Musical Wall Clocks

Those who have been thinking about a purchase of a nice and functional wall clock, will feel themselves at home here. Check different musical wall clocks that are depicted at these photos, and decide if any of these would fit into your house well. Don’t rush and see all the designs and shapes.

Musical clock

Highly decorative musical clock playing nostalgic, classical and Christmas melodies. Enclosed in oval wooden frame, with tiny figurines of boys playing trumpers. Decoration elements include Swarovski crystals.

Ashton Sutton Musical Clef Wall Clock, Wooden and Glass

A wall clock that has got a musical clef stylization. This product has got a solid construction based on wood and glass. Its Arabic numbers are easy to read, so it plays a decorative and functional role.

Christmas carol tunes sound snowman snow holiday wall clock musical

- Christmas CAROL tunes sound SNOWMAN snow Holiday WALL Clock musical - Wall Clocks

Musical wall clocks

Have you been searching for a wall clock that just does not look like the typical wall clock? Well, you need to consider this one. It's a Seiko musical wall clock with 18 melodies, rotating pendulum and rotating center ornaments. And it has the Swarovski elements!

Musical wall clock 1

Musical Wall Clock

Rhythm Clocks Marvelous - Model #4MH842WD18

The design of this clock is so outstanding! The clock face starts to move on every full hour, and a melody is then played. The clock is crafted with highest quality in mind, and it looks just stunning with its tiny crystals detailing.

Seiko QXM470BRH Melody in Motion Clock

It is an elegant, classic and stylish wall clock that has got a melody design, round shelf and Arabic numerals. Everyone will tell you how beautiful it looks on your wall.

Joyful Land Clock in Brown Finish

Beautifully made wall clock in brown case, with decorative Swarovski crystals. It plays 3 different tracks of songs: Christmas, hymns and classical. It has volume control and automatic night-time shut off.

Maple's Traditional Plastic Wall Clock with Pendulum

It is a traditional wall clock that is made of plastic and has got a pendulum. It is perfect for your home and for commercial use. Everyone will tell you how perfect it looks on your wall.

Musical wall clocks 2

The colorful and very beautifully made dial of this musical wall clock is an excellent way to get a unique interior design. Beautiful details on the white dial of the watch charm. Ideal for living room, kitchen or children's room.

Snare drum wall clock

Snare Drum Wall Clock
Inventive and recycled wall clock. It is made of old, worn-out metal drum. Clock face has carved numbers. This clock is stylish and very original. It is dedicated for every music fan and it will be fit ideal to bedroom.

Seiko melodies in motion musical wall clock with 18 melodies

Seiko Melodies in Motion Musical Wall Clock with 18 Melodies ONLY TWO LEFT!

Music clock

A music fan would for sure not pass up this music themed wall clock, shaped as a treble clef. I think it's crafted using acrylic, black for the main theme and clear for the clock face with white spade hands.

Musical Christmas Carols Cute Kittens Novelty Office Desk or Wall Clock

Spice up your home with a true Christmas spirit, using this fabulous wall clock, decorated with lovely kittens in Christmas outfits. The clock is equipped with a black second hand, and plays one of 12 Christmas carols every hour.

Creative motion clef music wall clock 3

Creative Motion Clef Music Wall Clock
A very original and unique stylization of a wall-clock. This attractive clef-shaped clock includes a round, transparent face with gold hands and gold Arabic numerals that are easy to read. Its mechanism is reliable.

Music wall clocks 20

Hello melomaniacs - we have something for you. A music wall clock, in a black color with white clock hands. Well done, designed for people whose life is music. It includes all musical elements such as earphones, notes or microphone.

Seiko melodies in motion musical wall clock with 18 melodies

Seiko Melodies in Motion Musical Wall Clock with 18 Melodies | Citizen Watches For You And Her

Music wall clock 4

Rhythm Fiddler Musical Wall Clock Including Holiday Melodies - Wooden Case

Vintage music treble clef clock

Vintage Music Treble Clef Clock
Music is the best healer in the world - you can count your time and days on this inspirational music wall closk in the form of a clef that is decorated with a graphic of a musical score. The last element of the clef is a clock face with black clues.

Music wall clocks 13

Counting down time in your home will gain new musical significance thanks to this multi-functional music walll clock. Every hour on the hour, the face opens into three sections to reveal rotating bells,while playing one of 20 songs.Contains Swarovsky elements.

Clocks that open and play music

Colchester Wooden Glass Musical Wall Clock

Treble clef clock

Hear the rhythm of your life with a clock that is clearly inspired by music. Music wall clock offers you one of 30 melodies every hour on the hour from 3 different melody selections. What is even more special, this silver clock is made with Swarovski elements.

Siegen Musical Pendulum Wall Clock

Siegen Musical Pendulum Wall Clock
Beautiful and functional, this Musical Pendulum Wall Clock features a polished brass finish and a gold-toned rotating pendulum, giving the whole a truly sophisticated appearance. Also includes: Arabic numerals, rhinestone hour markers, glass crystal lens and quartz movement.

Seiko musical wall clock beatle 39 s melodies swarovski crystals

Seiko Musical Wall Clock Beatle's Melodies Swarovski Crystals

Peanuts 60th Anniversary Christmas Carol Clock

It is a beautiful dog house wall clock that has got a Christmas theme and green frame. This product is a fantastic gift for your friends and family. It adds beauty and style to any home.

