Metal Wall Flower Art

Is there a blank wall at your home to be decorated? If you're not after painted canvas or a photo gallery, check out metal wall flower art from my collection below. It's an interesting alternative which transforms an empty wall into a space of unique style.

Alyssa Thompson Interior Design Expert
Metal wall flower art 4

I am a big fan of abstract wall art, so I decide to add it on my back patio wall. The flower metal construction and art panel measures 24 inches. It features the white color, which fits to any other.

Wire flowers wall art
Torres Veronica

This charcoal, metal, flower wall accent enchants with its designer, yet raw finish. A contemporary form that will embellish any wall decoration, both indoors as well as outdoors.

Metal wall flower art 3
Maria Fost

Metal art wall is an excellent way to original design of living room, office and more. Made in the form of a silver flower of lotus art wall delights with subtlety and exceptional style, making the interior more elegant.

Rustic metal flowers for crafts
Jacqueline Wil

If your home screams for some stylish pampering, you can always take a look at those gorgeous flower decorations that can be easily attached to a wall. Created of durable metal with lovely finials, you can be sure, your wall will be blooming with beauty for many years to come.

Metal flower art
Coupe Andrea

Beautiful, red metal wall art. One of these is all you need to spark some life in your interior. We advise trying it out in the bedroom, where it can invite some romantic, fiery atmosphere.

Metal wall flower art 16

Today, everything can be an art - on the condition that someone will like it. This metallic wall flower art glued on a bright white background - probably it can be called a decorative art because it is beautifully ornate in glamor style, not one wall.

Metal wall flower art
Bianca Noorda

A smooth way to embellish one's space. This poppy metal artwork will be an ideal adornment of your indoor or outdoor walls. Made from formable wrought iron, this flower will add warmth and coziness to the surroundings.

Metal wall flower art 18

Five layers of a vintage glass were enough to create a functional metal art in the form of a spring multidimensional flower - which will surely return your attention to the garden. It has a blue-green color of transparent glass and is stuck on a metal rod.

Flower Basket Metal Wall Art

Imitating a flower basket, this metal wall art is actually a great way to add some charming, cosy character to one's outdoors. It looks great on bright wooden panels.

Contemporary metal wall art flowers
Mendes Natasha

Wall decoration made of metal and decorated with floral theme. It has screw holes for easy assembly. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Krystle Gar
Metal wall flower

An amazing innovative wall art of white and creamy-finished metal. Its rectangular body features intricate hand-cut flowers of various shapes and sizes. It can be lighted e.g. with Christmas lights at the backside and arranged in various ways.

Metal flower art decor
Jessica Mit

Cheerful paper flowers that you can use to decorate any interior. It’s a great idea for decorating your kids’ room, but only. We think they would be more than appropriate for any room that’s open in the garden.

Metal wall flower art 10
Stacey Mor

You can choose the meaning of this wall flower art made by hand from bent metal. Delicate flowers with large buds, reminiscent of micro tornados, or lollipops stuck in the ground. You shape them with your imagination - they always look the same beautiful.

Wire flower wall decor
Crystal Joh

Looking for natural elements to enhance your interior? Check out these beautiful metal flowers. You can be sure that those won’t wither anytime soon, and therefore you won’t have to ever replace them.

Large abstract wall art

Contemporary abstract wall art with blue and gray color prevailing; the print resembles flower or sunburst with dark navy centre and gradient rays/petals in blue, gray and white. The artwork is displayed in rectangular frame.

Metal wall flower art 17
Dana Wil

Handmade, this metal flower can be a great wall decoration, adding a vibrant accent to any interior. Finished in intensive, deep blue with variously patterned yellow adornments.

Decorative wall flowers
Theresa Wrig

The interesting proposal of the modern art. Reclaiming old metal rubbish and creating of the fantastic floral patterns gives the "salvage garden" composition. It could be a protest art against increasing planet pollution.

Lotus flower wall art

Created from many bits of colorful materials, this breathtaking work of art will astonish your guests in a blink of an eye. Such a stunning design is also a great idea for complementing your modern office or artistic workshop.

Little Flowers Wall Art
Alexis Hallify

Little Flowers Wall Art
Aesthetic modern wall-mounted decor intended for girls and women's rooms. This rectangular painting inkjet print shows slender purple flowers. It's fixed to a fibreboard bed with a decorative wood-imitating surface finish.

Ceramic flower wall art
Kristin Gra

Add these stunning wall plaques to your interior to make it stand out a little more with visual appeal and charm. They sport the flowery pattern and are simply great for your kitchen or hallway, making for a beautiful accent.

Metal wall flower art 26
Alexis Milani

Why not turn your jewelry into yet another art piece for your wall with a bit of help from this amazing jewelry tree. It offers the design with small crystals on top that will let you hang your favorite pieces of jewelry and display them beautifully.

Metal wall flower art 22
Krystal Ross

Modern wall art: metal flower blooms. Interesting design, though the form of the flowers resembles polypore, tbh. Still pretty unique, though. Great alternative for typical starburst wall decorations.

Gardman 8422 Poppy Wall Art - Three Pieces - Large: 17" long x 17" wide, Medium: 12" long x 12" wide, Small: 8" long x 8" wide
Set of 2 Metal Wall Plaques (Multi Color) (30"H x 14"W x 1"D)
Flower art work
Isabella Martinable

A fantastic decoration for outdoor areas, that can be easily mounted on a wall, giving you a lovely floral embellishment. The design inlcudes green stalks made of garden hoses and blooming flowers created of colorful plates.

Metal flowers wall art
Laetitia Kloss

Wall decoration made of recycled cans. Dedicated to outdoor use. Sophisticated addition for garden, patio, porch and more. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Contemporary metal wall art metal wall art lilac teal flower
Cynthia Smit
Metal wall flower art 21
Maria Wil
Metal wall flower art
Jasmine Clar
Master xma631 jpg
Stephanie Wil
Pure inspiration for quilling will put photos instead of butterflies
Vanessa Davis
Metal wall flower art 5
Wall flower art
Torres Veronica
Little Flowers Painting Print on Wood

Little Flowers Painting Print on Wood
Attractive contemporary wall-mounted painting inkjet print showing delicate slender red flowers. This rectangular painting print is fixed to a fibreboard bed with a decorative wood-imitating finish.

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Stylecraft transitional metal flower wall art stc wi 42109 ds
Sarah Ashleyist
Gemstone Floral 3D Metal Wall Art
Alyssa Wilsonify
Contemporary metal wall art autumn flowers spray
Natalie Barn
Metal wall art lilac flowers in 3d oval frame
Carmen Milani
A peaceful bouquet for your wall recycled soda cans on
Jenna Edward
Large metal leaf wall art
Bush Eliza

Wall art decorated with floral theme. It is completely made of metal. Elegant accent for the living room, dinning room, bedroom and more. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Metal wall art wall flower
Evans Liliana
Metal wall art mirror flower candle holder 1
Patricia Wright
Metal wall flower art 2
Mackenzie Milani

An amazing decoration designed of a durable barbed wire in shape of a blooming flower with two leaves. It's all handmade and you can easily mount it on your wall to enhance your contemporary home decor.

Can do this with kids paint background and glue twigs
Metal wall flower art
Alicia Flor
Large 3D Metal Flower Set of 3 Flowers Red Blue Yellow
Murphy Kimberly
In stock metal wall art flower arch
Veronica Wood
Flower chain metal wall art hand crafted metal sculpture with
Mendes Natasha