Modern Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan? Perhaps you like such ideas so this collection will be a good option for you. Below you will see various designs, shapes and sizes of modern lazy Susan types. We don’t have to convince anyone who likes such style but all those who don’t, can also feel free to get inspired.

Modern lazy susan 8

Lazy Susan that perfectly matches modern indoors. This practical element of equipment features a few compartments made of attractive and durable glass. Its round wooden frame is rotating for a more convenient use.

Modern lazy susan

What an excellent idea to create this "Not your Mother's Lazy Susan Cabinet." in kitchen area! Awesome for small spaces. Accomplished for your pots, plates and more.

Modern lazy susan 5

Modern lazy susan 24

Modern lazy susan 2

Lazy susan dining table

The Large circular dining table is the perfect way to decorate your living room or kitchen. A cool modern element in the form of lazy susan is a functional accessory that kind of makes feasting together.

Modern lazy susan 3

This contemporary styled lazy Susan sports an industrial look and will make for a more than welcome choice for your dining table, allowing for easier access to all the foods displayed at the table and offering convenience.

Modern lazy susan 10

Modern lazy susan 7

Modern lazy susan 1

Modern lazy susan 11

Barrel top lazy susan 2

Barrel Top Lazy Susan
The Barrel Top Lazy Susan is excellent for your dining table and home parties. It is create of distressed mango wood with iron details.

Modern lazy susan 9

Modern lazy susan 30

Twisted wood table 2

Modern lazy susan 4

Modern lazy susan 23

Modern lazy susan 27

Modern lazy susan 1

Dvd storage white

This unique round cabinet will be a perfect storage unit for your books or albums' collections. A very creative and functional piece of furniture, that will catch the attention of anyone entering the space.

Rotating Tray Lazy Susan

Rotating Tray Lazy Susan

Corner lazy susans cabinet and drawer organizers wilmington

Corner Lazy Susans Cabinet And Drawer Organizers Wilmington
A very practical organizer for corner placement in kitchen cabinets. This round element of equipment includes two round, rotating shelves with metal post and metal dividers. Durable materials of this element are easy to clean.

Modern lazy susan 6

Modern lazy susan 18

Mid century modern lazy susan

Mid Century Modern Lazy Susan
A cool practical retro style revolving tray having a wooden base with a finish in mid browns. It's equipped with 4 curved bowls and a cute round pot (with a spout and a lid with a rectangular concave knob) of glazed pink and white ceramic.

Modern lazy susan 12

Round dining room table 4

Round Dining Room Table
Rustic setup for a spacious dining room with a large, round table big enough for the whole family made out of rough walnut wood and fitted with a set of eight cream-colored dining tables with cotton upholsteries.

Modern lazy susan 16

Modern liquor cabinets

This piece is a surely suitable addition to your household decor thanks to the design that brings to mind those vintage TV console conversions and sports the charming, two-tone finish in a truly warm hue.

Turntable Lazy Susan

Turntable Lazy Susan
This curiously made Turntable is a perfect solution not only for the lazy. Made of glass is sturdy and durable, yet perfectly fit into any decor. Practical and impressive facilitate the feast at the table.

Modern lazy susan

Modern lazy susan 13

Modern lazy susan 14

Modern lazy susan 19

Modern lazy susan 26

Round dining table set with leaf 1

Modern lazy susan 28

Modern lazy susan 29

Modern lazy susan

Modern lazy susan 31

Modern lazy susan 32

Kitchen circular counter top mirroring the round crystal chandelier above

Lazy susan hammered nickel plated brass bowl

Modern lazy susan 33

Lazy Susan 114-135 Circular Geometric Mosaic Mirror

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan

Three sixty table the modern lazy susan in german oak

Personalized Large Lazy Susan, 2"Hx30"Wx30"D, NOIR

Modern lazy susan 34

Mid centrury modern lazy susan set ufo retro by oakiesclaptrap