Multi Purpose Game Table

A multi purpose game room has a lot of faces. Look for one that best suits your needs in the gallery below - everything you need to host a splendid game night is here. Modern game tables are a winning combination of form and function, so not only do they guarantee heaps of fun, but they can also be the highlight of your home décor.

Multi purpose game table 1

More than a table for meal serving and more than a game table - actually, it's 2 in 1. Surprisingly, the 'basic' table version is pretty elegant - a smooth & sleek wooden top just slides away to reveal the purple baize of the pools table.

Multi purpose game table 3

Multi-functional dining table that offers a rectangular removable top. This top hides a pool table area. It means that this element of home design features practical and entertainment functions. Durable wooden frame is finished in neutral white color.

Multi purpose game tables

Clever approach to a multi-purpose piece of furniture, combining the utilities of a game table for a playroom, a comfy couch with a little storage on the sides, a home playground and a set of four single beds.

Multi use pool table

Multipurpose game table

Multi purpose game table

A multi purpose swivel game table, which will provide long-lasting entertainment for your family and friends. It's reversible sides mechanism allows to use the table both as a normal coffee one or as playing table.

Multi purpose game table 6

Very cool puzzle game table that can also be used as a coffee table. This wooden construction is durable and very attractive in any design. Solid frame provides strength and long service life. Loose puzzle elements can be used as small tables or stools.

Lego activity table with storage drawer

Game table designed for kid's. Base is made of wood. Top has large usable surface. Great addition for any kid's room according to taste and need. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Multi purpose game table 9

Multi purpose game table 11

Multi purpose tables sara stankovic

Multi purpose game table

Multi-Purpose Play Table

Multi-Purpose Play Table
Pretty modern play table for 4 kids. It's made of wood and plywood with a light brown finish. Sides have arched bottom cutouts and rectangular ones up. It has a rectangular top with raised edges and 3 open cubbies under.

Is for the multi purpose cherry game table set table

Multi purpose game table 7

Multi purpose game table

Multi purpose game table 8

Multifunctional game table with a solid top that features a nice soccer theme. The whole table looks like a goal gate. Its attractive, solid frame is finished in red and white colors. This table is a very original and unique element of home design.

Multi purpose game table 1

Multi purpose game table 2

Multi purpose pool table

Multi purpose game table 4

Multi purpose game table 5

Multi purpose game table

Multi game tables 5

Game table for residential and commercial premises. Construction is made of wood. It can be used as dining table or billiards table. Simple form and contemporary design.

Multi-purpose Listening Table

Multi-purpose Listening Table
Aesthetic functional activity table for 4 preschoolers. Its square both top with a wire management system and lower shelf with phone racks are made of wooden materials with a natural finish. Thin black and silvery legs feature adjustable height.

Chh 4 in 1 foldable game table set

Chh 4 In 1 Foldable Game Table Set
This design both looks gorgeous and comes in handy during parties – four in one, foldable game table set which acts both as a stylish coffee table in a contemporary style and as a board to play your favourite board games.

Multi purpose game table 10

Multi purpose game table 12

Authentic models rectangular multi game table

Authentic Models Rectangular Multi Game Table
Multi game table made of wood with antique finish. It is fitted with open shelf on the base. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Received many very good recommendations from clients.

Multi purpose game table 13

All game tables

All Game Tables
This multi game coffee table constitutes a solid and functional addition to your living room decor. Providing style and entertainment, it features a board to play chess or checkers and a functional bottom shelf.

Chess tables 15

Chess Tables
The game table with the built-in chessboard. It could be use to many types of games, but having it on the countertop allows you to avoid problems with the moving board. When you don't use it, you can hide it easily under the tablecloth.

Wood Three-Dimensional Poker Pub Sign with Coat Hooks

Sign to hang on the wall with the theme poker game. Made of MDF and poliresin. Nice decoration to the pub, games room. Creative gift for a fan of card games.

Metal Fish Wall Decor A Rectangular Wall Plaque by Benzara

Pleasing to the eye original horizontal wall décor. It consists of 13 smaller and bigger fish. They are made of thin colourful metal plates with modelled surface. This gadget is especially suited for bathrooms and it will enliven each wall.

HUMP! Game Of Erotic Education & Sexual Satisfaction #BG.R36

Interesting and exciting educational game for adults. It consists of an illustrated gameboard, 2 game markers, a dice and 2 sets of 52 cards each with questions or tips. Pink cards are intended for a woman, blue ones for a man.

Handmade Decorative Ceramic Solitaire Game - Beige Colour, ON SALE NOW Save $22

Simple design but interesting parlour game. It has an original hand made ceramic gameboard and pawns. A beige gameboard is quite thick and round and it has a gray circular border. There are 33 black spherical pawns.

Multi purpose game table 19

Multi purpose game table 20

Handmade Decorative Solitaire Ceramic Solitaire Game - Black Colour

Decorative though simple design parlour game. It consists of an original hand made ceramic gameboard and pawns. A round black gameboard is quite thick and it has a grey-bluish circular border. There are 33 white spherical pawns.

Ping pong cover

Ping Pong Cover
This product is ideal for table tennis fans. It is a ping pong cover for a pool table made of poplar wood that allows for playing and protects the table. This type of cover is 108" long x 60" wide x 8" high.

Multi purpose game table 23

Hillsdale furniture park view multi game table

Hillsdale Furniture Park View Multi Game Table
A very solid, attractive and original piece of furniture created for gamblers. It has got a round top and a solid, supportive pedestal base. The whole product is made of wood with a medium brown oak finish.

Multi purpose game table 24

Multi purpose game table 25

Multi purpose game table 26

Multi purpose game table 27

Multi purpose game table 28

Multi purpose game table 29

Multi purpose game table 30

Multi purpose game table 31