Nightstand Dog Crate

A nightstand dog crate is a useful idea when, for a reason, you need to keep the pet locked out. They come in hundreds of styles so it is really easy to match them with the already existing decor and other furniture. Browse below.

Dog crate nightstand

Designed for indoors, this beautiful piece of furniture is a great mix of a comfy dog crate and a stylish nightstand. Crafted of barn wood and covered in an espresso finish, the crate is equipped with a side door with two steel locks.

Habitat ‘n Home™ InnPlace™ Pet Crate End Table

Habitat ‘n Home™ InnPlace™ Pet Crate End Table
It is a pet crate end table that can be used as a comfortable home for your pet or table. It is safe and perfect for indoor use. You will be impressed how amazing this pet crate end table is.

Side table dog crate

A pretty practical end table and a dog crate in one crafted of 2-tone-finished wooden materials. Its rectangular top has brown tones. A base has a front door with vertical cutouts. Catches and dashy hinges are of black metal. Sides have cutouts up.

Petsmart crate cover

A charming dog crate made from an old TV cabinet. A great example of repurposing and an inspiration for all, who like to craft on their own. This DIY project will create cosy four walls for any dog.

Medium dog crate end table

Medium Dog Crate End Table
This handy and very functional dog crate is a combination of solid wooden construction, beautiful form, and style. Your pet will have a comfortable place to rest, and the crate can serve as a coffee table or bedside table.

Nightstand dog crate 2

Nightstand Dog Crate

Dog bed nightstand

Night table with dog crate is an innovative and very practical solution for any interior. Each pet will be delighted with its corner, and the interior will be elegant and stylish furniture with solid wood construction.

Nightstand dog crate

If you have a dog, you need to have the wooden dog crate, just like this one! It looks more aesthetic and clean than wire crate. And it can be used as an end table too.

Diy dog crate end table

A durable dog crate that can, at the same time, be used as a convenient nightstand. The crate has espresso-finished wooden construction, with cutout vents and a lattice panel door with a lock.

Bedside table dog bed

Not much is needed to give a dog happiness - just love it and give it some privacy from time to time. For example, in the form of a nightstand dog crate table, with ladder rungs - and at the same time as his asylum and a place to sleep with a warm blanket.

Custom dog kennels

To add some style to your indoor environment and define it as pet-friendly, use a dog crate that's crafted from real wood. This inner dog kennel with decorous door serves as a crate end table as well.

BowHaus Modern Pet Crate

BowHaus Modern Pet Crate
This modern side table in a kennel in one is the perfect solution for your home. Blend beautifully with modern wystrojemn interior, and the metal structure with finesse cutouts and a comfortable seat inside, the interior adds a wonderful character.

Dog crate side table

Wow! So adorable and comfortable nightstand table with the puppy crate. If you are a fan of combine functionalities, you need this product. The yellow color adds a fresh twist into the room.

Ikea hack dog house

This dog looks sad because he did not get his favorite delicacy - not because he is uncomfortable. Dog crate night stand bed, combined with a bedside table made of wood, gives him the opportunity to be close to his family, soft underfoot and roofing.

Diy pet crate

Hollowed out in antique cupboard, this custom cabinetry will be a perfect spot for your puppy. It smooth weaves into the surrounding decor, being a part of the shabby chic interior.

Dog crate night stand 12

You must provide your dog with a place to rest. This is a copy of dof crate night stand for real dog beaus. Placed aroud our bed - plays two roles, a night stand and a dog bed. Made of stylish dark manghony wood.

Pet gates crates more classic heritage wood crate cover in

Pet Gates, Crates & More Classic Heritage Wood Crate Cover In Cherry
Wooden night stand with four solid and stable legs. It also offers a rectangular top. Lower area includes crate walls between legs and doors, so this element of furniture can be used as a safe crate for dogs.

Dog crate night stand

This simple and very practical table with a crate for the dog is a great combination of stylish furniture and space for our pet. The wooden construction is durable and has robust gratings. Beautiful detail of the decor.

South Shore Tiara Collection Night Stand, Pure White

Aesthetic modern nightstand made of white laminated particleboard. It features a spacious bottom drawer with a long multi-tone chromed bar pull and cut-out sides. It has a rectangular top and a roomy storage space underneath.

Diy dog crate

A stark rustic style end table made of ordinary planks with a distressed brown finish. It has a rectangular top, straight angular corner poles and X-crossed stretchers on longer sides. The table can nest e.g. a dog crate.

Graco Day2Night Sleep System Bedroom Bassinet and Pack 'n Play Playard, Fifer

This Bedroom Bassinet and Playard in Black & White Finish features a micro-fleece fabric design with a beautiful dancing stars. Built-in changing table and sturdy steel frame make this set fully-functional.

Nightstand dog kennel

Looking for a smooth way to create a place for your dog in your bedroom? Check out this cleverly designed nightstand, featuring a dog inside. All finished in densely grained, natural wood, creating a warm ambiance.

End Table

End Table
Simple rectangular nightstand suitable for most decors. Its frame is made of particleboard with a white-creamy finish. It has arched sides with bottom cut-outs, a roomy drawer with a knob and lower shelf.

