Moroccan Table Lamp

Do you like such table lamps and such style? Those that are depicted at the photos below, will satisfy plenty of viewers who will come here. Now you have a unique chance to discover a very wide range of Moroccan table lamps so make sure to consider all of these options.

Moroccan table lamp 12

Table lamp with attractive Moroccan stylization. This elegant and refined lamp features a nice pattern that casts attractive shadows through its openings. This decorative lamp is a durable and long lasting element.

Moroccan table lanterns

Moroccan pattern - evokes exotic corners of the world. The shape of this maroccan table lamp resembles a pear, and is made of high quality brass and carved with great craftsmanship, in traditional Moroccan designs.

Moroccan table lamp 15

If you dream about unique lamp in oriental style, which give you beautiful light. This original morrocan table lamp is made of wood and there are a lot of little holes, which are composed in beautiful pattern.

Moroccan style table lamp

Moroccan table lamp

Moroccan table lamp 1

Moroccan table lamp 22

I just can't tear my eyes from this fabulous mosaic lamp. This original Moroccan lighting showcases a stunning shade composed of colorful stained glass, incorporated into a bronze base with pierced detailing. What an amazing table centerpiece...

Moroccan table lamp 13

Moroccan table lamp 34

A set of magnificent lanterns in a Moroccan style. They can be either placed on the table or hung at the ceiling. They are made of black metal with a skillfully hand-etched pattern. It will give your room an exotic touch.


Moroccan table lamp 1

Moroccan table lamp 2

Moroccan table lamp

Moroccan table lamp 19

Moroccan table lamp 42

Moroccan table lamp 45

Moroccan table lamp 23

Moroccan table decorations

Moroccan table lamp 14

Moroccan table lamp 43

Moroccan table lamp 38

Morrocan lamps

Moroccan table lamp 27

The world is full of diverse cultures - which are also reflected in home accessories. We present exotic Moroccan table lamp- with built-in bulbs inside. Hand-made in Egypt, in brass - with intricate carvings.

Moroccan table lamp 29

Morrocan table lamp

Moroccan henna floor lamp

This sublime piece was made of sheep or goat skin that is stretched around the original shape of the lamp. It's wrought iron frame and the colorful, warm sun finish make it into the true must-have in any home.

Divine lamps 1

Moroccan table lamps

Moroccan henna lamps 16

Floor lamp in Moroccan style. Frame is made of metal. It is covered with fabric and decorated with interesting pattern. Ideal as additional source of light in any interior. It is very well appreciated by the customers.

Moroccan henna lamps

Charming traditional Moroccan lamps which can either stand or hang. They feature curved triangularish frames, like flames in the wind, of iron adorned with scrolls and enclosed with goat skin tattooed with colourful henna paste in Moroccan designs.

Moroccan table lamp 28

Moroccan henna lamps 7

Incorporate a bit of oriental style with this Moroccan henna lamp for an upper entryway. Its original, intricate shape catches the attention from the very first steps in your house.

Moroccan table lamp 18

Moroccan henna lamp 5

A stunning and truly, immensely beautiful lamp shade that will work for your ceiling fixture, while its yellow tone of the glass finish and the delicate, charming patterns of the design make it into one of the most beautiful options for your elegant decor.

Moroccan table lamp 33

Moroccan henna lamps 11

Aw, this is so romantic! A trait of little moroccan henna lamps to mark the stairs. Intricate pierced design is the finest example of filigree ornamental metalwork. I'd see these lanterns also in a bathroom and bedroom, of course.

Moroccan table lamp 48

Henna Paisley 28" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Henna Paisley 28" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
Wonderful modern lamp having a charming fixture in a form of a tapered cylinder with metallic edges. It's hand-crafted (so each lamp is unique!) in silvery foil paper with a printed in grey floral design. A round shade is made of black poly-cotton.

Moroccan table lamp 16

Moroccan table lamp 35

Midnight Clear Table Lantern

Midnight Clear Table Lantern
Highly decorative piece for home décor, this Antique Table Lantern in Black Finish is characterized by durable iron and glass construction. Inspired by traditional moroccan metalwork, the lamp is simply stunning, and accommodates 1 candle.

Moroccan table lamp 20

Moroccan table lamp love moroccan influence

Need 2

A table lamp with deep azure hue that will make a beautiful statement piece in your household, while the curved fabric shade easily adds drama to the silhouette. It will prove to become both extremely functional and stylish.

Moroccan table lamp 12

Silver moroccan flame table lamp

Marlena Table Lamp

Marlena Table Lamp
It is a table lamp that has got a beige finish and classic and romantic look. It is perfect for bedroom or living room area. If you looking for adorable lamp you need to buy this one.

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