Mushroom Lamp Shade

What do you think about such shades? In case you have ever wanted to buy a mushroom lamp shade, now is a great chance to do it. The collection presented below, shows a wide range of possibilities, all of which are functional and have their own unique charm. Can you already see the best one for your house?

Mushroom lamp shade 5

Mushroom lamp shade

The table lamp with amber glass shade in Alice in Wonderland style. This lamp is made of stainless steel that is forms the base and also of stained glass and resin that makes the mushroom head. It looks very realistic and the design is pretty interesting.

Midcentury chrome mushroom table lamp

Midcentury Chrome Mushroom Table Lamp
This lampshade presents how vintage and modern influences can be wonderfully combined in one object. Its 70's design is juxtaposed to shining, metal, chrome, white paint. Its total height is approx. 16 1/2 inches tall and 11 inches wide.

Mushroom lamp shade 3

Mushroom lamp shade 2

Mushroom table lamp

A classy lamp shade in the shape of a mushroom that you can attach to a table or floor lamp. It is a high quality object made of blown satin opal glass. It gives warm and bright light that will create cozy atmosphere in a room.

Mushroom lamp shade 4

Unique table lamp in the shape of mushroom. Natural accent for each place.

Red mushroom lamp shade paper lantern 16 fun bedroom light

Red Mushroom Lamp Shade Paper Lantern 16 Fun Bedroom Light 100w Rated
Toadstools maybe are poisonous and not worth eating - but it is worth having them as a lamp in your home. This Mushroom lampshade would be great for your kid's room. Light lampshade, non-threatening ceiling, can be suspended on it.

Tiffany mushroom lamp

Mushroom Table Lamp with Amber Glass Shade-1425

Mushroom lamp shade

A wonderful lamp inspired by nature! It's a simple, but impressive DIY idea. You just need a plaster of paris and muslin for a base and a lampshade that looks like a big mushroom. It will be a unique decoration of your bedroom.

Mushroom lamp shade 1

A charming antique French style table lamp looking like a fabulous mushroom. It's crafted of quality glass in creamy shades with painted beautiful floral patterns in prevalent greens, reds, browns and oranges. It has an on-cord switch.

Mushroom lamp shade 10

Mushroom lamp shade 4

Glass mushroom lamp

Unconventional form of mushroom - decides the style of this modern lamp shade, adapted for use in the interiors of houses. Contains additional lining for durability. And it catches ones eye because of its shiny chrome base.

Mushroom lamp shade 12

Mushroom lamp shade 15

Mushroom lamp shade 3

A simple floor lamp in an elegant design. It features an extra-slim post made of stainless steel, which acts as a base and a shade constructed of matte glass. The lamp will give bright and warm light so it's a top choice for a reading space.

Mushroom light shade

Wonderful, paper lamps will bring the fairy atmosphere in your child's room. Funny shapes of mushroom will make your kid feel like charracter from his favorite fairy tale. The shade can be also used in kindergartens.

Mushroom paper lantern

Ingenious and artful laurel lamp with mushroom shade. Silver, metalic holder with white, round and soft shade. Best choice for artistic, creative spaces. Looks also amazing outdoor, decorating wooden table for evening garden party.

Flossie table lamp white mushroom alabaster shade

ORE International 6276 18-Inch Touch Table Lamp, Brushed Nickel with Glass Mushroom Lamp Shade

Tiffany studios dragonfly table lamp

Tiffany Studios Dragonfly Table Lamp
A leaded glass and bronze table lamp comprising a dragonfly shade on an inverted mushroom base. The lamp has an original reticulated bronze heat cap and its shade consists of lotsof shades of blue, green and yellow.

Mushroom lamp shade 14

Mid century mushroom lamp

This lovely mushroom lamp shade will add colorfulness and liveliness. Embodying what's best in simple, Scandinavian design, they enchant with elegant minimalism. A good option to enliven your living room and children's room.

Mushroom Glass Light Shade - White

Mushroom lamp shade 6

Mushroom lamp shade 11

Mushroom lamp shade 7

Mushroom lamp shade 17

Mushroom lamp shade 13

18" Bell Lamp Shade

18" Bell Lamp Shade
Alluring traditional bell shade having a frame of metal wires. It is manufactured of fabric in 2 brown tones with a beautiful floral pattern in gold. It has sloped walls and reinforced edges. It's screw-on attachable.

Vintage mushroom lamp

A great, retro table lamp inspired by the 80's. It features a shade in the shape of a mushroom and a vibrant, transparent, purple color. The base is made of durable, white plastic. It will be a nice, vintage accent of the room.

Mushroom lamp shade 29

Mushroom lamp shade

Crochet light on a whole other level wonderful crazy designer

Mushroom lamp shade 26

1257 turkish cut glass lamp with mushroom shade

21" Mushroom Pleat Empire Lamp Shade

21" Mushroom Pleat Empire Lamp Shade
This is made in the traditional style of the lamp shade is a beautiful decorative accent for your home. Beautiful colors and interesting shape makes it perfect as a decorative element in the living room or the bedroom.

Jasper morrison porcini table floor lamp lx made in japan

Magical mushrooms lamp shade

18" Mushroom Pleat Empire Lamp Shade

18" Mushroom Pleat Empire Lamp Shade
Empire lampshade in traditional form. Metal frame is covered with fabric and gives warm tone of light. Suitable for table lamps and floor lamps. Received a lot of positive recommendations from clients for aesthetic appearance and high quality.

Home 7 3 4 white faux alabaster mushroom glass shade

Czech glass mushroom art deco lamp shade splatter glass

Laurel lamp shade mushroom glass mid century danish modern atomic

Lamp shade mushroom photograph

13" Mushroom Pleat Empire Lamp Shade

13" Mushroom Pleat Empire Lamp Shade

Spider shade on mushroom base century studios 15 tiffany studios

Slipcover sectional sofas

Majestic z tension pole lamp room divider mid century danish