Mosaic Bistro Table Set

Give your patio a splash of colour and art with a mosaic bistro table set. Decorative and functional, a set like this will change your patio into a relaxing nook with a hint of colourful style. See the sets below.

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Mosaic bistro table set 1

This beautiful bistro-style furniture set is a perfect combination of solid steel construction and a charming mosaic decor of the table top and seat and backrest of the chairs. The whole is presented exquisitely beautifully.

Vulcano Mosaic Bistro Set

Vulcano Mosaic Bistro Set
Elegant bistro set consisting of 2 chairs and a round table. Base is made of iron. Table top is covered with stone mosaic. Perfect solution for commercial premises.

Mosaic bistro table set 2

Wrought iron outdoor pieces of furnishing are usually characterized by solid color, but this handcrafted table draws eyes with popping mosaic top composed of ceramic tiles in juicy red. It's water-repellent and rust-resistant.

Mosaic dining room table

This mosaic bistro table set constitutes will be a beautiful, refined accent in any interior, both private or a restaurant one. The detailedly crafted ceramic enchants with its multiple, tiny, shining squares.

Outdoor mosaic table and chairs

This outdoor bistro-inspired set creates a charming spot to sit for a coffee or drink with someone. It comprises a small round table along with 2 chairs. The whole set is based on wrought iron.

Mosaic bistro table

Everyone that has come into my apartment has commented on this mosaic bistro table set. It's excellent for everyday meals at fresh air. This table has round top and iron construction.

World market mosaic table

Bistro sets are usually pretty straightforward, but this here is actually quite interesting. The green colour and interesting pattern make it a great addition to any bistro that wants to stand out from the crowd.

Mosaic cafe table

If you are looking for some mosaic counter for a bistro dining table, you couldn't find any better. This set of various propositions shall enchant you with the multiplicity of artistic counters.

Mosaic top bistro table

This beautiful mosaic-patterned table set and bistro style chair is a perfect combination of stylish design and functionality. The whole is extremely impressive, and interesting themes of Star are captivating.

Mosaic bistro table set

A mosaic with sunflowers in a form of stained glass. The background of the mosaic is made of different shapes filled with blue colour. On the top of it there are seven beautiful sunflowers. You can use it as an ornament in your kitchen for example.

Pier one bistro set

A splendid choice for having a quality tea time in your blooming garden. This outoor set is consisted of 1 round table with turquoise mosaic top and 2 stylishly curved chairs. All pieces are made of tubular steel with a powder-coated finish.

Tiled bistro set

As for the Provencal style in the garden or patio, it is most often characterized by a set of subtle furniture made of strong iron. In this case, mosaic bistro table set in black comes with a marble round table top in black and white geometric patterns.

Mosaic outdoor coffee table

Mosaic decorative details make this bistro table set to take on a unique holiday and stylish dimension. Solid steel furniture design makes the chairs and tables are robust and beautiful in any garden or patio decor.

Mosaic garden bistro sets

Everyone in the garden admires the mosaics. Here is a round traditional mosaic bistro table top set, with beautiful decorations of glass in delicate shades of the earth - beige and brown. Compact shape, it will work as a table for snacks or afternoon tea.

Garden furniture mosaic table set

With this mosaic bistro set your patio will get that irreplaceble and truly charming appeal of rustic decor, especially since the table comes with the intricate pattern packed with colors on the top.

Mosaic patio set

Being a great set for a garden or patio surface, this mosaic bistro table with two chairs will create a romantic corner for two. Detailedly crafted mosaic patterns stand on solid, iron framing.

Bistro set for the patio
Garden oasis wrought iron bistro set with mosaic tile table
Mosaic bistro sets

We can meet the mosaic in many forms - eg in the form of a mosaic round bistro table top from small decorative glass colored squares with pearly color, dark hoop bigger and smaller in shades of brown, and floral glass mosaic ornaments.

Mosaic bistro table set

If you want to recreate the charming bistro atmosphere in your patio or veranda, this mosaic table set will incorporate a bit of the magical climate of narrow Italian or French lanes, filled with cafes and bistros.

Mosaic bistro tables

The Mediterranean project is full of blue sea and blue sky. In the form of a mosaic bistro table set with an iron base. Hand cut glass mosaics have a whole palette of blue colors. This motif is also visible on the mosaic panel based on the chairs from the set.

Mosaic patio table and chairs

This mosaic bistro table set will incorporate a bit of the Mediterranean style from the Italian cafes to your house. A stylish set, which will fit into contemporary gardens or patios.

Tile bistro table

With this mosaic bistro table set your outdoor decor is going to be as chic as never before. The Coral Coast Terra Cotta round top is an excellent addition to the garden, porch and yard.

Mosaic bistro

Being an ideal example of the typical bistro table, this small round iron item enchants with its mosaic counter. Finished in stylish blue, it will bring in a smooth, Mediterrenean climate into your patio or garden.

Green bistro table and chairs

With such an impressively-looking bistro table set, your swimming pool area will be drowning in elegance. The set consists of 1 low-profile, round table with a beautiful mosaic, and 2 garden chairs with green upholstered seats and X-shaped back. The frames are made of metal and feature nice curvature.

Diamond Mosaic 3 Piece Bistro Set

Diamond Mosaic 3 Piece Bistro Set
Very captivating, this 3-Piece Bistro Set consists of 1 round table and 2 foldable chairs. Each piece features a cast iron frame, gorgeous metalwork, and diamond-patterned, arabesque mosaic motif design.

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Tile top bistro table
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Pier one mosaic table
Mosaic coffee table outdoor
Mosaic table set

A great idea for enhancing outdoor areas such as patios, decks, and gardens. With this stylish dining table, you are getting a tubular metal frame for durable usage, and a round top with a gorgeous mosaic, created of tiny blue, aqua, navy and white tiles.

Mosaic bistro table and 2 chair set outdoor garden patio
Cool mosaic bistro set
Hearst 3 Piece Bistro Bar Table Set

Hearst 3 Piece Bistro Bar Table Set
This elegant 3-Piece Bistro Bar Table Set consists of 1 round bistro table, and 2 swivel chairs with scroll backs, squared footrests, curvy legs and leg levelers. Each piece is made of aluminum with no powder coating.

Bistro table mosaic top

I've got the idea, how to furnish my porch. I like the French bistro design, so I purchased this Mosaic tiled bistro table with indigo color and round top. It look great with my simple wooden bistro chairs.

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