Nautical Wall Art Decor

Awesome selection of nautical wall art decor for marine-themed interiors. Painted on distressed planks of wood, printed on canvas or assembled with shells, starfish and beached treasures. Really inspiring! Check the designs below.

Nautical wall art decor 1

A wooden figurine of a dolphin with white, blue, green, grey and black stripes. It's the best choice for all the dolphin lovers who want to make their room look special. Its dim colours will suit in almost every space.

Original ocean beach seascape painting

Original Ocean Beach Seascape Painting
This unique wall art depicts a beach scene on wood, creating a proposition for all, who love nautical motives or raw, natural art. It will be a great wall decor in all urban or boho interiors.

Wood starfish wall decor

These wall decor art is an original piece to hang in my living zone. The red, white, black and navy colors create the nautical decoration on the driftwood panels.

Wall tile school of fish sculptural

Wall Tile School Of Fish Sculptural
Some nautical decorations can be true pieces of art – and that’s exactly how it is in this case. This beautiful wall tile, depicting a school of fish, will be perfect for enhancing the design of your bathroom, or even a kitchen if you’d prefer it to be there!

Nautical wall art decor

Let everyone see that you're familiar with mermaids - this wall art decor stands in line with coastal or nautical decor, as it pictures a beautiful mermaid with flowing hair. The sculpture is all white, with slight glitter.

School of wood fish nautical nursery

School Of Wood Fish Nautical Nursery
Oh my god, this adornment is so simple, but it is still one of the most beautiful wall decorations I have ever seen! It is inspired of nautical style. This decoration is composed of five wooden fishes covered with different shades of blue and green.

Handmade pallet sign home is where the

Handmade Pallet Sign Home Is Where The
This handmade pallet sign is a proposition directed mostly to the nautical art fans. A great wall decor, bringing in a cool, rustic vibe to the interior. It can be hanged in your entryway or dining room.

Glitter nautical wall art nursery

Glitter Nautical Wall Art Nursery
You can successfully use this set of eye-catching wall art in your bathroom, kids' room, or nursery room. With its nautical theme displaying an anchor, a life ring, and a sailboat; it can also be a perfect gift for everyone, who loves oceanic adventures.

A flock of seagulls 6 snow white bird

A Flock Of Seagulls 6 Snow White Bird
This flock of 6 seagulls, all enchanting with snowy white silhouettes constitutes a beautiful wall decor for nautical themes fans. Placed on a navy blue canvas, it will add a fresh, nautical ambiance to the space.

Mermaid wall hangings

Seaglass fish wall art sculpture wall decor beach by castawayshall

Nautical wall decor

This coastal wall art has got the pink flamingo welcome sign, which is painted on the wooden slats. It's crafted with aged patina and recycled wood, so it's an eco-friendly product. Add it to your drawing room or entryway and enjoy a unique look.

Nautical octopiedunoctopied flip sign

Nautical Octopiedunoctopied Flip Sign
Nautical art decor makes the interior of the basin pleasant and very attractive. This beautiful wall art with octopus motif in blue shades captivates the details. The whole is joyful and very stylish.

Mermaid wood wall art

An exquisite decoration for contemporary and modern interiors, that will beautifully accentuate your bright walls. Designed of square wood frames in a white finish, this wall art decor drowns in nautical theme, displaying seashells, seaweed and starfish.

Ceramic starfish wall decor

A great nautical idea of famous Pottery Barn. Presented here nautical wall art has a very bright beige shade of shells found in the ocean. Enriched with a starfish pattern and resinous sand, it resembles a beach. Made of cast resin.

Shabby chic nautical beach cottage 4x6 rope boat cleat picture

Seahorse wooden wall art nautical beach

Seahorse Wooden Wall Art Nautical Beach
A stunning wooden art pieces with the seahorse theme and pattern. It will allow you for achieving a more refined and vintage look in your interior. It sports the white and bright blue finishes with the distressed appeal to them.

Beach decor shells on driftwood for

Beach Decor Shells On Driftwood For
Add some nautical accent piece into your apartment, and enjoy the Tropical island design. These beach decor shells are on the driftwood board and they add a color twist in any room.

Beach and starfish reclaimed wood 24 x

Beach And Starfish Reclaimed Wood 24 X
A gorgeous enhancement for your country home that drowns in nautical themes. This 24'' x 43'' wall art is crafted of reclaimed wood and covered in a two-tone, distressed, baby blue and light yellow finish, decorated with a pair of painted starfish.

Surfboard green wood wall art beach decor coastal decor nautical

Seaside wall decor

This set of nautical wall paintings will be a great proposition for the fans of this kind of design. Various aquarelle paintings, all orbiting around the sea and its wildlife.

Wieco Art - Sea White Full Moon in the Night 100% Hand-painted Oil Paintings Modern Canvas Wall Art Decor for Home Decoration Landscape Abstract Oil Painting on Canvas 5pcs/set I

When we run through life, we do not wonder how even our moon affects us. Its diversity, phases, and fullmoon - perhaps reminded of it thanks to this composition of nautical wall art in the black, with the full moon reflecting in the sea.

