Modern Pool Table Lights

Table lights are rather innovative but, as you can see down here, they can make for a nice element in many circumstances. There are many people who have already become inspired by them and what will be your final decision? Take all the time you need to pick the right one.

Layla Robinson Interior Design Expert
Industrial pool table light

Modern pool table lighting shouldn't be too ornamental. Simplicity rules! Rectangular steel fixture holds a wooden board with three lights built into it. The board hangs on metal wires (steel cords?).

Modern pool table lights 4

Pendant lamp in rustic style. It is mounted on wooden frame and reinforced with metal supports. Includes 14 lights. Perfect solution for kitchen island and others interiors according to taste.

Modern pool table lights

The incredible ceiling lighting made of the old roof beam. A wonderful idea of connecting the modernity and the rustic style. The shabby chic of this lamp will look perfect in the barn style restaurant.

Modern pool table lights 8

Pendant lamp in modern form. It consists of 6 lights. Frame is made of stainless steel. Perfect solution for kitchen island. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Modern pool table light 1

An aesthetic modern ceiling pendant intended for pool tables. Its quite simple frame is made of silvery brushed metal. It has a rectangular backplate and an elongated rectangular lampshade (with opal glass panels) hanging on 2 thin round rods.

Modern pool table lighting

Ideal for a man's cave, this set of lamps will help you create a cool, vintage or industrial vibe, known from the best loft apartments. Characteristic bulbs, which expose the stamens are nowadays getting more and more popular.

Modern pool table lights 1

Cool DIY chandelier! Made out of a) wooden plank b) chains to hang the stuff c) old wine bottles! And some bulbs, lamp sockets and wire, ofc. Bottles of assorted colors and heights are recommended in this DIY guide

Contemporary pool table light

Modern design for a unique pool table light with a long, trapezoid shaped lamp shade on the bottom made out of gray cotton fabric, placed on two metal poles which hang on iron shackles from the base on the ceiling.

Modern pool table lights 5

This mason jar chandelier can be a cool inspiration for all, who love DIY projects. Simplistic, yet adorable construction will illuminate your space with a romantic glow. The jars are attached to a wooden bar, creating a rustic appeal.

Modern pool table lights 6

Make sure you have the best lighting in your pool room with this modern light that sports the design suitable for 7, 8 and 9ft tables, making it both versatile and immensely useful. It is a true must-have for your household.

Cool pool table lights

Finished in satin nickel, this modern lighting fixture is destined to illuminate pool tables. Inspired by the early 20th century antiques, it features 3 bulbs and has the size of 21" x 47".

Modern pool table light
Modern game tables 6
Modern billiard table lights
Modern pool table lights
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Designer Classics 3 Light Billiard Light

Designer Classics 3 Light Billiard Light
Elegant classic hanging lamp for pool tables. A metal fixture and downlight cone shades are black. It consists of a chain, a U-shaped holder with a finial and ball knotting, a horizontal bar with finials. It's for up to 100W standard base bulbs.

Billiard table of the future
Unique pool table lights
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Modern pool table lights 7
Modern pool table lights 8
Black light billiard tables by toulet photo
Modern pool table lights 9
Modern pool table lights
Three light pool table light modern pendant lighting
Lloyd loom chairs

The beautiful dining room set for 8. The toned stylization makes it ideal for rural home. The table is a classic wooden construction, but the chairs was designed in the modern-style lines and colors.

Modern pool table lights 10
Modern pool table lights 7
Modern pool table lights 12
Modern game tables 9
Modern pool table lights
Modern pool table lights 4
Modern pool table lights 13
Game room non traditional lighting for a pool table
Im not a huge pottery barn fan i dont really
Modern six light bronze island light this will also be
Modern pool table lights 9
Modern pool table lights 19
Light bulb moment chandelier 33 off handmade in the usa
E pool table light shape
Casual Traditions 3 Light Billiard Light

Casual Traditions 3 Light Billiard Light
Attractive contemporary hanging lamp for pool tables lighting. Its fixture is of metal with a polished brass finish. It consists of 2 adjustable chains, a horizontal bar with cup finials and 3 downlight cone shades for up to 150W standard base bulbs.

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Philips 36671/17/48 Roomstylers Island Light, Black
Pressed tin pendant for the attic
Modern game tables 5
Philips 473464848 Vidro Pendant, Brushed Nickel
Colors pendant lighting pool table recessed lighting recreation roo
Modern pool table lights 18
Modern pool table lights 20