Modern Dvd Storage

Do you have a collection of DVDs? To keep it organized, a cabinet or a rack might be needed. Jump below to see my web findings. In the collection below I've included modern DVD storage which is ideal for many rooms. Here's the board and some inspiring photos.

Modern dvd storage 2

Awesome dvd storage

Shelf in the shelf - this is quite an unexpected combination for modern dvd storage. White rectangular shelf segments, with simple square shapes, overlap each other to increase functionality but also enchant your design.

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Media rack for storing DVD's, CD's and more. Designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. Modern and functional design for each room.

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A heaven for the musicaholics. This multilevel stilage could hold the longstanding collection of CDs and DVDs. Maybe it will be hard to find something in this number of discs, but the real collectors have thei own way to deal with it.

Dvd storage white

This unique round cabinet will be a perfect storage unit for your books or albums' collections. A very creative and functional piece of furniture, that will catch the attention of anyone entering the space.

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Modern, futuristic-looking DVD and CD storage with an electronic system which remembers stored discs and dispenses them at need. The whole frame of the piece is made out of stainless steel, giving it a shiny look.

Unique dvd storage ideas

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What an amazing solution for a bookcase mixed with a CD storage. Two very simplistic wall-mounted cabinets with a plenty of room for storing your books and music. Very modern, contemporary look.

Modern dvd storage

Modern dvd storage

Modern dvd shelves

Modern storage tower

Modern dvd storage 2

An attractive modern wall-mounted unit for CDs and DVDs. It features a wonderful wide rectangular frame, modelled on old paintings' frames, with a golden finish and intricate floral carvings. It has 24 pigeonholes in 4 tiers behind glass doors.

Wall shelf for dvd player

A good choice for organizing your CDs and DVDs without taking too much space of your room. Each shelf has many compartments, and it is mounted on the wall, so your room will be left with much space to use.

Artisan Modern Wave 140 DVD/BluRay Wave Tower or Wall Mount Storage Rack

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200 Series 128 DVD Multimedia Storage Rack

200 Series 128 DVD Multimedia Storage Rack
Wall mounted storage rack for DVDs. It is able to hold up to 128 DVDs, so it is suitable for people who own very large movie collections. This wooden rack is durable and its simple construction is great for modern indoors.

Library 93

A perfect solution for any library or home office - these closets make for a great addition, since they offer some more space in the sliding out door and bring a modern feel and ample functionality to your interior.

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Floating dvd rack

TransDeco Glass Multimedia CD/DVD Rack for 792 CD 552 DVD, Black

Creative cd storage

Modern dvd storage 5

Finding a bookshelf that will fit into the corner of

Creative dvd storage

Contemporary dvd storage

Modern dvd storage cabinet

Modern dvd storage

Modern dvd storage 6

Cardboard cd storage

Dvd storage table

Modern dvd storage 7

Tall narrow linen cabinet

The tall and slim cabinet is a beautiful and extremely functional element to the decor of the bathroom. Milky glass discreetly exposes the contents, and bright colors add lightness to the decor.

Dvd movie holder

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Diy dvd shelf

Creative and cool hanging racks for CDs and DVDs. Their oval or round frames are handmade of crisscrossed plywood slates in brown tones. Racks can have varied amount of pigeonholes and be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Cool dvd holder

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Atlantic 78205091 Media Folding Rack 153 CD or 72 DVD P2

If your media storage needs are... well, huge, but you are never sure whether you'll need an additional space in your room, try out this capacious media rack. It not only accommodates up to 153 CDs or 72 DVDs, but it also folds down when not busy.

Unique dvd storage ideas interior interesting cd or dvd storage

Cool dvd holders

18 modern and stylish cd dvd rack and holder designs

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Functional and portable, this Snap-N-Store CD Storage Box in Black Finish is able to hold up to 60 slim/30 std cases. The box offers industrial snaps for proper security, and leather-like PVC laminate exterior.

Out storage cabinets that flank the fireplace and seats with

Innovative cd and dvd storage solutions 2

Home goa modern dvd cd walnut living room storage cabinet

SEI Black Steel Wall-Mount CD Rack