Neon Wall Clocks

Neon wall clocks are a great idea for children's rooms. The designs feature colourful faces and the glowing effect after dark is really fun for the kids. Check my selection of neon wall clocks below and make your kids happy.


A wall clock created for people who love Porshe cars. It has got a round shape and a Porshe logo in its central area. The product has got arabic numbers that are large and easy to read from the distance.

Large neon wall clocks

It measures time for important events, or naps - the clock on the wall also has a decorative value. In this case, the neon wall clock emphasizes the modernity of the owners' thanks to the slightly shining neon light in blue. Connecting with chromed metal.

John Deere 15 Inch Double Neon Wall Clock - Genuine Parts Theme

This 15-inch diameter shiny neon clock is equipped with AC adapter, and requires 1 AA battery. The clock includes a round face with Arabic numerals, and two neon rings - a green outer ring and white inner ring.


This is a wall clock that has got a very interesting gasoline pump sign stylization. It also features a neon stylization. Its case is made of plastic and metal with a chrome finish. The size of this clock is 17 x 17 x 5.5 inches.


A very interesting, functional and decorative product. It is a wall neon clock that has got a round shape. It has got a Coca-Cola logo on its face. The product features red Arabic numbers that are easy to read.

12" Neon Wall Clock

12" Neon Wall Clock
This Round 12-Inch Neon Wall Clock in Silver Finish features a chrome frame with a round face. Also includes: Arabic numerals and a black second hand. Requires 1 AA battery. An excellent choice for pubs, bars and game rooms.

Trademark 14-Inch Double Ring Blue Outer White Inner Neon Clock

This 14-inch diameter shiny neon clock provides a quartz clock movement, and requires 2 AA batteries. The clock includes a round white face with Arabic numerals and red second hand, and a pull switch for adjusting neon light that blinks or stays on.

Neonetics Home Indoor Restaurant Kitchen Decorative Island Time Neon Wall Clock

Neon colors, attractive design, and functionality are the hallmarks of this fantastic wall clock. The circular dial of the watch in a metallic frame captivates the details and introduces a strikingly distinctive ambiance to the interior.

Red neon wall clock

This neon wall clock will help you distinguish your space. Coming from about 1940, it will help you create a unique retro or vintage appeal. Lovingly restored to beautiful condition, the switch for the neon works fine and the clock keeps perfect time.

Sterling and noble 11 neon wall clock neon blue 1

Sterling And Noble 11 Neon Wall Clock Neon Blue
The twenty-first century obliges - a modern clock sweeping the traditional shield, is illuminated with blue, cobalt neon. The neon round wall clock also has a glass lens and attracts the attention of lovers of futurism.

Coca Cola 15" Neon Wall Clock Lighted Distressed Sign Soda Pop Shop Coke Bottle Logo Vintage Retro Style Green

This kind of clock is a high quality, wall-mounted mechanism that has got an attractive neon light. The central area of its face features a Coca-Cola logo. It is a clock created for people who love retro style.

Vintage neon clocks

Being a nice example of the contemporary design, this round wall clock distinguishes itself with neons, creating a magical impression in the evening. Blue clockface features minimalistic design, with only four main hours distinguished.

Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield Diamond Plate Neon Clock

Wall clock featuring high quality metal housing with two metal tubes, embossed metal plate face and dial featuring Harley Davidson logo. Additionally, the clock has quartz mechanism and requires one AA battery for operation.

Coca Cola Keg Label 15" Neon Wall Clock Lighted Sign Yellow

This beautiful Coca Cola Keg wall clock provides an accurate quartz movement, and sweep technology. The clock includes a hand blown real glass neon ring, and a molded resin frame covered in a polished chrome finish. Arabic numerals, no second hand.

Fender Guitar & Amp 15" Neon Light Wall Clock Garage Band Music Studio Tin Metal Sign Red

This is a very interesting, attractive and original wall clock that has got a round shape and a neon light stylization. The product measures 17.4 x 17.4 x 5.5 inches and it has got a very reliable mechanism.

John deere logo neon wall clock

John Deere Logo Neon Wall Clock

Maple's 14-Inch Tire Wall Clock, Blue LED

This product is a wall clock created for poeple who love cars. It features a car wheel stylization. It has got a blue LED light and a red hand that shows seconds. The size of this clock is 14 inches in diameter and 3-1/2 inches deep.

Trademark Large Deluxe Coca Cola 14-Inch Diameter Neon Clock with Two Neon Rings

Vibrantly red wall clock with two neon rings (red and blue) and big Coca-Cola trademark. The case is made of sturdy abs plastic with acrylic details. Contemporary design definitely showcases a retro vibe.

John deere double neon wall clock 08016

John Deere Double Neon Wall Clock - 08016

Neon 18" Tin Wall Clock Drink Coca Cola Red

Trademark 14-Inch Double Ring Neon Clock Green Outer White Inner Neon Clock

Wall clock having 14 inch in diameter, AC adapter, quartz movement, high quality glass cover and green outer and white inner neon. It's modern design is a great addition to all interiors furnished in contemporary style.

