Modern Folding Chairs

A folding chair comes in handy from time to time so it's not a bad idea to have a few kept somewhere in the house. They are light, easy to store and useful when some unexpected guests show up or whenever there is a need to sit somebody. Check the collection below.

Vanessa Weber Interior Design Expert
Modern folding chairs
Yulia Thompson

A unique piece of furniture that can be quickly unfolded for easy transport and storage. The entire chair is crafted of wood and covered with vinyl decals, offering a beautiful piece for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Modern folding chairs

If you want to have a real transformer in your home, you may want to take a glimpse at this modern chair. The chair has a tubular, metal frame with a crescent moon back, which can be easily folded, and a round seat covered with an orange fabric.

Indoor folding chairs
Thomas Vanessa

A very solid wooden chair that provides comfort on its leather seat supported by a leather backrest. This folding frame assures space-saving transportation and storage. High durability is another advantage of this chair.

Folding chairs design

Modern folding chair inspired of mid-century style. Frame is made of bright, oak wood, seat and back are covered with leather. This type of furniture will important element of your dining room during guests visit.

Cute folding chairs
Holly Mit

A simple and modern construction of a chair. It features a durable wooden frame with a folding construction, so it allows for a space-saving and more convenient transportation and storage. This chair includes a supportive backrest.

Unique folding chairs
Kelly Will

If you looking for extraordinary and modern solutions for your apartment, we suggest you the folding chairs with unique wooden construction. It can be used as a chair and as a bench!

Leather folding chair
Lindsey Gonzalez

The dining A-framed leather folding chairs are excellent for dinette at your porch or garden. They've got a modern unique design, so they add a style to any area.

Wooden folding chairs ikea
Samantha Clar

A very original and unique stylization of a solid and comfortable chair. It includes a very functional, folding frame that allows for a space-saving storage and for a very convenient, problem-free transportation.

Foldable chair design
Margaret Pet

The folding chair made in the style of the army is a perfect element of the decor and a great companion of expeditions. Built in modern style is functional and very impressive. The military green adds all the charming style.

Cool folding chairs
Sara Harr

An element of furniture that provides stability, support and comfort. This wooden chair features a folding design, so it is easy to transport or store in small spaces. Its seat area includes gray material that increases relaxation.

Modern folding chair

A portable, folding chair with an original design. Its bent plywood and polypropylene construction makes it very solid, supportive and comfortable for different users. The chair is easy in transportation and it doesn't take so much storage space.

Modern folding chairs 1
Lisa Ramirez

If you looking for something special for your apartment, we suggest you the school furniture set with chair and desk. It brings the solidity and simplicity to any interior. It can be used in commercial areas too.

Modern folding chair 1

Folding chair with a modern design. This piece of furniture is made of durable and attractive materials in different colors. It provides good comfort of sitting and its solid construction assures stability.

Awesome folding chairs

Compact and space-efficient approach to a futuristic, contemporary folding chair made out of light walnut wood. The chair folds to a flat surface and unfolds quickly, which makes it easy to store and move around.

Ikea wood folding chair
Danielle Gra

Chairs in modern homes have been around since antiquity. But recently we can admire the quality of wooden folding chairs. In this case, very bright pine planks created a futuristic design of modern folding chair with a felted seat.

White folding chairs ikea
Wilson Gabrielle

A modern solution that provides comfort of sitting in different locations. Its white color matches many kinds of interior design. Foldable construction of each chair assures problem-free transportation and storage.

Skip modern folding chair
Folding chair designs
Powell Leah

Folding chair in modern form. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. It is completely made of wood and finished with pastel colors. It has anti slip pads to prevent scratching the surface.

Lina leather folding chair
Wright Stacy

An elegant director's chair that can be easily folded for storage and transport, thanks to its functional wood frame in white oak finish. The chair has an elastic seat and back made of an off-white fabric, and criss-crossed legs with stretchers.

Calligaris modern folding chair set of 2
Anna Sanchez
Folding leather chairs
Katie Long

Futuristic design for a modern, contemporary personalized folding chair made out of thin plywood with a white coat of paint. The chair provides a unique look but does not support a lot of weight and should be used with care.

Folding chair leather
Laetitia Zernike

The 2F chair from Finnish designer Hannu Kahonen folds to 25 mm flat, which is less than an inch thick. An unusual construction, which will add a truly modern character to the space.

Modern folding chairs 3
Stacey Camp

Folding chairs made of metal and acrylic. It is mounted on crossed legs and reinforced with solid supports. Folds flat for easy storage. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Product danish modern folding chair 2
Peyton Donaldson
Modern folding tables 1
Mega Leahbrown
Folding wooden chairs ikea

Interesting retro completely collapsible chairs with frames of black coated steel rods. A base is built of 2 U-shaped slanted supports. A semi-oval concave seat and a hexagonal curved halfback with rounded edges are of plywood in mid brown shades.

Folding Chair (Set of 2)
Alyssa Wilsonify

Folding Chair (Set of 2)
Functional folding chair featuring durable frame, comfortable seat and back, and solid construction. Designed to provide a versatile support that is easy to stores and transport, resilient, and lightweight.

LexMod Telescoping Chair in Clear

It is a telescoping chair that has got a modern design, clear finish and two color options to choose: smoke and clear with silver. Everyone will be impressed how fantastic it looks in your home.

Folding Chair Metal Portable Foldable for Indoor or Outdoor, Dining Rm & Kitchen Padded Vinyl Turquoise
Erika Smi

It is a folding chair that has got a solid metal construction, turquoise color and is great for indoor and outdoor use. This chair is great for kitchen, dining room, garden, patio and other.

That s not a folding chair this is a folding
Anderson Marisa
Leather folding chairs
Joanna Richardson
Modern folding chairs
Modern folding chairs 2
Monica Gree
Folding chair design

These folding rattan chairs are a fresh spin on an old favourite. Natural rattan wraps the low-sitting X form with tall, tilted backrest. The whole provides a nifty fit with the rest of the contemporary decor.

Lina folding chair
Sanchez Rachel
Ikea folding chairs wood
Contemporary folding chairs
Abigail Wrightful

I am a big fan of folding pieces of furniture, like the folding beach chairs. This one, is modern, simple, folding, white and solid. If you like outdoor activities, you need to have it.

Designer folding chairs
Kristen Coll
Folding Chair Metal Portable Foldable for Indoor or Outdoor, Dining Rm & Kitchen Padded Vinyl Green
Ward Erica

It is a folding chair that has got a solid metal construction, green color and is great for indoor and outdoor use. This chair is great for kitchen, dining room, garden, patio and other. You need to have it.

Elizabeth Coupe

It is a folding chair that has got a bamboo stylish design and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It has got a comfortable seat and curved back. Everyone will tell you how amazing this chair is.

Stylish folding chairs
Mackenzie Milani
Above a folding chair with handcrafted appeal resource furnitures
Wood folding chairs ikea
Ross Melissa
Beechwood folding chairs set of 4 modern chairs
Tara Gosselin
Cool chair ideas
Erin Robe
Telescope folding chair clear by modern way
Stone Caroline
From flat to flux a modern folding chair 3
Karen Ale
Folding chair by osvaldo borsani for tecno
Renee Thom
Kartell dolly modern folding chair 1
Ebony Brow
Modern chair design
Jessica Pet