Mirrored Room Divider Screen

The open space of lofts or big apartments sometimes needs to be divided and zones marked out. With the help of a mirrored room divider screen the task can be achieved easily and with great style. What's more, by the clever use of mirror surfaces the space doubles and the interior gains size. Check the products below.

Mirror room divider

Room divider covered with mirror. It consists of three panels mounted on hinges. Perfect solution for small spaces. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Antique room screens

The folded panel screens are an excellent way to decorate the interior. Beautiful finish with soldered elements makes the whole look phenomenal. The antique trim design of this divider adds an interior of a comfortable and very functional character.

Cutout screen panels

The impressive combination of the attractive design of this floor mirror/room divider screen is a perfect combination of functionality and unique style. The whole presents itself incredibly, giving the interior lightness, elegance and glamor effect.

French shabby chic 3 fold dressing mirror room divider screen

French Shabby Chic 3 Fold Dressing Mirror Room Divider Screen Antique Cream
OMG! I need to have this mirrored room divider screen in my bedroom, to separate the sleeping zone and changing room. It is construct of three glass panels with white wooden frame.

Mirrored room divider screen 4

Not only will you separate from the unwanted space and strengthen the sense of privacy, but also remind you how beautiful you look - a mirrored room divider screen has many decorative and practical functions. First and foremost, it offers a glamor style.

Painted room divider 1

A wonderful vintage room divider comprised of 4 rectangular panels with a worn wooden edges in browns. Panels are of mirrored Venetian glass with traces of fogging and splotching but featuring beautiful hand-painted birds and flowers designs.

84" x 63" Bellevue Room Divider

84" x 63" Bellevue Room Divider
Screen in the traditional form. Includes 3 folding panels framed in a solid frame and covered with glass. Appropriate solution to the division of the room. It is very well recommended by customers.

Mirror divider

Unusual room divider screen! I adore how simple yet dramatic it is - rectangle panels of different height are enclosed in thin metal frames, and they reflect light as they're slightly mirrored (but still see-through). #ToBuy

Mirrored room divider screen 1

A lovely room divider consisted of mirrored panels with magnificent finials, excellent for luxurious master bedrooms. The Venetian mirror sits in a metal frame with short legs for stability, allowing you to easily adjust the positions of each panel.

Mirror room divider screen

An ideal choice if you want to embellish your showroom or boutique...or add some piquancy to your bedroom decor. This foldable black vintage dressing screen delights with carefully crafted mesh.

Westminster room divider 1

Westminster Room Divider
Room divider consisting of 3 panels covered with mirror. Frame is finished with sophisticated ornament. Elegant and functional accent for each room as needed. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

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Mirrored room divider screen 2

Mirrored screen room divider

Mirror room divider 1

A chic vintage room divider made of wood with an off-white finish. It's built of 3 tall hinged panels. A central panel is taller than side ones. Each panel has curved legs, a wavy apron, an arched top part with a mesh inset. Edges are rich carved.

Mirrored folding screen room divider

Vintage screens room dividers

This eclectic interior can be described as contemporary, rustic and funky at a time - there's raw wood, sheen metal accessories, mirrored room dividing screen, hourglass geometric stools and a zebra rug. Just wow.

Mirror room dividers

Carved room dividers

Mirrored room divider screen 3

Modernist 6 paneled mirrored screen modern screens and wall dividers

Art deco inspired furniture

Room divider in the Art Deco style. It is made of metal with gold finish. It consists of 3 panels fitted with hinges. Elegant and functional accent for each place as needed.

Mirrored room divider screen 1

Mirrored furniture our specialty is mirrored chests nightstands

Mirror room divider 3 panel screen 2

355 decorator mirrored room divider folding screen

Mirrored room dividers

Dressing room divider screen

Mirrored screens

French shabby chic 3 fold dressing mirror room divider screen

French Shabby Chic 3 Fold Dressing Mirror Room Divider Screen Antique Cream

Wayborn Furniture MS007 Full Size Dressing Screen Room Divider

Decorative laser cut panels

A vintage room divider, like this one, can truly change the appearance of your indoor area. It's made of old-fashioned, repurposed windows that are mounted to a ceiling with strong chains. Each window has a wood frame and clear glass panels.

Beaded empire mirror room divider screen

Coaster 4-Panel Elegant Room Divider Screen, Ivory Fabric, Metal Frame

Metal room divider screen

A beautiful room divider that can also be a stunning decoration for modern interiors. It's assembled of 3 panels with geometric cut out design, operating on functional hinges and allowing you to easily adjust its position.

70" x 51" Gia 3 Panel Room Divider

70" x 51" Gia 3 Panel Room Divider
This stylish room divider panel is a very practical and decorative design element. Beautifully executed reminiscent of oriental atmosphere. Made on the basis of the wooden structure is robust.

Folding mirror screen great for privacy enlarging a space and

Decorative metal screens

Play with the light and see how wonderful possibilities it offers. These unique glass panel screens can make a miraculous interior divider, operating with light to create a breathtaking experience. Recommended for modern houses.

Mirrored screen room divider

Venetian glass screen 3050 by taylor llorente

Mirrored room divider screen 3

Mirrored folding screen

Celeste floor screen room folding screen room divider screen divider

Gray stencilled walls

Pretty mirrored folding screen would reflect natural light and candle

72" x 27" Illuminated Room Divider

72" x 27" Illuminated Room Divider

Striking closet doors disc interiors west los angeles residence

Mirrored room screen

Mirror room screen

Mirrored room divider screen

This dressing screen features beautiful carvings and is finished in a soft lime wash. A fantastic addition to any rustic chateau-chic scheme. Folded out, it has an overall size of W 180 x H 208cm.