Moroccan Star Lamp

I love all things Maroccan. The culture mesmerizes with bright colours, decorative forms and designs which brim with unique character. The Maroccan star lamp is a perfect example! Check out the designs I've collected below and get some inspiration.

Moroccan star lamp 24

Moroccan star lamps have the power to create magically an indoor ambiance that oozes soft, intimate and welcoming atmosphere. Pierced layout, geometric 3-dimensional shape with numerous star points and warm coloring constitute the hallmarks of a moroccan star lamp.

Moroccan star lamp 14

Moroccan star lamp 10

Moroccan star lamp 21

Moroccan punched metal pendant light

Huge 30 mexican punched tin hanging moravian star pendant light

Huge 30 Mexican Punched Tin Hanging Moravian Star Pendant Light Lamp
A novelty take on Moroccan lamps: geometric Moravian Star pendant lights constructed using punched tin, with densely pierced layout - to behanged wherever. Christmas interior lighting idea? Not only, I guess!

Art Glass 536 Sun, Moon and Stars Accent Lamp

Art Glass 536 Sun, Moon and Stars Accent Lamp
This device is a functional and decorative lamp that has got a nice sun, moon and stars stylization. It assures light at night and it decorates indoors at day. The whole lamp is made of very durable materials.

Moroccan star lamp 8

Functional and decorative lighting idea in the house. This Moroccan styled lamp looks like a large star. This dark glass construction provides illumination and decorates rooms. It is suitable for ceiling mounting.

Moroccan star lamp 28

Glass star lamp shade

Moravian 24 clear bubble glass star light lamp canopy chain

Moravian 24 Clear Bubble Glass Star Light Lamp Canopy Chain Wiring
Beautiful reference to the European tradition of the nineteenth century and the Moravian star. Here is the shape of this exclusive handmade chandelier - moroccan star lamp. Rustic trim highlights metal finish and antique mirror glass.

Mexican star lamp

A magnificent lamp in a Moroccan style. It features the shape of a star created from glass panels in a combination of soft colors. It will be a magical accent of the room, which emits subtle, romantic light.

Moroccan star lamp 32

Moroccan star lamp 185

Mexican metal star lights

Moroccan star lamp 33

Moroccan star lamp 19

Moroccan star lamp 38

Moroccan star lamp 20

I like the color scheme the pendant light the painted

Moroccan star lamp 1

Moroccan star lamp 42

Moroccan star lamp 18

Moroccan star lamp 12

Moroccan star lamp 41

Moroccan star lamp 39

Moroccan star lantern

Moroccan star lamp 30

Moroccan star lamp 29

Mini moroccan lanterns moroccan star lantern

Moroccan star lanterns

Moroccan star lamp 26

Moroccan star lamp 36

Moroccan star lamp 22

Moroccan lantern my son got me one like this but

Moroccan star lamp 3

Three-dimensional lamp in the shape of the star. It has metal frame and glass framework. This lamp has light bulb inserted in the centre of the lamp. It is in Moroccan style, but you can used it during the Christmas too.

Whimsical Fuchsia Moroccan Lamp

Blue Star Turkish Moroccan Style Mosaic Hanging Lamp Light Hand Made Set5Blue

Morning Star 15" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Morning Star 15" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
This piece of equipment is a small, but stylish and functional table lamp. It is solid and based on durable metal construction with antique bronze finish. It provides light and has also got a decorative character.

Rainbow Multicolor Glass Moroccan Star Candle Lantern on Stand

Moroccan star lamp 8

Moroccan star henna lamp id 730 1

Moroccan moravian star lamp

Glass hanging star moroccan exotic azure pedestal candle lantern lighting

Moroccan star lamp 37

New brass moroccan hand made hanging star lamp lantern

Pinner said i imagine a room with a large spiral

Moroccan star lantern silver metal glass hanging votive lamp candle

Moroccan star henna lamp id 730

Blue star turkish moroccan style mosaic hanging lamp light hand