Stained glass mosaic sea turtle shape

Stained Glass Mosaic Sea Turtle Shape
Being a real bargain for the fans of nautical decor, this mosaic sea turtle is a stained glass masterpiece. A beautiful mosaic, which will distinguish any kind of space.

Set of 2 Wood Sandal Wall Hooks - New

In these flaps - you will not be able to walk comfortably, but will beautifully decorate the walls as nautical wall art decor. Decorations in the shape of wooden flip-flops in pastel blue and white-milk stripes, with shells between jute string.

15" Wooden Ship Wheel: Nautical Boat Decoration

Outdoor sun wall decor

A cool contemporary outdoor wall decor made of metal with a beautiful finish in bronze shades. It has the form of a ring with a big sun motif inside. The sun has large straight alternately with thin curved beams and geometric motifs in the middle.

Metro Sun Wall Décor

Metro Sun Wall Décor
A beautiful sun wall decor which will bring the heavenly charm of sunshine to your interiors. It is constructed from metal, which makes it sturdy and long lasting. It features an alluring brown finish.

Outdoor sun wall decor

Gorgeous setup for a rustic garden room or a covered patio with a mystical vibe to it. The garden room is fitted with an abundance of plant in planter bowls with old, yellow walls covered in vine, which provides a unique detail to the room.

Bathroom nautical decor

Octopus wall art sign beach house decor

Rising Summer Sun Wall Décor

Rising Summer Sun Wall Décor
A hand-painted sun wall decor with a magnificent design that is going to complement your interiors perfectly. It features a multi-tone finish. Made from high-quality resin that will provide a long-lasting and durable product.

Rustic sun wall decor 24

Rustic Sun Wall Decor 24
An extraordinary wall decoration in a rustic style. It's a metal sculpture that presents an image of the sun. The piece features a distressed and weathered finish, which gives it a cool, antique character.

Decorative garden wall art

Wall decoration in rustic style. Designed for outdoor use. Includes sun, tree and more. It is completely made of wood. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Sun face wall decor

If you like lemonade, beer or wine in colorful bottles - conserve them and use them later to create the incredible decorative outdoor sun wall decor of your veranda. Colorful bottles combined together form a long, unique and colorful fence.

Large mermaid wall art

Sun Face Wall Décor

Sun Face Wall Décor
Wall decor with a sun face theme. It is made of pure copper. It contains a hook for hanging on the wall. Suitable for indoor and outdoor places. Sophisticated and positive accent. It has top ratings from customers.

Nautical nursery art

Stained glass hangings

Stained glass used to create wall art? Yes, please! Look at this interesting, stimulating installation right here. Plenty of different colours and shapes will keep your brain stimulated and active, even in your garden!

Metal Wall Decor Patio Sun, Garden, Indoor, Outdoor

Metal wall decor with sun design will be great accent to underline your personality and finish the room decor. Because of material it is made, it's perfect to use outdoor as well as indoor decoration.

Coffee House Stack Wall Decor

Coffee House Stack Wall Decor
Cute wall decor, all in black, with three teacups waggling one on another. The ornament is cut of cold rolled steel, so it is lifetime sturdy. The color does not fade unless it is exposed to direct bright sun.

Patio wall decor ideas

A set of five decorative wall décor elements, made out of brass with a golden tint. The metal wall decorations come in a variety of shades and patterns, providing a sophisticated, ornate element in any living room.

Metal circle wall decor 1

If you are looking for some unique wall decorations, this composition of metal circles shall arouse your interest. A unique kind of decoration, which embodies the industrial spirit.

Metal circle wall decor 24

If most of your furnishing sports nailheads trim accent, why not apply the same decorating motif on your walls. This beige (looks like burlap!) wallpaper has a square pattern of round metal drawing pins all over it.

Metal circle wall decor 2

Wall decoration in contemporary style. It is made of metal and fitted with screw holes for easy mounting. Adds freshness and modernity to any interior.

Arching dolphins nautical wall art

Metal circle wall decor 7

A picture-postcard contemporary wall decor crafted of metal with a finish in vivid warm colours. It's composed of a personified waning moon and a 5-arm red star placed in a circle with length-varied gently curved 'sunbeams' fixed around it.

Whale tail in waves sign wall art beach house decor

Silvery White 3d Diy Round Circle Bubble Mirror Wall Stickers Home Decor for Kitchen

Be more creative with this amazing mirrors to stick easily on your wall in any room of the house. They bring a wonderful accent and will look perfect hung over the sofa or in the hallway, offering an original and unique feel to it.

Fruit of the spirit digital diy wall art

Fruit Of The Spirit Digital Diy Wall Art
This charming wall art graphic will ensure a fine boost of charm and originality for your interior, making you opt for real elegance and at the same time creating space that would make you want to be there, warm and welcoming.

This set of three frames is 5 7 8 x