Espresso 1 Drawer Nightstand

Espresso 1 Drawer Nightstand
Elegant nightstand for kids or teens. Its rectangular frame is made of resistant solid pine wood with a dark-brown finish. It has slatted sides, a moulding top, a large drawer with a nickel-plated knob and a roomy lower shelf.

Universal Youth 1 Drawer Nightstand

Universal Youth 1 Drawer Nightstand
Nighstand featuring very original modern design and sturdy construction made of welded steel and metal mesh. Additionally, there is one drawer and bottom shelf, which provide extra storage space for smaller items or books.

3 Drawer Nightstand

3 Drawer Nightstand
This is a small, stylish nightstand with a three drawers to storage some little items. This nightstand is made of solid wood in dark brown color with distressed finish. Drawers have a metal, round handles.

Nightstand dog crate 1

Unique dog crate that is also a small table. Made of dark brown wood can function as a classy table but also as your pets' residence. It has also black grids that play along with the wood colour. Perfect solution for dog owners that love nice piece of furniture.

Merry products nightstand pet crate end table 4

Merry Products Nightstand Pet Crate End Table
A very interesting multi-functional element created for owners of dogs or cats. It is a nightstand that features a solid construction and a spacious top with lower shelf. The lowest part of this table includes a house for pets.

Merry products nightstand pet crate and litter box

Merry Products Nightstand Pet Crate And Litter Box
A multifunctional and original solution for bedroom use. This nightstand features a square top, small lower shelf and a pet crate in the lower part. It also includes a towel bar made of stainless steel. Its white finish looks good in any bedroom.

Crate nightstand

Small but elegant, this simple nightstand is effectively combined with a dog crate, so your pup could sleep cozy right next to your bed. It has an intricate design that uses sturdy wood planks, leaving enough gaps between them for proper ventilation.

Dog crate night stand 6

A crate for your dog and a handy nightstand for you. Made from an ecoFLEX recycled material, requires an Easy 10-minute, no tool assembly. It measures: 20.9"L x 15"W x 17.9"H, Exterior: 23.6"L x 18.1"W x 22"H.

Diy crate nightstand

girl and great dane.: making a dog crate (more) functional. Why have I never thought of this??

Dog crate nightstand diy

You trust your dog, but maybe you don't have to trust all people that come into your home and want to play with your puppy.For its own safe-you may be interested of a nightstand that is also a dog crate. Made of wood, with mahogany fiish and black metal bars.

Dog bed side table

The exclusive wooden endtable, which is fully adjusted to your dog's size. There is a dog bed hidden inside, so you doggy could have a rest in nice conditions and you don't have to see the traditional cot.

Dog kennel nightstand

A contemporary nightstand with an open front niche for a pet crate. It's screened with a white fabric curtain on a rod. The nightstand is of white-finished wooden materials. It has straight legs, upright slatted sides, a top with rails on 3 edges.

Crate bedside table

Go for this stunning dog crate that will not only keep your pet safe and secure from the guests or when you need to clean but also comes with the stunning patterns of the strong, metal structure.

Nightstand dog crate 1

Dog crate merged with elegant nightstand! Nice solution! The pet is happy at no cost to décor style! This practical and good-looking piece of furnishing comes in a medium mahogany finish, with convenient front door.

Nightstand dog crate 4

Costco - Hardwood Hideaways Dog Crates - Photo

Nightstand dog crate 2

DenHaus designer dog dens - the only dog crate that gives us both comfort & joy Dogs naturally like to "den-up," & their den is a safe haven for them and a place where they can achieve a little much-needed privacy from time to time.

Nightstand dog bed

If you want for your dog to have its own place right by your bed, you may want to check this nightstand dog crate. It has wood construction that includes sides with cutout holes for ventilation, 2 square doors with pull knobs that conceal the whole lair, and 1 well-polished top.

22 fabulous handmade dog crates 1

22 Fabulous Handmade Dog Crates

Cherry wood accent table

This pet crate is an ideal solution for dogs, cats and other animals. It provides comfort and durability. This is a well-ventilated product that also plays the role of an end table or a nightstand. It has got one large access point.

Idea dogs pet dog crates laundry rooms dog beds dog

idea dogs pet dog crates laundry rooms dog beds dog rooms dog kennels ...

Nightstand dog crate

Night Stand Small Dog House

Dog crate night stand 8

Dog Crate Night Stand

Nightstand dog crate 5

Bedside table/Dog Kennel

My clever nightstand dog crate

my clever nightstand/dog crate

Dog kennel nightstand

So Sweet! Can't you just see Chi Chi in it?!?! WHIMSICAL SHABBY CHIC vintage French style Dog bed / kennel / end table / occassional table / nightstand Two Whimsies painted furniture on Etsy, $300.00

A dog crate that doesnt interfere with your decor

A dog crate that doesn't interfere with your decor!

Ponyo only sleeps in his crate at the moment we

Ponyo only sleeps in his crate at the moment. We try to put him in the bed and he just runs all around. I love these crates by ZenHaus that are pretty and practical!