Modern Door Stops

What do you think about door stops? Even if you haven’t thought about buying one of those, you might still appreciate the rich collection of the sizes, shapes and designs that you can have a look at below. They differ from each other but they are all nice and useful.

INOX DSIX02-32 Floor Mount Door Stop, Bright Chrome

Doorstop featuring sleek, modern design and construction made of stainless steel as well as durable rubber. The doorstop is perfect for residential and commercial use, as the construction is very durable.

Blomus Entra Door Stop 65353, Size: 0.98" H x 0.98" W x 1.5" D

It is a wall mounted door stop that is perfect to protect your walls. It has got a small size and high quality. If you looking for a perfect door stop, you need to choose this one. You need to have it.

Rockwood 446.26 Brass Modern Style Universal Door Stop, #12 X 1-1/2" WS Fastener with Plastic Anchor and 12-24 x 1" FH MS Fastener with Lead Anchor, 1-1/4" Base Diameter, 1-1/2" Height, Polished Chrome Plated Finish

It is a modern door stop that is perfect to protect your walls. It has got an polished chrome plated finish and high quality. If you looking for a perfect door stop, you need to choose this one.

Modern Art Stainless Steel Baseboard Stop

Modern Art Stainless Steel Baseboard Stop
This modern styled, elegant baseboard stop can be screw on to a wall or floor. Its sturdy brass construction is durable enough that it can be use commercial. It has a black round rubber tip to secure door from damage.

Designer door stops

This modern door stop enchants with its contemporary appeal. Comma-shaped, chrome item, will protect your furniture from cracking and denting. A cool way to add a modern, eye-catching accent to one's decor.

Stanley S846-206 4-3/4 Inch Heavy Duty Satin Nickel Wedge Door Stop

Metal wedge door stop that protects hardwood surfaces from scratching and denting. It features rubber anti-skid base that provides gripping action. Modern design makes it work in any decor, at home or in the office.

Ooob a fun playful door stop

INOX DSIX04-32 Wall Mount Door Stop On Rose, Bright Chrome

This kind of product is a high quality wall mounted door stop that features a solid metal construction with a chrome finish. It has got a rubber tip that protects doors and walls from damage caused by sudden and fast door opening.

Modern door stops 6

Modern door stop, crafted out of brushed stainless steel and thick rubber. Cylinder design provides high efficacy in protecting any door, while blending gracefully with contemporary interior settings.

Modern door stops 5

This small element is very functional and serves as a door stop and as an additional home decoration. It looks like a paper airplane. This item protects doors and walls from impact damage and its neutral colors look great in any house.

Duo Door Stopper by Nova Hardware

A simple, but solid and useful construction in the house. This door stop is a product designed for use on wall or floor. It is made of stainless steel and it has got a rubber protection that will not damage doors.

Contemporary door stops

Suitable for modern interiors, this small door stop is maybe tiny, but also very effective. Made of stainless steel and topped with a thick, rubber cap, it's easy to mount and will hold your door like a professional doorman.

Contemporary door stops

Ear-shaped, this designer door stop constitutes a good example of the contemporary design. It is made from a flexible, weather-resistant rubber co-molded over a teardrop-shaped frame. Made in Germany, available in various colours.

Blomus Door Stop

A small, simple, functional element that also plays a decorative role. It is a door stop made of durable brushed stainless steel covered with material that is resistant to damage caused by doors. This type of product protects walls and furniture.

Door stops 3

Cylinder door stop

Adding a contemporary accent to your foyer or entryway, this square floor mounted door stop will be a smooth, durable proposition. It has the size of 1-5/8 inches.

Blomus stop short door stop allmodern

Karcher design non fixed door stop

James the doorman 1

Zamac/Steel Magnetic Door Stop and Holder

Zamac/Steel Magnetic Door Stop and Holder
It is a magnetic door stop and holder that is made of steel and is available in many color options to choose. It is a perfect addition to your living room, bedroom, bathroom and more.

Modern door stops 4

When choosing a door stopwatch it is worth paying attention to whether its appearance matches the rest of the arrangement. For modern interiors, it is best to buy a metal modern door stop though unique like this of a magnet form. Gray,black or even celadon.

