Music Wall Clocks

Looking for a wall clock? Maybe it is worth to have a closer look at the designs, shapes, sizes and other features that have been included in this collection. If you need to browse through all these offers, feel free to do this. Then you can tell us which one of these is best for your house.

Snare drum wall clock

Snare Drum Wall Clock
Inventive and recycled wall clock. It is made of old, worn-out metal drum. Clock face has carved numbers. This clock is stylish and very original. It is dedicated for every music fan and it will be fit ideal to bedroom.

Music wall clocks 34

Music clock

A music fan would for sure not pass up this music themed wall clock, shaped as a treble clef. I think it's crafted using acrylic, black for the main theme and clear for the clock face with white spade hands.

Creative motion clef music wall clock 3

Creative Motion Clef Music Wall Clock
A very original and unique stylization of a wall-clock. This attractive clef-shaped clock includes a round, transparent face with gold hands and gold Arabic numerals that are easy to read. Its mechanism is reliable.

Music wall clocks 20

Hello melomaniacs - we have something for you. A music wall clock, in a black color with white clock hands. Well done, designed for people whose life is music. It includes all musical elements such as earphones, notes or microphone.

Music wall clocks 6

Music wall clocks 1

Vintage music treble clef clock

Vintage Music Treble Clef Clock
Music is the best healer in the world - you can count your time and days on this inspirational music wall closk in the form of a clef that is decorated with a graphic of a musical score. The last element of the clef is a clock face with black clues.

Musical clef wall clock

Music wall clocks 2

Music wall clocks 12

Music wall clocks 24

Cuckoo Clock With Lights, Sound, Motion: Freedom Choppers Motorcycle Garage - By The Bradford Exchange

Cool turntable wall clock a tribute to past music 1

Music wall clocks 13

Counting down time in your home will gain new musical significance thanks to this multi-functional music walll clock. Every hour on the hour, the face opens into three sections to reveal rotating bells,while playing one of 20 songs.Contains Swarovsky elements.

Music wall clocks 29

Music wall clocks 9

Music wall clocks 7

Music wall clocks

Music wall clocks 32

Drum clocks for wall

Snare drum clock

Treble clef clock

Hear the rhythm of your life with a clock that is clearly inspired by music. Music wall clock offers you one of 30 melodies every hour on the hour from 3 different melody selections. What is even more special, this silver clock is made with Swarovski elements.

Music wall clocks 3

Music wall clocks 5

Music wall clocks 10

Siegen Musical Pendulum Wall Clock

Siegen Musical Pendulum Wall Clock
Beautiful and functional, this Musical Pendulum Wall Clock features a polished brass finish and a gold-toned rotating pendulum, giving the whole a truly sophisticated appearance. Also includes: Arabic numerals, rhinestone hour markers, glass crystal lens and quartz movement.

Musical Instrument Wall Clock

Musical Instrument Wall Clock
A suitable piece not only for homes but also for bars, pubs, bachelor pads, restaurants, and music studios. This 'Musical Instrument' Wall Clock in Black Finish is characterized by durable and functional construction. Includes a round black face, a red second hand, and beautifully designed frame.

CafePress Music notes musician time Wall Clock - Standard Multi-color

This wall clock is all music. Designed simply in black and white, it can immediately be associated with music sheet. But what's best is that the numerals have been replaced with music notes! This design definitely gets to me!

Musical Cuckoo Wall Clock

Musical Cuckoo Wall Clock

Music wall clocks 35

Decorative music notes wall clock

Music wall clocks 36

Home easton musical wall clock

River City Clocks Musical Multi-Colored Quartz Cuckoo Clock - 8 Inches Tall - Model # M8-08PQ

Colourful and supercute wall cuckoo clock with quartz movement mechanism. It merges traditional design with eye-catchy, cheery and playful accents. What's more, it plays melodies, different at each hour!

Wall clock a handmade and elegantly designed piano wall clock

Music wall clocks 37

Creative Motion Clef Music Clock

Any guitar player or music enthusiast would love a time

Music wall clocks 18

Music wall clocks 38

Cd clock this isnt diy but ill bet i could

Look at this electric guitar wall clock on zulily today

Melodies in motion angels musical wall clock 450 00

Music wall clocks 39

Music wall clocks

Rhythm musical wall clock grand encore legend a rhythm classic

Home kitchen home decor clocks wall clocks 375

Rhythm musical wall clocks gtm2232

Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock

Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock
Add style, beauty and elegance to your home with this beautiful sculptural wall clock. Everyone will tell you how amazing it looks on your wall. It is a very good choice. You need to have it.