Unique clock works fender stacked neon wall clock 98 95

Unique Clock Works - Fender Stacked, Neon Wall Clock, $98.95

Retro neon wall clocks

Hello Roberts Milk - why are you on my neon wall clock?A cult inscription from milk, from the 1960s in America - was immortalized on a round neon blue metal wall clock, so as to keep the retro style alive.

14" Double Ring Neon Wall Clock

14" Double Ring Neon Wall Clock
This medium size wall clock has a double ring frame, made of solid plastic in chrome, silver finish and features a two neon light rings all around edge. It has a white clock face with large, arabic, black numbers.

Neon wall signs 1

If you like neons, this original wall decor may appeal to you. It presents an attractive mouth licking an ice-cream, enlightened additionally by a star. A truly designer item, which will add unique style to any kind of decor.

Vintage nyal drugs store neon wall clock

Vintage NYAL Drugs Store Neon Wall Clock

Neon wall signs 1

Neon signs designed for mounting on the wall. Traditional form and modern design. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Super service chevrolet neon wall clock 325

Super Service Chevrolet neon wall clock $325

ncw-tm Name Personalized Custom Home Bar Beer Mugs Cheers Neon Sign LED Wall Clock

Cool, personalized LED wall clock that will look great in any bar, pub or restaurant. It is carved with the latest 3-Dimension, surface, and line engraving technologies. Features sturdy aluminium frame and bright, energy-saving LED light.

Neon wall signs 3

This pretty neon sign will be a fine addition to your interior, adding a bit of fun and a retro appeal to your game room or even to the bedroom thanks to the lips shape and the pink finish, making it stylish and glamorous.

Peace sign wall light brighly

Peace Sign Wall Light Brighly
Peace & love! When it comes to love, you must provide it on your own in your bedroom, but peace can already be invited with this neon green wall-mounted peace sign. A nice night lamp for those who advocate peace!

Neon light wall decor

A custom made neon sign which can say whatever you want to say mixed with a bubble gum, pink coach and pastel striped walls to give this cozy little living room a unique, delightful aura and a vibrant appearance.

Neon light clock

Vintage Pam Clock Industrial Neon Wall Clock

Home drink coca cola 17 green neon wall clock

Home Drink Coca Cola 17" Green Neon Wall Clock


Round wall clock in chrome housing, with bold red neon accentuating its GMC Trucks-themed face in red and black. Arabic numerals are white. This clock is a decent accesory for a man's cave or a garage.

Neon wall clocks

A fine addition to workshops, game rooms, and bachelor pads. The wall clock is characterized by a mid-century design with a "Watching Repairing" advertising sign. The dial is round and black, with white Arabic numbers and two matching hands.


Extra-stylish blue neon clock with bold Ford logo and Genuine Parts sign! The blue and white face has Ford trademark in its centre, and is enclosed in a thick chrome rim, and the hand blown blue neon ring makes this clock be truly hard to miss.

Corvette C6 Neon Clock

This clock is a must-have for every speed fan! It features chrome rim with a single ring of red neon powered by AC adapter and easily pluging into regular outlets. Clock runs off of 1 X AA battery (not included).


Retro neon clock. It features fluted chrome rim - so retro - and blue single neon ring, even more retro. In general, the whole has this unique vibe of a retro bar. Neon is powered by AC adapter, included in the set.

Harley-Davidson® Etched Bar & Shield Shaped Neon Clock

It is an amazing Harley Davidson neon clock that is perfect for your garage, game room and other. It has got black and orange colors and fantastic shape. Everyone will be impressed how great this clock is.

Texaco 15" Gasoline Neon Wall Clock

Texaco 15" Gasoline Neon Wall Clock
This contemporary styled wall clock in a round shape features a hand made, top quality neon lights around edge and gasoline print on a clock face. Its frame is made of sturdy plastic in silver and it has a solid, glass lens.

Baltimore ravens neon wall clock 79 99

Baltimore Ravens Neon Wall Clock $79.99

Creative Motion Neon American Rock Guitar Wall Clock

It is an amazing neon american rock guitar wall clock that is perfect for your retro kitchen, garage, living room, bedroom and other. Everyone will tell you how fantastic it looks on your wall.

Neonetics Home Indoor Restaurant Kitchen Decorative Mopar Red Vintage Neon Wall Clock

The neon wall clock is a great combination of unusual style and beautiful design on a metal base. Retro styling captivates the colors and elements on the clock face. Ideal solution for original interior design.

NCAA The Ohio State University Neon Clock, 14-Inch

Original wall clock featuring officially licensed Ohio State University logo, high grade glass cover, AC power adapter with 6 feet long cord, wall hanging mount and housing with high polished chrome finish.

Trademark Octagonal Wood Billiards Quartz Wall Clock

It is a billiards quartz wall clock that has got a wood construction and fantastic design. This wall clock is great as a gift and as a decoration of your game room, family room, living room and other.

Porsche wall clock

Green Translucent Neon Wall Clock

Fender neon clock

Michigan Wolverines Neon Wall Clock

For the man cave

This wall clock features a fire fighter stylization that looks very interesting. It has got a red neon ring located on the outer edge. It is made of metal and plastic. This clock measures 3 inches high x 14 inches in diameter.


High quality neon clock with eye-catching Truck Service logo. Features a chrome rim with a single ring of blue neon, that is powered by AC adapter (included) and easily plugs into regular outlets. For indoor use only.