Musical Instrument Wall Clock

Musical Instrument Wall Clock
A suitable piece not only for homes but also for bars, pubs, bachelor pads, restaurants, and music studios. This 'Musical Instrument' Wall Clock in Black Finish is characterized by durable and functional construction. Includes a round black face, a red second hand, and beautifully designed frame.

CafePress Music notes musician time Wall Clock - Standard Multi-color

This wall clock is all music. Designed simply in black and white, it can immediately be associated with music sheet. But what's best is that the numerals have been replaced with music notes! This design definitely gets to me!

Musical wall clock 4

piano keys of music Wall Clock

Musical Santa Wall Clock

Musical wall clock with a cheery print of jolly Santa. The frame is forest green to match your Christmas tree! The clock plays 12 traditional Christmas songs to make the holiday time even more festive!

River City Clocks Musical Multi-Colored Quartz Cuckoo Clock - 8 Inches Tall - Model # M8-08PQ

Colourful and supercute wall cuckoo clock with quartz movement mechanism. It merges traditional design with eye-catchy, cheery and playful accents. What's more, it plays melodies, different at each hour!

Vandor 64889 The Beatles Yellow Submarine Cordless Wood Wall Clock, 13.5-Inch, Multicolored

It is The Beatles Yellow Submarine wall clock that is perfect as a gift for every fan of this band. It has got a wood construction and multicolor finish. Everyone will be impressed how great it looks on your wall.

Mag-Nif Holiday Times 5-in-1 Musical Clock

Cute and colourful musical clock with five different frames - choose the one that suits your mood the best on a particular day, or even daytime! Each face is themed with different holiday motives (or you can choose a non-holiday option).

Marines Musical Wall Clock

It is a Marines musical wall clock that has got a durable polymer construction and great design. It is perfect for your office space and other rooms in your home. It is a very good choice.

Musical wall clocks with movement

Guitar Music Wall Clock

Novelty gift clock decoration musical wall clock fashion guitar my

Novelty gift clock decoration musical wall clock fashion guitar MY-2388

Music City Metals 14331 Stainless Steel Burner Replacement for Gas Grill Model Stok SGP4330SB

it is a recplacement for your gas grill model stok that has got a stainless steel construction. If you looking for a high quality and nicely finished product, you have to choose this one.

Music City Metals 12461 Stainless Steel Burner Replacement for Select American Outdoor Grill Gas Grill Models

This product is a high quality burner replacement that fits perfectly to your outdoor gas grill. It is made of stainless steel and is nicely finished. you need to have it.

Silver Guita Musical Notes Modern Fashional Mirror Clock Wall Decal Home Decor for Living Room Bedroom Art Wall Stickers

Musical Chalet Wall Clock

Musical Chalet Wall Clock
Complement your interiors decor with this traditional style musical wall clock. It has a scene design with dancing figures, all made of wood with paying attention to details. It must be wound weekly and can be shut-off for night.

Musical Cuckoo Wall Clock

Musical Cuckoo Wall Clock
This traditional styled cuckoo wall clock features a two small weight and need to be rewound every day. It play music at every half hour. This is a wooden clock, carefully carved, durable and resistant.

Music clocks

This kind of wall clock is a high quality product that features a durable construction and a round shape. It features music themes and works in a very effective way. It means that this clock is a decorative and functional product.

Navy Patriotic Musical Clcok

It is a patriotic NAVY musical wall clock that has got a durable polymer construction and great design. It is perfect for your office space and other rooms in your home. It is a very good choice.

Musical wall clocks 1

A classic wall clock that chimes and ticks - designed of sturdy hardwood covered in a walnut finish. The clock includes a working pendulum, a round white dial, Arabic numerals and black metal hands.

Musical Cuckoo Wall Clock

Musical Cuckoo Wall Clock
This is a traditional styled cuckoo wall clock with a wooden, decorative hand carved body, made with paying attention to all details. This clock needs to be rewound every week and features two small weights.

Clocks that play music

Rhythm Gallant Musical Wall Clock Including Holiday Melodies


It is a beautiful and sophisticated wall clock that has got an espresso finish and volume control. It is a fantastic addition to any room in your home. Everyone will tell you how amazing it looks on your wall.

Tune into the time with a music wall clock black

Tune into the time with a Music Wall Clock. Black and white wooden clock has a glass faceplate and metal hands. It adds a little zing to your living room, bedroom or basement decor. Quartz movement. Requires 1 "AA" battery. Ready to display with a

Creative motion clef music wall clock

A very original decoration and useful piece of equipment. This wall clock has got a music theme and analog display. Its contemporary style is attractive and it matches any decor. This clock requires one AA battery.

Seiko QXM283BLH Wall Clock

Wall clock featuring very accurate quartz movement, two sets of melodies on the hour and volume control. Additionally, it has classic design and appealing light brown finish. The clock includes battery.

Treble Clef - Musical or Music Theme - Wall Clock by WatchBuddy Timepieces (Black Frame)

It is a beautiful wall clock with music theme, black frame and classic design. This product fits perfectly to any style and décor in your bedroom, living room, kids room, family room and other.