Metal Wall Mount Shelf

Need some extra storage space and a shelf which will spice up the room? Check out my collection of metal wall mount shelves below. They are a perfect choice if you like furniture with a twist.

Metal wall mount shelf

Handy and exceptionally stylish wall mount shelf is a perfect combination of mesh base and functionality. The whole thing will be in the kitchen or bathroom and not only. The metal mesh is universal and fits into any decor.

Metal wall mount shelf 6

Thanks to this floating shelf you are getting a very durable and easy to clean piece for indoor use. The shelf comes with a wall-mount design, a powder-coated surface.

Metal wall mount shelf 3

Wall mounted shelf in simple form. It is made of aluminum and fitted with screw holes for easy mounting. Perfect for display photos or small decorations. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Metal wall mount shelf 2

A durable addition for homes that sparkle with industrial charm. This shelf unit is wall-mounted, crafted of premium metal and splashed in a black finish, offering 10 intricate open compartments.

Shelf for over bar area or kitchen cb2 bent metal

Metal wall mount shelf

Long-lasting and lightweight, this wall-mounting storage rack boasts of its narrow silhouette and durable construction. Made of powder-coated metal, the rack features a lattice design, 1 compact shelf on top and 3 small storage compartments.

Metal wall mount shelf 34

Metal wall mount shelf

Metal wall mount shelf 5

Wall mounted shelf made of wood and metal. Includes 4 open shelves for storing books or display decorations. Received many positive recommendations from clients for high quality and functionality.

Pilastro attr industrial folded sheet metal wall mount book shelf

LAXseries 3X Wall Mounted Shelf

LAXseries 3X Wall Mounted Shelf

Metal wall mount shelf

Metal wall mount shelf 28

Metal wall mount shelf 10

Made of metal fixed to the wall of the shelf is an attractive accent that captivates. The whole is impressive and very functional. Easy to assemble will be an interesting element of children's room, bedroom or living room.

Metal wall mount shelf

Metal wall mount shelf 17

Contemporary metal wall shelf air by maurizio peregalli zeus

Metal wall mount shelf

Metal wall mount shelf 16

Simple wall mount shelf solid walnut and 1

Simple Wall Mount Shelf Solid Walnut And
A solid shelf attached to the wall is a perfect construction of metal and wood which will be great in every interior. Industrial artistry makes it a simple and functional piece of furniture, yet very impressive in its simplicity.

Metal wall mount shelf 1

Wall mounted rack consisting of braided wires. It contains 3 compartments for storing fruits, vegetables and others needed items. Functional accent for any kitchen. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Metal wall mount shelf 1

Metal wall mount shelf 12

Wall mounted shelves made of metal pipes. It is fitted with screw holes for easy mounting. Suitable for storing books and other needed stuff. Modern and functional design for each room.

Metal wall mount shelf 11

An aesthetic simple contemporary wall-mounted shelf with storage compartments (having hinged flip down doors with edge handles) underneath. A shelf has a rectilinear body manufactured of white-coated metal.

Metal wall mount shelf 38

Metal wall mount shelf 27

Metal wall mount shelf 18

Black metal 3 shelf spice rack wall mount

Small metal wall shelf

With this wall mounted 3-shelf storage rack with towel bar your home decor is going to be as chic as never before. It will splash your home decor with a drop of rustic and vintage style. you will be impressed how beautiful the scrollwork metal finish is.

Metal wall mount shelf 14

Metal wall mount shelf 20

Metal wall mount shelf 32

Metal wall mount shelf 36

Wall mounted towel holder hotel motel commercial metal bath chrome

Wall Mounted Towel Holder Hotel Motel Commercial Metal Bath Chrome Rack Shelf
Metal towel holder for wall mounting. This item is suitable for both commercial and home applications. The rack includes many shelves for different sizes of towels. They are made of metal with a nice chrome finish.

Metal wall mount shelf 19

Metal wall mount shelf 37

Metal wall mount shelf 33

Beautiful black metal decorative wall mounted storage shelf w 5

Alcove wall shelf in wall mounted storage cb2 2

Metal wall mount shelf 7

Effectively attached to the shelf wall is a wonderful element decoration of the vanity, bathroom or wardrobe. Small shelves, with a lot of space, will hold trinkets and hooks will allow you to hang jewelry and other things.

Uma enterprises 20 in wood wall mounted shelving item 458709

Metal wall mount shelf 9

Designed for contemporary homes, this durable shelf unit comes with a wall-mount design and eye-catching mesh pattern. It's crafted of powder-coated metal, offering 5 easy-to-clean open shelves.

Stainless steel shelves wall mount 5

Tomado or pilastro industrial folded sheet metal wall mount book

Metal wall mount shelf 1

Metal gunmetal wall shelf in wall decor cb2 what i

Acrylic wall shelf in view all accessories cb2

Wood and wire wall multi basket eclectic wall shelves

Range Kleen 2 Shelf Wall Mount Black Pot Rack

This solidly made of black enamel coated metal pot rack is the perfect solution for every kitchen. It allows you to comfortably put the pots and kitchen accessories. They allow you to keep them within reach.

Spectrum Wall-Mountable Black Scroll Spice Rack