Metal Wall Wine Rack Bottle Holder

When I sat down to start searching for a metal wall wine rack bottle holder, I had no idea there were so many incredible designs available. And now I’m really having a hard time choosing just one. Some of them not only make a practical addition to a wine lover’s home, but can also be used as focal points instead of artwork.

Wood and metal wall wine rack

Wood And Metal Wall Wine Rack
An interesting addition to every kitchen or dining room. This rack is suitable for holding 5 wine bottles. It brings a modern style into the house. The product is made of reclaimed wood and the bottle holders are solid, because they are made of iron alloy.

Vurm 4 bottle wine rack

Incredible solution for wine lovers. Metal wall wine bottle holder, is a rustic piece of wooden art. Like in an old Italian vineyard, on metal brown supports hold even five bottle of your favorite Chardonnay. It is also a decoration of your kitchen wall.

Metal wall wine rack bottle holder 20

Industrial rustic modern 8 bottle wall

Industrial Rustic Modern 8 Bottle Wall
A practical solution for smaller kitchens; this wall-mounted rack allows you to store your glassware and wine bottles, at the same time. Designed of hardwood, the unit offers a glassware for 6 wine glasses, and a wine rack for holding up to 8 bottles of wine.

Wall mount bottle holder

Wine rack wall décor is perfect for decorating a luxurious house. Nothing amazes guests as much as a set of expensive, fancy wine bottles. Complement the wine rack with some smaller additions like candles for a complete effect.

Vurm wine rack

A space-saving and wall-mounted wine rack, excellent for smaller indoor spaces. Designed of powder-coated metal, the rack is very sturdy, accommodating up to 9 bottles of wine in horizontal position.

Metal wall wine rack bottle holder 11

How to hang wine crates on wall

Stunning dark cherry stained wall

Stunning Dark Cherry Stained Wall
This wall mounted wine rack includes shelves and decorative Mesh, wine and liquor shelf and cabinet. The wine rack does not need much space, and it can be mounted on the wall with 2 hanging brackets installed on back.

Metal wall wine rack bottle holder 4

Metal wall wine rack bottle holder 9

Showcasing offsetting wood paneling and 9 circular holders this rustic

Metal wall wine rack bottle holder 13

Metal wall wine rack bottle holder

Wine rack in industrial style. It is made of metal and wood. Includes screw holes for mounting on the wall. Includes 5 shelves for bottles of wine arranged vertically. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Metal wall wine rack bottle holder 3

Vurm 4 bottle wine rack 1

A practical and fancy-looking decoration for kitchens, dining rooms, and indoor bars. This wine rack features a wall-mount design, assembled of 7 metal panels in various finishes. Each panel holds a durable metal ring for accommodating 1 bottle of wine.

Higgins Tie Grid 144 Bottle Wine Rack

Higgins Tie Grid 144 Bottle Wine Rack

Rustic romance plymouth wine holder

Rustic Romance Plymouth Wine Holder
Are you searching for a wine rack that would spruce up your home ambiance? Well, you the need to consider this one. It features the five bottle holders, metal accents, stem holders, rustic design and it's wall mounted.

Metal wall wine rack bottle holder 14

Spirit wine rack holds 8 bottles wood metal oak finish

Metal wall wine rack bottle holder 16

Metal wall wine rack bottle holder

7 bottle metal wall mounted wine rack wine bottle holder

Wine barrel wine rack 5

Metal wall wine rack bottle holder 3

Wall mounted metal wine racks engaging black hanging wall mounted

Metal wall wine rack bottle holder 15

Ellehome charlotte wall mounted wine rack 22 l x 11

Towel wine rack bottle holder wall mount metal storage iron

Metal wall wine rack bottle holder 17

Upton home bustillo wall mount wine storage rack 2

Upton Home Bustillo Wall Mount Wine Storage Rack
A small, space saving, useful and stylish addition to any dining space. It is a storage rack made of fir wood with metal hardware. This rack is able to store up to four wine bottles. The product measures 8.5 inches high by 24.5 inches wide by 5.5 inches deep.

The distressed earth tone finish and durable metal construction highlight

Metal wall wine rack bottle holder

Practical and very stylish metal wine rack holder with glass holders is the perfect solution for anyone who appreciates good liquors. The whole is presented in a stylish and very functional way interestingly managing the space.

Metal wall wine rack bottle holder 12

Rustic wood entertaining shelves 1

Rustic Wood Entertaining Shelves
What to do to expose our glasses and exquisite wines? To give them a stable place choose metal wall wine rack bottle holder, with a hanger also for glasses.Composed of two parts imitates wood. At the top there are wines, below the shelf, hanging glass.

Wine rack 7 bottle

Wrought iron wall wine holder 5 bottle by bella toscana

Metal wall wine rack bottle holder 4

Vintageview 9 bottle wall mounted metal hanging wine rack 1

7 Bottle Wine Rack

7 Bottle Wine Rack
Made of high quality durable wood wine rack is the perfect place to store up to 7 bottles of your favorite wine. Antiqued wood looks very stylish and iswonderfully suited to your interior climate.

Rustic kitchen metal wall mounted wine rack 5 bottle storage

Wall mounted bottle holder

Handy and exceptionally made metal wine rack for bottles is a perfect combination of style and functionality. The whole holds five bottles of your favorite wine and presents itself fascinating on the wall.

Deco 79 Metal Wall Wine Holder, 36 by 9-Inch

Oenophilia Climbing Tendril Hanging Wine Rack, Black - 6 Bottle

Wall wine rack holder bottle mount storage bar glass mounted

Concept Housewares Metro 8-Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack, Chocolate, Metal

Wood wine bottle holder rack wall mount 6 bottle 3ft

Hanging metal wall wine rack wine bottle cork display home

Catania 6 Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Catania 6 Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack
Functional and decorative, this 6-Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack offers handcrafted, durable, metal construction. The rack provides easy mounting and easy cleaning, along with long years of enjoyable usage.

Metal wall wine rack bottle holder 8