Modern Leather Recliner Chair

A luxurious companion for leisure hours. A modern leather recliner chair is a perfect choice if you need a piece of furniture to furnish the relaxation zone of the home. Here are my suggesstions - browse below to find an ideal recliner for the home.

Sedgwick recliner leather 1

Sedgwick Recliner Leather
A classy recliner chair in a modern design. It features shapely, black legs and plain brown, leather upholstery. It offers great comfort due to a cambered backrest and a foldable footrest. A top quality, solid piece.

West elm sedgwick recliner review

Modern leather recliner chair 2

This modern leather recliner constitutes a great proposition for all, who suffer from some back pains or those, who just want to enhance their home office space with a comfortable spot to rest.

Modern leather recliner chair 3

Irving professor leather armchair 9

Irving Professor Leather Armchair

Modern leather recliner chair 13

Mid century modern recliner folke ohlsson dux 1

Mid Century Modern Recliner Folke Ohlsson Dux
Scandinavian style with vintage touch: mid-century Folke Ohlsson modern recliner with teak frame and black leather padding. Its seat enframed by straight arms stays close to the floor, while the back is tall and contoured.

Sedgwick recliner leather 2

Sedgwick Recliner Leather

Orange leather recliner

Simple, but gorgeous design. A smooth, dark wood frame and dark leather cushions make this lounge chair astonishingly beautiful. Perfect for any modern living room, provides a great mixture of traditional and contemporary elements.

Modern leather recliner chair 1

Modern leather recliner chair 3

Modern leather recliner chair 1

The exclusive modern leather recliner. The angular frame built of the solid walnut wood, contrast beautifully with the soft leather upholstery. It features also the modern additions like comfortable cushions and a smooth reclining mechanism.

Modern leather recliner chair 11

70s leather chair

Baughman grey leather recliner

Baughman Grey Leather Recliner
Modern recliner mounted on metal frame and reinforced with solid supports. It is upholstered with leather and finished with decorative quilting. Ideal as additional seating or place for relaxation in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Modern leather recliner chair 19

Contemporary recliners modern leather recliners new york

Modern leather recliner chair 8

Modern leather recliner chair 9

Leather ekornes stressless amigo

Leather Ekornes Stressless Amigo
This set represents unique comfort. Embodying the best features of Scandinavian, vintage design, it provides style and unique rest. The set, deriving from 1970, includes a brown leather recliner and an ottoman.

Modern leather recliner chair 4

Juno leather recliner recliners lounge chairs living room board 1

Carter Recliner and Ottoman

Carter Recliner and Ottoman
A whole elegant set that consists of one recliner and an ottoman.They both have the same sturdy base constructed of wood which provides stability. The recliner is adjustable for more convenience.

Modern leather recliner chair 16

Modern leather recliner chair 18

Sedgwick recliner review

Dozy dotes theater seating leather recliner chair in black

Dozy Dotes Theater Seating Leather Recliner Chair In Black
This set includes high quality pieces of furniture responsible for providing sitting space in the living or play room. These black theater seats are very soft and comfortable. They are solid thanks to their durable frame made of hardwood.

Modern leather recliner chair 6

Kids leather recliner

An aesthetic modern compact recliner for kids. It has a metal frame with a wide round foot of black coated metal. It has a thick seat, wide pillowed arms, a thick wide backrest. Upholstery is of elegant white leather.

Kids overstuffed recliner chair with cup holder leather vinyl childrens

Kids Overstuffed Recliner Chair With Cup Holder Leather Vinyl Childrens Beige
Remember how called Joe on Friends his leather recliner? "Rosita"-it could be her younger sister for kids, with a brighter beige skin, a beverage holder and a very soft back. The folding automatic footrest will delight you and make you spend more time at home.

Ingmar relling for westnofa brown leather sling lounge chair from

Ultimate sectional

Ultimate Sectional
This is a sectional sofa that provides comfort to many users. It is an ideal product designed for large families and other groups of people. It has got a soft seat and supportive back. The whole construction is very solid.

Modern leather recliner chair 12

Kids leather recliner 1

This armchair is a piece of furniture ideal for use in a living room. This is a reclining chair that provides a comfortable relaxation or sleep. Its dark, neutral colour looks perfectly in any type of decor.

Fjords leather recliners feel as good as they look

Prolounger wall hugger coffee brown renu leather recliners set of

This recliner chair is a solid product made of hardwood. It features a very soft seat supported by a solid backrest. This seat is large enough for an adult user (18 inches high x 17 inches wide x 22 inches deep).

Big Kid's Recliner Color: Faux Leather - Black

This kid's recliner has been padded with faux leather for attainability. Its black color will ensure the versatility you seek for when decorating a child's room. The design is simple and clearly influenced by classic elegance.

Dalton leather recliner with walnut legs recliners lounge chairs living

Contemporary Rocker Kid's Recliner Color: Faux Leather - Black

Kid's recliner in black color. This comfortable furniture will become your child's new favorite place to play and relax at. The recliner has been recliner in beautiful faux leather and designed to protect small fingers from pinches or being stuck.

Flight recliner chair

Modern glider recliner 1

Modern glider chair with tall, tilted backrest. The simple design should match a contemporary nursery room seamlessly. It might even complement minimalistic interiors. A white armchair on black glides.

Modern clean lined recliner raquel leather recliner 1

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Modern glider

Typically the recliner has a brown color and is associated with the male interior.This is a decent version of a well-known glider recliner,with an automatic mechanism and leather upholstery.The bright blue of the leather makes the armchair a light modern haze.

Modern glider recliner 3

Swivel recliner for watching TV, reading books and more. It is upholstered with pleasant to the touch fabric and finished with solid seams. It is fitted with additional pillow for added comfort.

Pair of leather lounge recliner chairs

Colton gray fabric modern nursery swivel glider recliner chair 16

Colton Gray Fabric Modern Nursery Swivel Glider Recliner Chair
This Colton Gray modern glider recliner constitutes a perfect proposition for one's nursery room. With its extendible footrest and fully regulated backrest, it will smoothly help you souse your baby and catch breath.

Urban Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman

Urban Ergonomic Recliner and Ottoman
Large and comfortable reclining chair covered with leather. It provides high comfort, is easy to use and silent mechanism. The mechanism has a lock position possibility and the chair is 360 degree swivel. Additional kit is ottoman.

Modern glider recliner 21

Elegant design for a comfortable, modern glider recliner armchair upholstered with white leather which provides a sophisticated detail. The recliner has an extendable footstool on the bottom, making it cozy and comfy.

Modern leather recliner chair 8