FPL Door Locks H2017 Magnetic Door Stop - Holder for Home or Office in Antique Brass- Keeps Door Open Even with a Door Closer

A very simple, but functional product that serves as a door stop. This magnetic holder is made of metal, so it looks very nice in contemporary indoors. It protects walls from damage caused by opened doors.

National Hardware V811 Door Stop/Lock in Brass

This kind of element is a special product responsible for stopping and locking doors in the house. Thanks to this kind of stop, doors will not hit any piece of furniture or wall. This is a solid product that is made of steel.

SuperiorMaker Door Stop Works on All Surfaces, Including Carpet And Keeps Door Securely Open - 4 Pack of Black Stylish Rubber Flexible Floor Door Stops - Non-Scratching Door Stop - Modern Wedge Door Stop Design

This kind of product is a door stop that allows for safe opening of doors. It protects the walls, furniture, etc. This small product has got a black color and durable construction. It can be used on all types of surfaces.

National Hardware V8024 Hinge Pin Door Stop in Antique Brass

Practical contemporary on hinge-mounted door stop for protection walls against hitting. It's crafted of cast metal with a brass finish. It's equipped with a steel adjusting screw and elements of white rubber and plastic.

Blomus Wedge Door Stop

This kind of element is a small door stop that protects walls and different pieces of furniture from damage caused by opened doors. It has got a simple construction based on a solid frame made of stainless steel.

Linnea floor door stop ds 40

KES® HDS201-2-P2 Solid Stainless Steel Floor Door Stopper Stops Screw Mount 2 Pcs Pack, Brushed

This element is a door stopper that features a durable stainless steel construction. It has got a special protection, so doors will not become damaged. This door stopper has got openings for mounting screws. It is designed to use on the floor.

Safeguard your door with style this exclusive door stop provides

Blomus Stainless-Steel Door Stop

This type of door stop is a small, but high quality product that assures protection of walls and different pieces of furniture. The product is made of stainless steel. It works very well even with heavy industrial doors.

Free standing door stop

National Hardware BB8023 3" Spring Door Stop in Antique Brass

Antique brass design of this simple yet distinctive door stop will bring a nice touch to your decor. Ordinary door stops are dull, but this one is definitely not one of them. Metal construction promises longevity.

Modern door stop 2

Twin Draft Guard Brown

It is a simple, but useful and energy saving solution for houses. This twin draft guard is designed for use in lower parts of doors. It protects from loosing too much warmth from the house, so it provides comfort and saves energy.

National Hardware V1935 Wall Door Stops - Solid Brass in Solid Brass

Beautifully shaped doorstop with base made of solid brass and top made of durable and high quality rubber. It's a great addition to any interior as it prevents door from damaging wall and has nice design.

Stanley Hardware V8023 3" Spring Door Stop in Satin Nickel

It is a spring door stop that is perfect to protect your walls. It has got a satin nickel finish and high quality. If you looking for a perfect door stop, you need to choose this one. You need to have it.

Modern door stops 3

Magnetic Door Stop & Holder for Home or Office in Brushed Steel- Keeps Door Open Even with a Door Closer

Elegant magnetic door stop / door holder, crafted from high quality metal with brushed steel finish. Thanks to versatile design, it seems appropriate for both home area and professional applications, such as in office.

Linnea floor door stop ds 5

Every time i look at this door stop i think

National Hardware V8023 3" Spring Door Stop in White

Spring door stop with wide base plate that detaches from the spring for installation and provides better support. It is made from steel with rubber bumper that protects your floor. White finish is highly versatile.

Modern door stops 1

Stainless steel door holder

Leaf door stopper so cute better looking than those brown

Railroad Spike Door Stop

Railroad Spike Door Stop
Functional door stopper made of durable metal in rustic lacquer finish providing a reliable way to hold the door open without damaging the wall. Easy to install and remove, versatile and sturdy utility item.

Blomus stainless steel door stop by blomus 42 29 black

Brass doorstop

Double door sliding barn door hardware

Double Door Sliding Barn Door Hardware
A great choice for improving your home with a bit of old-fashioned flavor and practicality. This double sliding dooris are made of Barnwood, attached to the powder-coated fastening that is mounted to a wall.

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