Mini Chandelier For Nursery

Chandeliers might not be the most important thing to have, we all know that. Still, they can play quite a useful role and those that you are about to see, are not only an interesting visually but also a functional thing. Don’t you want to have one of them at home?

Pink mini chandelier

Mini chandelier for nursery 14

Chandelier in nursery 1

Mini chandelier for nursery 16

Oval Shimmer Chandelier

Oval Shimmer Chandelier

Mini chandelier for nursery

This enchanting crystal chandelier constitutes a great proposition for one's nursery. The adorable combination of subtle crystals and pale pink lampshades makes it a great way to embellish a girl's bedroom.

Tadpoles mini chandelier

Mini chandelier for nursery 19

Black plastic chandelier

Small chandelier for nursery

Princess chandelier nursery

Mini chandelier for nursery 7

Chandelier for nursery

Chandeliers for nursery

Queen 4 Light Mini Chandelier

Queen 4 Light Mini Chandelier
An exquisite addition for improving your home décor. This mini crystal chandelier is designed of dangling plastic crystal accents, also offering 4 lights, curved arms, decorative carvings, and installation on sloped ceilings. Each bulb holder accommodates one 60W candle base bulb.

Nursery with chandelier

Pink chandelier for nursery 1

Original chandelier with 5 lights. Frame is made of metal and decorated with carefully made crystals. Great as the main or additional source of light in all kinds of interiors.

Crystal chandelier for nursery

Nursery chandelier

Adorable take on a crystal chandelier, with a plenty of rose pink elements and crystals hanging down, giving the whole piece a unique, elegant look and an intricate detail. Would look beautiful in a classy, bright bedroom.

Chandelier for girl nursery

Richly decorated chandelier with 8 lights. Frame is made of metal and finished with decorative crystals. Adds freshness and elegance to each room.

Fashion 4 Light Mini Chandelier

Fashion 4 Light Mini Chandelier
The impressive chandelier is made of beautifully cut from plastic crystals. It has four lights in the style candle making are very stylish decorative element of the interior. Let your house looks like a palace.

Mini chandelier for nursery 1

When you decide to prepare the stylization for the kid's room, the chandelier is one of crucial points. If you decide that the room should grow up with your baby girl without redecorating, the crystal ceiling lamp is a good solution.

Dreamy pink mini chandelier with roses 2

Dreamy Pink Mini Chandelier With Roses
Embellished by roses, this dreamy pink mini chandelier can be a wonderful addition to nurseries or young girls' bedrooms. Creating an enchanting composition. The combination of crystals and roses looks astonishing.

Mini chandelier for nursery

A charming classy mini chandelier for nursery rooms. It has an elaborate frame of with a white finish. It's built of an ornate stem, 3 curved arms with sockets for candelabra bulbs, adorned with chains and crystals of clear glass and acrylic.

Celeste chandelier

Celeste Chandelier
A beautiful product that provides light in a room at night. Its attractive appearance also decorates indoors at day. This six-arm chandelier is made of wrought iron with a black finish. Its size is: 22" diameter, 21" high.

Pink plastic chandelier

An adorable, classy crystal chandelier with a bunch of artificial rose flowers which give it a unique, pink appearance. The electric candles make it safe and cost-efficient; a perfect addition to light up your bedroom.

Baby room chandelier

Small chandelier mounted on iron frame and finished with decorative glass beads. Great as the main or additional source of light in all kinds of interiors according to taste. Traditional form and elegant design.

Mini chandelier for nursery

Small chandelier with attractive floral and crystal themes. It not only provides light at night, but it also decorates indoors at day. This practical chandelier is based on durable materials, so it is a long lasting item.

Mini chandelier for nursery 5

A touch of delicate elegance in the house. A classic crystal chandelier with an attractive chrome finish. Its crystals deflect the light and they create a multi-directional glow that looks awesome. This functional and decorative product is 11 inches wide x 15 inches high.

Crystal Chandelier

Crystal Chandelier
Outfit your room with just the right amount of light with this exquisite, glamourous crystal chandelier. It is decorated with 100% crystal that capture and reflect the light of the candle bulbs, each resting in a scalloped bobache.

Middleton 4 Light Drum Chandelier

Middleton 4 Light Drum Chandelier
Wonderful contemporary chandelier featuring 4 drum shades with a pink fabric roses design. Its stem with a top bowl and a large bottom ball has S-curved arms and bulb caps of chromed metal and glass. It's decorated with dangling crystal chains.

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Mini chandelier for nursery 13

Beautiful collection of chandeliers that are perfect for your nursery

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Mini crystal chandelier lighting fixture foyer bedroom bathroom

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