Nautical Themed Quilts

The colour palette and marine motifs look so good in the interior. They introduce plenty of positive energy and make you think about holidays at the sea. And that's a relaxing idea even when you only think about it! Check the nautical themed quilts in the collection below.

Vanessa Weber Interior Design Expert
Nautical quilt

A lovely contemporary quilt for babies. It's of quality cotton and features colourful sail boats designs in square patchy frames as well as quite wide patchy edges in prevalent red and blue tones. A quilt is machine quilted and can be machine washed.

Nautical themed quilts

Make a grand impression with this adorable baby quilt set with nautical motif. It measures 33 inches by 41 inches. It's a lovely addition to the baby boy or baby girl room.

Nautical themed quilts 4

A great propositon for all fans of the nautical design. This charming unframed mixed media (cotton, acrylic paint and thread. The quilt was crafted for the art quilts around the world groups' "Monochromatic" themed channge,

Free nautical quilt patterns

This quilt top or bed covering keeps nautical style going. Patchwork design, lots of patterns, truly sea lifestyle redolent colors: navy, red, white and sand beige - make it beautiful, but a large sailboat motif is a centerpiece here.

Nautical baby quilt

Toddler quilt made from pleasant to the touch cotton. It is finished with interesting pattern with sea theme. Designed for boys. Machine washable. Received a lot of positive recommendations from clients.

Nautical themed quilts 5

This sublime baby quilt with whales and cuddly back will make sure that your child stays comfortable and can enjoy the warmth and cozy feel. It looks utterly charming with the blue and grey finish and the marine theme.

Baby nautical fabric

A charming nautical quilt made from a combination of different materials and attractive colors makes the interior of the bedroom gains some of an excellent climate. The whole will be in the child's room.

Nautical baby quilt patterns

Nautical themed bedding. A new take on patchwork comforters: the anchor motif on the quilt looks like pixels pattern, with multiple patches comprising it. Besides, the quilt set has an interesting texture.

Nautical themed quilt patterns

Charming bedding set decorated with starfish theme. It is made of pleasant to the touch cotton and finished with decorative quilting. Great addition to the bedroom, teen room and others interiors as needed.

Nautical patchwork quilt

A fantastic bedding set for children rooms. It will, instantly, transform the whole bed into a nautical adventure. Each piece is made of quality material with striking patchwork of anchors, sailboats and open seas.

Nautical themed quilts 12

Being a good option for all, who like nautical motifs, this themed quilt includes 26 CAPITAL letters and numbers 0-9. It comes in sizes for the 4x4, 5x7, 6x10 and 8x12 hoops. Electronically distributed.

Nautical themed quilts

If you like nautical themes, this quilt shall appeal to you as well. It represents a kind of patchwork style, combining together different objects and patterns, all orbiting around the coastal motifs.

Nautical themed quilts 17

The sea of noise, birds singing, a golden beach among trees.The longing for beautiful moments spent on the seacoast can be satisfied with nautically themed quilts of soft marine-style material, with embroidered motifs of a sailboat, wave, anchor or lighthouse.

Nautical quilts patterns

Nautical themed custom patchwork quilt with large sailboat motif in the centre. I couldn't miss the fact that the patches sport actually pretty unique patterns, such as crabs and similar. Handmade cotton quilt. Next Christmas gift?

New Haven Quilt Set

New Haven Quilt Set
The sea creatures come to life in this beautiful quilt set. Your little one will dive in this magical world of fish, corals and waves. Each piece from this set has been entirely made from cotton. The colorful pieces will look great in your kid's room.

Ocean themed bedding

A comfortable set of bedclothes with nice blue patterns. This quilt set features an attractive beach theme. All materials used to create these bedclothes are resistant to wear and they provide the best level of comfort.

Nautical themed quilts 2

Nautical themed patchwork quilt. Orange and blue sea boats float among anchors and sailor's ropes. Half square triangles mimick the ocean waves. This design relies on geometric figures for a fun effect.

Nautical theme quilts 2
Nautical themed quilts 3

Ahoy young sailors, with aspirations to sail around the whole world. In order not to forget about this dream, the room was arranged in a marine style, with anchors, striped nautical themed bedding quilts or decorative buoys.

Nautical themed quilts 14

For any fan of nautical charm and appeal this baby bedding set with anchors and lovely blue and white finish will do the trick and let you beautifully complete the nursery's look, adding a rustic aura to it.

Nautical themed quilts

For all those looking for the perfect modern bedding set for their little ones this piece sports the schools printed whales on its theme and offers the 200-thread count cotton percale as well as the reversible hand quilted crib quilt.

Nautical quilt pattern

This quilt is a piece of material with an attractive digital print. Its sailboat pattern includes many colors with different shades of blue. It is able to decorate different bedrooms. This piece of material is also wear-resistant.

Nautical themed quilts 11

A square is one of the most characteristic colorful overheads. The history of patchwork began in England, today it has taken the form of a nautical themed quilt, with sailboats, anchors and sea waves, in shades of red, beige and blue.

Nautical themed quilts 22

What should be included in the nautical themed quilt - it is visible at first sight in this warm copy of microfiber and cotton. Sailboats sail through its center when it takes on different patterns on the corners. Everything in shades of blue and red.

Nautical patchwork fabric

An adorable bed for children, crafted of sturdy wood and covered in a navy blue finish. The bed has a slatted headboard and matching footboard, along with a large, pull-out storage underneath the mattress.

Nautical themed quilts 1

Set of blue decorations inspired of naval style dedicated to little child's bedroom. Set is composed of table lamp, window curtain, little pictures, decorative wall border and beautiful bedding with unique blanket.

Nautical themed quilts 2

A mix of redrawn vintage feedsacks and new prints makes this quilt a very lovely choice for any decor. The whole quilt is drowned in nauthical themes, involving different kinds of colorful sailboats.

Nautical themed quilts 18
Nautical Stripe Bonus Quilt Set

Nautical Stripe Bonus Quilt Set
This nautical stripe bonus quilt set includes one quilt, one pillow sham and two decorative pillows. It is made of cotton and has got a beautiful pattern. You will be impressed how great this set is.

Nautical themed quilts
Nautical themed quilts 23
Nautical themed quilts

Now you can transform your bedroom into a nautical masterpiece, thanks to this gorgeous bedding set. Designed of quality material, the set is adorned with white anchors, comfortable, and machine-washable.

Ronnie Patchwork Prewashed Quilt Set

Ronnie Patchwork Prewashed Quilt Set

Nautical quilt patterns

With this Ahoy Matey! bedding set you will be able to decorate your nursery with nautical accents, improving decor with vivid colors. The set is cery comfortable and snuggly, designed of machine-washable material.

Nautical themed quilts
Nautical themed quilts 10
Nautical theme quilt by linda joslin alexander
Nautical themed quilts 8
Nautical bedding 1
Nautical themed quilts 16
Nautical themed quilts 13
Sealife Quilt Collection

Sealife Quilt Collection

Nautical themed quilts 15
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Nautical baby quilt
Nautical Theme Wood Clock

Nautical Theme Wood Clock

Nautical theme childrens quilt
Baby nautical themed quilt
66" x 86" Twin Quilt, Beach LIfe
Sail Away Nautical Beach Quilt