Nintendo Furniture

Are you a fan of Nintendo? Or maybe your little ones are? Now you can create a magical world of Nintendo around yourself. With some piece of furniture presented below you'll soon transform the space into a colourful zone of digital games and characters. Or at least add a flavour of it into your home!

Marisa Anderson Interior Design Expert
Nintendo table
Peyton Marthy

An awesome addition for game rooms and bachelor pads, this unique coffee table is designed in shape of a Nintendo controller. You can now kick back with your Play Station as a true, old school gamer.

Nintendo furniture 3
Cintia Brook

Nintendo Nes funiture set and Mario bros wall by RetroVideoGameArt

Childrens playroom furniture
Laetitia Anderson

If you are looking for an original and functional solution for your kid's room, this stylish set of Mario shelves is a spectacular performance, plenty of storage space and lovely color scheme. Practical shelves and cabinets are captivating.

Nintendo furniture 2
Megan Hen

All Nintendo fans just can't pass this video game themed cabinet up. Painted in Mario theme with original colors retained, this extraordinary dresser with five drawers is a true windfall for Mario Bros fans.

Video game furniture
Cintia Kowalski

A cool set of iconic Nintendo furniture. A white and grey with black and red accents coffee table looks like a game controller. A 2-person rectilinear black and white couch features a zigzag front. A wall art consists of colourful rectangles.

Nintendo furniture 11
Lindsay Gonz

Inspired by Nintendo, this fantastic coffee table is a real imitation of the gamepad, resembling faithfully the original. A handmade item, which can inspire some of you, while looking for a unique gift.

Nintendo room decor

A unique way of accommodating kids' rooms with floating shelves designed in shape of an old-fashioned, arcade game. This Nintendo-like furniture has shelves that look like cascade platforms, made of black metal and decorated with tiny ladders.

Video game themed furniture

This imaginatively designed set of baby room furniture is a vibrant color scheme and functionality in one. Folded like cupboards look perfect for wide use. They will be a perfect decoration of any interior.

Super nintendo coffee table
Yulia Thompson

An out-and-outer modern coffee table featuring an unusual base in the form of a unified block with 4 cutout on sides large and wide letters 'N' in vivid colours. Its round tabletop is of clear tempered glass.

Super mario bean bag chair
Kathleen Rodriguez

Key hanger with Nintendo theme. Designed for mounting on the wall. It has 3 hooks for keys and other small things. It is very well appreciated by customers for functionality and unique design.

Nintendo furniture 8
Laura Diaz

The characteristic green bin would be known to everyone, who grew up on Mario games. A real bargain for all Nintendo enthusiasts and vintage lovers and a cool accent in any living room.

Video game themed furniture for sale
Monica Patt

Every kid who loves Nintendo games will be thrilled with this impressive set of furniture. Simple car seats have been transformed into Mario's favorite characters. Beautiful colors and motifs delight, adding some joy to the interior.

Nintendo bean bag chair
Anna Youn

One of the coolest coffee tables ever, this Nintendo controller would be a must-have for all fans of the series. Just imagine how cool it would look in an entertainment room!

Nintendo furniture 4

Any good interior decorator will tell you the secret to a killer pad lies in Nintendo themed furniture. This custom made set of nostalgic and functional...

Nintendo furniture 7

Don't take life too serious - if you loved Pac-man all your childhood - express it with a Nintendo furniture! Yellow or grey it is your choice. These bookcases have a form of eating Pac-man. Round, full of square shelves.

Nintendo furniture 16

If you are just the great fan of Doctor Who then this Tardis fridge will surely help your interior look a bit more original and will make you immensely happy thanks to its detailed finish and fun looks.

Mario brothers furniture

A fabulous way to remind oneself of his or her childhood. This set of Nintendo furniture constitutes a cool, retro accent wherever appearing. The two benches enchant with their detailed finishing, resembling faithfully original devices.

Nintendo furniture 10
Wright Stacy

Hi Nintendo player! If you already have toast, let it be toast with a toaster in the form of a Nintendo console. The old console has been turned into a toaster - although it is not very sensible, it impresses with ingenuity!

Retro gaming furniture 1
Wright Stacy

You can easily upgrade your kid's room by mounting on a wall those fabulous cubic shelves created in shape of Super Mario blocks. Wood shelves are sturdy and beautifully painted, bringing back to life one of the most popular video games of the 1990s.

