Mirrored Room Dividers

What do you think about mirrored room dividers? Browse through the options that are presented below, and find the right shape, size and colour of such room divider. We can assure you that many people have already chosen them and what is your opinion about so many possibilities? Choose the best one.

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If you are looking for ideas how to divide your space within the rooms, this Morrocan style floor screen is a beautiful way to do it. Intricately designed, with lots of subtle pattern details.

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A chic traditional room divider composed of 3 tall rectangular hinged panels. Each panel has a rather simple and narrow frame of wood with a light brown finish. Each frame is filled with a large pane of mirrored glass.

Mirrored room dividers
Mirrored room dividers

We just love the way this open room is setup to look, with a huge, oversized mirror purposed to divide the rooms into two. Perfectly fits the overall traditional mood of the room, with vintage and old-fashioned furniture.

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Mirrored room divider
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79" x 48" Stephan 4 Panel Room Divider

79" x 48" Stephan 4 Panel Room Divider

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Functional mirrored room divider that divides rooms into smaller spaces. This practical element of design looks very interesting thanks to its mirrored construction. It is also resistant to damage and wear.

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This amazing room divider will allow you to both provide some privacy in your room and make for a nice option when it comes to style and even more functionality, since it sports the mirrored design.

87" x 40" Sotto Rings Mirror Hanging Room Divider

87" x 40" Sotto Rings Mirror Hanging Room Divider
This mirror hanging room divider is a great solution for your interior decoration. Beautiful rings give the whole a remarkable nature by which it is impossible to resist his charms. Based on a solid metal structure.

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65" x 42" Preston Floor Standing 3 Panel Room Divider

65" x 42" Preston Floor Standing 3 Panel Room Divider
A floor standing room divider, consisting of three panels. The panels are made of basswood, the left and right panels are filled with photos in vintage style and the middle panel is mirrored. Well made and attractive.

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72" x 60" Full Size Dressing 3 Panel Room Divider

72" x 60" Full Size Dressing 3 Panel Room Divider

Ballard designs antiqued mirrored room divider screen
The most obvious use for your room divider is to
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Notre monde 3 panel decorative screening bistro mirror room dividers
Wayborn Furniture MS007 Full Size Dressing Screen Room Divider
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Not only will you separate from the unwanted space and strengthen the sense of privacy, but also remind you how beautiful you look - a mirrored room divider screen has many decorative and practical functions. First and foremost, it offers a glamor style.

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Moroccan woodwork overlaying mirror love that teal this is an
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White lattice over mercury glass i love this no matter
Mirrored room dividers
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70.25" x 30" Mirrored 3 Panel Room Divider

70.25" x 30" Mirrored 3 Panel Room Divider

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