Modern Kitchen Wall Clocks

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Julia Lambert Interior Design Expert
Unique kitchen wall clocks

Sparkling with a unique design and modern appearance, this awesome wall clock is a perfect fit for both - homes and offices. It has a round white dial with metal black hands along with a matching second hand, and Arabic digits that surround the whole mechanism.

Kitchen wall clocks modern

A functional and decorative product. This wall clock includes a white surface with large Arabic numbers. This round clock is good for wall mounting. Its black hands look good on its white face. This stylization matches any room.

Modern clocks for kitchen

The radio-controlled modern kitchen wall clock. It is an exact incarnation of precision as well as beauty. The pocket made of brass has been merged with the simple white dial and black hands of the watch.

Modern kitchen wall clocks
Sarah Hugh

Modern wall clock designed for the kitchen. It is powered by batteries and fitted with quartz movement. Adds freshness and modernity to each home.

Gold wall clocks 4

This reminds me of my grandmother & her house, built in 1963. She was a Mid-Century Modern kinda gal.

Modern kitchen clocks

Toprate(TM) Creative Black and Silver Rectangle Square Modern Stylish Wall Clock Mirror Wall Clock Fashion Modern Design Removable DIY Acrylic 3D Mirror Wall Decal Wall Sticker Decoration

Modern kitchen wall clocks

Bellino Wall Clock modern-clocks

Brass wall clocks
Thomas Vanessa

Boasting of its lovely atomic sunburst design, this mid-century modern wall clock is made of durable Teak and premium brass. Includes an accurate mechanism, a round dial, Arabic numerals and a pair of brass hands.

Blue clocks

Add a little retro vibe to a home office or kitchen with this mid-century–inspired metal wall clock. With its quartz-powered movement and cr...

Modern kitchen wall clocks 2
Angela Dia

1950s Mid-Century Modern Retro GE Wall Kitchen Clock - Aqua

Yellow wall clocks
Powell Dominique

With the vintage, slightly retro looking design this wall clock from 1950s will make for a nice fashion statement in your interior, while at the same time allowing you to lend a practical touch to your kitchen.

Modern kitchen wall clocks wall clock models beautiful kitchen wall

modern kitchen wall clocks wall clock models beautiful kitchen wall ...

Modern kitchen wall clocks 3

I love modern simple clocks. $52 is probably a little out of my price range for a clock, though.

Modern kitchen wall clocks
Stacy Tor

NEED one of his clocks for over a coffee bar/in a kitchen! Carlos Silva - Centuries Clayworks (

Modern kitchen clock
Krystal Johnson

Need a turquoise accent in your kitchen? There can't be an option easier to implement than a modern wall clock in turquoise blue case. This one merges contemporary and retro feel for a fantastic effect.

Modern kitchen wall clocks
Simmons Margaret

Modern Kitchen Wall Clocks Pictures

Unique kitchen wall clocks 8
Chloe Hughesful

A modern interpretation of the sunburst wall clock. FInished in teal, it will add a unique look to any room. Made of plastic, features quartz movement and tick hour markers. It has the size of 15.55 x 15.55 x 1.5".

Modern kitchen wall clocks
Isabella Martinable

Love this MCM Starburst Wall Clock!

Metlev35 wall clock grey index modern wall clocks
Courtney John

Metlev35 Wall Clock - Grey Index modern-wall-clocks

Personalized kitchen clocks
Lauren Martinezify

This kitchen wall clock in shape of fish, will always show you the right time for meals. This design will be also perfect to use as an addition to fast food or family restaurant to create domestic atmosphere.

Modern kitchen wall clocks 5
Angela Pric

Hand made on plywood, this is a modern and colorful design. Love it! Oh, and it tells the time too.

Artus 11.75" Wall Clock
Jennifer Gonzalez

Artus 11.75" Wall Clock
This simple, stylish and minimalist wall clock will complement perfectly modern styled interior, being a functional addition. It has a high quality, precision, quartz mechanism and is available in varied colors.

