Modern Storage Trunk

Maybe you didn’t realize that but such storage trunks might be practical and good looking. In case you still have any doubts, the best thing you can do is have a closer look at the designs, shapes and sizes of those that are presented down here. What will be your final decision?

Modern storage trunk

A stunning storage trunk that sports a modern design and makes for a nice option for when you need to travel and take some clothes that need extra care, such as suits. It offers plenty of space and keeps them from any harm.

Modern storage trunk 1

Sometimes, in the limited space, it is really hard to create even by honest toil, the place for your home office. This tuck-away one, could be placed in the guest room and play a big cupboard when you don't need to work at home.

Modern storage trunk

A luxury modern wheeled wardrobe trunk composed of 3 hinged parts. One part is equipped with green box drawers, the second one - a back lined in black fabric with a diamond design, a hanger, a drawer. A narrow rectangular mirror is in the centre.

Modern steamer trunk

Unique trunk for storing personal items. Frame is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Includes clothes hanger, open shelves and compartments in various sizes.

Modern storage trunk 1

This project constitutes a great example of repurposing, being an inspiration for many of those, who like DIY crafting. Refurbishing an old trunk and attaching some cushions and pillows to it provided a comfy, cosy seating place.

Modern storage chest

This small metal storage trunk will provide an elegant and funky accent to your children's bedroom, creating a place to store their toys and odds and sods. White or grey, come with brass opening mechanisms.

Modern storage trunk

Modern storage trunk 17

Modern storage trunk 2

Modern storage trunk 13

Vintage wardrobe steamer trunk metal louis vuitton wardrobe steamer trunk

Modern trunk

Modern trunk made of metal. Top is covered with pleasant to the touch fabric and finished with animal theme. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Aesthetic modern style storage chest. Wooden frame is covered in blue vinyl, has black bindings and decorative nail head trims. A chest has metal both a key-lock and 2 front latches. Easy to move thanks to wheels and soft side handles.

Modern trunks

Contemporary storage chest

Modern storage trunk 3

Antique vintage humpback trunk treasure chest storage box steamer travel

Modern storage trunk 5

Modern storage trunk 8

The line of trunk inspired furniture comes in a variety

Modern steamer trunk luggage

American Home Wesley Storage Trunk

American Home Wesley Storage Trunk
Aesthetic rectangular modern chest with a spacious storage compartment. It is made of pine wood and fibreboard finished in white. It has low curved legs and a lift hinged lid. Side handles and a latch are made of zinc alloy with a dark finish.

If you are lucky enough to find a few antique

Modern storage trunk 2

Set of 3 embossed silver trunks eclectic storage boxes

Set Of 3 Embossed Silver Trunks Eclectic Storage Boxes
A set of 3 embossed silver trunks with an eclectic look. These storage boxes make for a unique addition to any room, but are bound to look especially well in an elegant, sophisticated bedroom in front of the bed.

Modern storage trunk 6

Modern wardrobe trunk

Silver trunks

This set of silver trunks embody a futuristic and industrial vibe at the same time. Its silver, polished finishing make it a unique, distinguishable storage item in every interior.

Modern storage trunk

Seward Trunk Classic Silver Trunk in Silver with Black Binding 53-3 Size: 30" x 16" x 12.25"

Exquisitely elegant and solid trunk with durable wooden construction, paper lined interior and strong tacked black colored binding. Heavy duty nickel hardware and heavy gauge blue vinyl covering ensures sturdiness and durability of the piece.

A classic steamer trunk turned chic and modern armada trunk

Wooden wedding card box trunk vintage

Wooden Wedding Card Box Trunk Vintage
When you preparing your wedding, you should think over all the details and plan the accessories you need. This card box trunk has it shabby chic, but from my point of view classic white or cream will look better.

Footlocker Stackable Storage Trunk 30" Mercury Luggage (Silver)

This footlocker sizes are 30" x 15.75" x 12.25". This piece can be used both as a storage place or as a decoration element. This footlocker is made from wood and alegantly finished with stylish ,silver gauge vinyl. This piece is stackable which provides many storing options,

Modern storage trunk 15

Modern storage trunk 7

Ancient World Map Trunk (Set of 3)

Three trunks with the most stunning world map pattern, while the wood and leather structure allows for a nice touch to the decor and ensures the pieces' durability, making sure you can enjoy them for years to come.

Bamboo Calligraphy Trunk

Bamboo Calligraphy Trunk
It is a bamboo calligraphy trunk that has got a white and black colors and is perfect for storing your favorite items. It adds comfort, style and beauty to any bedroom, living room and other.

Modern storage trunk 3

Modern storage trunk 18

Essentials Celebrations 3 Piece Trunk Set

Essentials Celebrations 3 Piece Trunk Set
It is a 3-piece trunk set that includes beautiful trunks with different sizes. They have got a white finish and they fits to any style and decor. They are a great addition to your bedroom or foyer.

Modern storage trunk 1

Modern storage trunk 14

A coffee table that brings the most original design to your interior with the eclectic blending of colors, textures and materials. The sides offer a look of a trunk with the locks and beautiful nailhead trim.

Storage trunk from a unique collection of antique and modern

Sophisticated antique wooden trunks set which design consists of delicate carvings, smooth nail head trims and old fashioned hardware. Two trunks, one large and one medium sized, with lids that have an ornate aluminum latch and reveal ample storage space.

Mercury Luggage Stackable Storage Locker super blackout edition 30 inch Black with black trim

Old suitcases upcycled into nightstand

Lanser Trunk Coffee Table

Lanser Trunk Coffee Table
Rectangular coffee table made of stainless steel and featuring minimalist design. It's a perfect addition to all interiors furnished in contemporary style. The table is intended for ordinary indoor use only.

Storage trunk large modern storage and organization

Trunk makeover to aged perfection cece caldwells myrtle beach sand