4
Noguchi paper lamp 12
Noguchi paper lamp 39
Noguchi paper lamp 9

Contemporary design for an oriental, Asian noguchi paper lamp with a thin, metal frame on the bottom and a little handle on the top to hang the light from. This one is made in a modern fashion, which gives the piece a unique look.

Noguchi paper lamp 14
Noguchi paper lamp 23
Noguchi paper lamp 11
Noguchi paper lamp 30
Netherlands 26" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade

Netherlands 26" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade
This tall table lamp with round base and rectangular shape exudes elegant modern look. The shade is made of paper; its tone comprises an appealing contrast with bronze finish of the base. You may put it on any surface to enhance room's features.

Noguchi paper lamp 35
Noguchi paper lamp 36
Noguchi paper lamp 37
Noguchi paper lamp
Heart Desk Paper 11.81" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Heart Desk Paper 11.81" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
11.81 inch high desk lamp featuring shade with heart pattern, UL power cord, on/off switch and base made of paper and metal. It's casual design is perfect for majority of the interiors, especially bedrooms.

Akari paper lamps isamu noguchi
Noguchi paper lamp 16
Noguchi paper lamp 28
Dedicated to the life and work of the japanese american
Messana west village studio noguchi lamp jpg dedicated minimalism love
Noguchi paper lamp 31
Himalayan Light 7.5" H Table Lamp

Himalayan Light 7.5" H Table Lamp
It is a Himalayan LightTable Lamp that has got an unique size, shape and color and is made of 100-percent pure Himalayan salt. It measures 7.5 inches high by 4.25 inches wide by 4.25 inches deep.

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The noguchi paper lamp j1 is considered modern japanese lamp
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Noguchi paper lamp 34
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Vintage 1980s noguchi akari table lamp paper original box all
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