Modern large wall clock
Abbey Kowalski

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Kitchen wall clock

Aluminum Black Kitchen Wall Clock

Modern kitchen wall clocks 7

Infinity Instruments The Iron Tower Large Wrought Iron Wall Clock

14 amazing kitchen wall clocks contemporary snapshot ideas
Long Stephanie

14 Amazing Kitchen Wall Clocks Contemporary Snapshot Ideas

Modern kitchen wall clocks 6
Tara Walker

The Retro Flip Clock | Fun & Fashionable Home Accessories And Decor

Contemporary kitchen clocks
Williams Rebecca

A high quality, functional, compact wall clock with a round shape. It features a red metal frame and a white face with black hands and black Arabic numbers. Its minimalist appearance matches small working spaces.

Unique kitchen wall clocks 5

Add a stylish clock to your dorm wall.

Modern kitchen wall clocks
Courtney Ande

I love the clean look of this modern clock ... especially because it's poppy red! By uncommon on Etsy, $59.00

Horizontal wall clock
Colleen Griffin

Mid Century clock

Contemporary kitchen wall clocks
Robinson Layla

Concrete and Wood Circle Wall Clock Modern Wall by SolPixieDust

Glass pendulum wall clocks

An aesthetic retro style wall clock with a round light brown casing and a black scroll metal bracket matching well interiors in whites, creams, darker browns. It features black Roman numerals and hands against a beigish dial. It has a glass face.

Modern kitchen wall clocks
Alexis You

country home + a touch of history and a little bit of modern influence, you get a brilliantly organized accent wall for any home that creates comfort and warmth. Which in the long run will make guest feel more welcome and your family feel happier

Retro wall clock 27
Jamie Pric

retro wall clock

Unique kitchen wall clocks 1
Alexis Millerism

A unique wall clock, designed to add an eclectic appeal to any kitchen. Its unique design features a set of spoons and forks, orbiting around the clock face. One of the hands has the form of a knife, the other one is a fork.

10" Rimwood Wall Clock
Jacqueline Thom

10" Rimwood Wall Clock
This stylish and beautifully crafted in a minimalistic style wall clock is also impressive decorative detail for each type of interior. Bright dial with Arabic numerals expressive is very stylish and transparent.

This jadeite green replica kitchen wall clock is a fun
Ebony Stewart

This Jadeite Green Replica Kitchen Wall Clock is a fun twist on the classic school clock, thanks to its vintage toned coloration and cool, retro-modern contoured design. With a quality metal housing and glass lens. (price: 32.99)

Harry snider ball clock black and white were very common
Brittany Rodr

Harry Snider ball clock. Black and white were very common colours. A unique design developed by Harry and sold only by his second company (Snider Clock Mfg Co.) was their “Spider” model. was available finished in turquoise, black, and sandalwood (brow

Wall clocks for kitchen modern
Thomson Marisa

1960's Sunburst Atomic Era 30" Wall Clock

Artus 11.75" Wall Clock

Artus 11.75" Wall Clock

Kitchen wall clocks big bang for your retro buck retro
Alison Walker

Kitchen Wall Clocks: Big Bang For Your Retro Buck | Retro Modern

Modern kitchen wall clock
Abigail Wrightful

Modern Kitchen Wall Clock

Floor clocks modern

The Kids Are Around - Modern farmhouse style. Planked walls.

Modern wall clock for kitchen faux metal
Mary Bak

Modern Wall Clock For Kitchen Faux Metal

Modern wood wall clock with beautiful natural woodgrain and classy
Thomson Marisa

modern wood wall clock with beautiful natural woodgrain and classy modern numbers on Etsy, 65.00. Silent option available.

Grey wall clocks
Kristin Diaz

Contemporary wall clock for kitchen applications. This interesting item features two hands without Roman or Arabic numbers. Its solid frame is finished in dark gray color, so it looks good in any interior design.

Contemporary kitchen modern wall clock
Coupe Andrea

Contemporary kitchen modern wall clock

Retro Kitchen Timer Wall Clock, Red. By Lily's Home
Lopez Ashley

This wall clock can be a lovely and functional addition to any kitchen. Characterized by durable plastic construction, the clock includes Arabic numerals, a built-in 1-hour timer, and white dials with black numbers. Requires 1 AA battery.

Modern Design Sliver Cutlery Kitchen Utensil Wall Clock Spoon Fork Knife Gift !!

Modern Design Sliver Cutlery Kitchen Utensil Wall Clock Spoon Fork Knife Gift !!