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What is your impression after visiting this site? You can think your decision over as it concerns not only you but also your pet. Just have a good look at all these offers and do your best to choose one of them. Do you think that you will do that?

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Original dog house in modern form. Construction is made of wood and glass. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Suitable for medium and large sized dogs.

Dog house with deck

Why not get your dog the most exquisite and amazing house you can find? This piece sports a stunning porch and offers ample design with plenty of space, while the piece itself is durable and elegant.

Nice dog houses

The large dog house with the hanging plants. Looks exactly like a smaller copy of human's home. This dog house is equipped with central heating to provide your doggy enough warmth in the colder days. There is also the comfortable lair inside.

Staircase dog house

Dog house for garden, patio and others outdoor places according to taste and need. Construction is made of wood and metal. Designed for large sized dogs.

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Charming dog house designed for large sized pets. Frame is made of wood and stone. Perfect solution for the garden. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

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A cool modern dog house for outdoor use. Its walls are build of horizontally arranged fir wood planks finished in browns. It has low legs, a floor, a shed roof covered with asphalt shingles, an arched entry. It's equipped with a heater and 2 bowls.

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Chicken coop for 8 chickens 1
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Nice dog houses
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Indoor dog bed house
Nice dog house plans large dogs
Designer dog beds for large dogs

A large and very functional dog house is a great way to set up a puppy corner near your home. Solid wood construction with a practical lockable grille makes the dog has a comfortable home with a place to rest.

Dog house under deck
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Arf Frame Dog House

Arf Frame Dog House
Beautiful outdoor kennel for the whole dog family. It's made of real wood with a brown multi-layer stain finish. A kennel has an arched opening and a removable floor. It features a slatted construction, a sloped roof, dark brown frames and low legs.

Nice dog houses
Dog house 11 amazing dog houses rich dogs should have
Indoor wooden dog house
Cubix modern dog house in beds furniture 1
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Room with a View Dog House

Room with a View Dog House
Charming indoor dog house but it is also suited for cats. Construction made of cedar wood with a brown multi-layer stain finish. A kennel has an arched opening and a removable floor and top. It has 3-step stairs and a balcony with X-slatted rails.

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The Barn Dog House

The Barn Dog House

Nice dog house
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Nice dog houses

This is a useful equipment created for the 4-leged friends of human. This dog house looks very pretty outdoors and it has got a solid construction thanks to the mahogany wood. It requires only a simple assembly.

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Dog house design this is awesome
Cute dog houses
Four bunk bed
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Chicken coop for 8 chickens

A large chicken coop enclosure that will allow your birds to roam without worrying about predator attacks. The frame is made of sturdy wood, and from each side covered with lattice wire panels. Accommodates comfortably up to 8 chickens.

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Diy dog mansion well it would be nice to have
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Buy cat tree

Cat tree in the shape of tree. Construction is made of wood and covered with thick carpet. Suitable for small and medium sized pets. Modern accent for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

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White colonial dog house 6 100
Nice dog houses
Known as the sparky 1 has a nice deck addition
Unique cat beds