Modern Tv Trays

Do you happen to eat in front of TV? Silly question – we all do that from time to time. TV tray tables became popular in the 1950s and have been present in most houses ever since. The original models consisted of a metal tray with grips and a set of tubular metal legs. But times and construction techniques changed and modern TV trays run the style gamut.

Mid century modern tv trays

Pretty retro foldable TV trays having bases made of thin metal rods with a brass finish. A base is built of 2 crossed U-shaped supports joined by flat folding stretchers. A rectangularish light blue tray top has raised curved edges with a white rim.

Vintage atomic mid century fish serving tv tray wall art

Vintage Atomic Mid Century Fish Serving Tv Tray Wall Art Fred Press Eames Era
Serving tray in modern style. It is made of metal and decorated with fishes theme. Handy gadget for each home.

Mid century modern tv trays

Modern tv trays 16

Modern tv trays

Based on a metal TV tray, this DIY project shows how brilliantly you can refurbish your decor. It used a Fine-grit sandpaper, a spray-on rust primer, white and red spray paints and 12" square of floral scrapbooking paper and 14" square of cardboard.

Modern tv trays

Modern tv trays 2

A bunch of vintage TV trays, proudly representing a then-innovative modern style. They feature gold coloured metal bases and triangular tops with wood-like pattern (I can't exactly tell whether it's laminate or MDF).

Mid century modern lucite tv trays lot 675

Mid century modern lavada 1960s four

Mid Century Modern Lavada 1960s Four
Small TV tray with durable metal frame and attractive stylization characteristic for 1960s. It is now suitable for modern indoors. Attractive, multi-color floral pattern plays decorative role in different kinds of interior design.

Modern tv trays 5

Modern tv trays 7

Modern tv trays 21

Modern tv trays 6

Modern tv trays 12

Modern tv trays 20

Folding serving tray made of solid wood. It is equipped with handles for easy portability. It folds flat for easy storage. Solid and durable construction.

Modern tv trays 26

Modern tv trays 11

Modern tv trays 37

Modern tv trays 27

Tray Table Set

Tray Table Set
A beautiful tray table set that includes four tray tables and a storage stand. Tables frames are made of wood and finished in brown and square top are made of faux marble. Expensive looking, foldable and portable little tables.

Modern tv trays 3

Contemporary tv trays

Modern tv trays 30

Modern tv trays 18

Modern vanity tray

Pierced fretwork design vanity tray, square shape, raised edges. Fairly versatile: will do great both in modern and vintage inspired interiors. Cutout side handles are very practical, the tray moves around easily.

Modern tv trays 29

Round vanity tray

Such a wonderful, very vintage crystal round tray, great for a variety of places and uses, whether you want to spice up your bedroom dressers, vanity cabinets, or a bathroom shelf, this item is great for you.

Modern vanity tray

A modern vanity tray on a vintage cupboard constitutes an exquisitely stylish combination. Its sleek, white surface offers a considerable storage space for your jewelry and cosmetics.

Lucca 5 Piece Table TV Set with Handle

Lucca 5 Piece Table TV Set with Handle
Foldable TV set; each piece has an X-shaped base made of wood and MDF top. The tables are easy to move around thanks to cut-out table, and their tops are large enough to accommodate many things, from snacks to laptop.

Modern tv trays 4

Modern tv trays 13

Mid century modern butterfly folding trays

Vtg 50s 60s mid century modern stacking tv trays tables

Modern tv trays 22

Modern tv trays 23

Natural history vintage tv tray with gold flex and butterflies

Snack tray table tv slide under couch sofa chair side

Modern tv trays 25

Vtg mid century modern italian mod girls white lg plastic

Modern tv trays 28

The re invention of old tv tray tables

Modern tv trays 31

Modern tv trays 32

Vintage mid century modern 4 tv folding trays retro bed

Modern tv trays 38

Modern tv trays 33

Vintage caldak retro tv trays

Modern tv trays 34

60s mid century modern set of 4 fiberglass butterfly tv