Nintendo furniture 9
Chloe Hughesful

Do you remember Mario Bros? If yes, then you shall be absolutely delighted with this unique Nintendo Themed cat climber. A great proposition for all cat owners, who have the weakness for old school games.

Game inspired furniture
Cintia Kowalski

A Nintendo shelves and wall are kid's dream. Trust me, you have to add them into your boy's room. It's funny, nicely finished, colorful and has a lot of spaces for your toys and books.

Mario bros furniture
Chloe Hughesful

Someone got a new gaming console with new pads, but he did not want to part with the old ones, and it's ready! The Nintendo furniture lamp, which may seem a makeshift stem, consists of two joysticks on the bottom and a white pilot shaft.

Super mario furniture
Isabella Martinable

The Nintendo controller table is a must have for every fan of Nintendo games! It has got the sturdy wooden construction with many shades of brown color. Great for your entertaining room.

Nes coffee table for sale
Angela Ada

Nintendo Zapper Lamp

The mario bros industrial pipe lamp playfully depicts different characters
Jenna Daviesful

The Mario Bros Industrial Pipe Lamp Playfully Depicts Different Characters

Nintendo furniture 1

nintendo furniture

Furniture for gamers

Throne of Games - Would be awesome in my classroom.

Cool furniture for geeks space invaders couch
Lambert Abbey

Cool Furniture for Geeks: Space Invader's Couch

Mario bean bag chair

Staright from the 20th century, this coffee table will be a real blast for any type of game room. Designed in shape of a Nintendo NES controller, this wood piece of art also has one open shelf underneath its unique-looking top.

Nintendo furniture 19
Laetitia Zernike

Mario lamp. When you punch it out turned on and makes the sound!

Super mario bros bedroom decor
Lambert Abbey

A fun Nintendo dresser created with Emperor's Silk, Graphite, Old Ochre and French Linen Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan | By A Perfect Treasure

Nintendo furniture 17

Nintendo Coffee Table - by sajaaaa on deviantART

Super mario furniture 1
Laetitia Anderson

Mushroom Gamer Blinds

Nintendo furniture 15
Tara Gosselin

Nintendo Furniture

Complete sega game gear nintendo game boy and gbc sets
Simmons Cynthia

Complete Sega Game Gear, Nintendo Game Boy and GBC sets on handmade shelves. Great video game organization via Reddit user NintendoTwizer

Super mario chair

Video Games Tables! Want! It is now my goal to make this

Nintendo coffee table for sale
Monica Jame

A cool space-saving dresser for video games. It's of wooden materials hand-painted with colourful Super Mario video game motifs against a bluish background. It has simple rectilinear shapes with a recessed base. Four compartments have edge pulls.

Video game furniture for sale

Nintendo 64 coffee table base

Description nintendo entertainment system jpg
Jasmine Jackson

Description Nintendo Entertainment System.jpg

Super mario bros nursery
Lambert Abbey

Super Mario Bros. Nursery

Coolest nintendo furniture
Alexis Hallify

Coolest Nintendo furniture.

Mario imagery is simple and iconic and a great source

Mario imagery is simple and iconic, and a great source of inspiration for geeks around the globe. The Bricks and Mortar Chair by Richard Woods is reminiscent of classic NES Super Mario Bros., while the Mushroom Pouffe by Anne-Claire Petit would look righ

Nintendo furniture 14
Lindsay Rob

Coffee designed after the Nintendo controller from 1985. This functional model is made from premium grade curly maple, birdseye maple, African bubinga, and mahogany and is compatible with the Nintendo Wii. It features dovetail joinery and midcentury moder

If youre wondering what the coolest house in the world
Bryant Michelle

If you're wondering what the coolest house in the world looks like ...

Video game inspired furniture
Alexis Milani

Sonic chair...Colten wants this for Christmas

Nintendo furniture 13
Lisa Jack

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

Cool kids bookshelves for mario themed room
Lambert Abbey

Cool Kids Bookshelves for Mario Themed Room

De nintendo sur ebay attention les encheres montent vite

... de Nintendo , sur eBay . Attention les enchères montent vite

Nintendo chairs

Refurbish a Filing Cabinet - too bad I couldn't use my grandfathers old one to do this.. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to touch it

Estanteria donkey kong de tu nintendo al salon de tu
Tara Zucker

Estantería Donkey Kong. De tu Nintendo al Salón de tu casa