Metal Votive Candle Holders

Candle holders might not be most important but, as evidenced by this collection, they can play quite a useful role and look very nice. Take a look at these variations of metal candle holders and try to find something for yourself. What will you have to say about such a great variety?

Amanda Gosselin Interior Design Expert
Metal votive candle holders 24
Renee Thom

Tiny tin houses with candles and evergreens for the winter holiday

Metal votive candle holders 2
Tara Gosselin

Think of a few things that easily embellish the interior? Flowers and? Candle holders! Metal votive, in copper color, with gold finish - importantly handmade. You get the impression that they are made of exotic lace.

Metal votive candle holders 2
Crystal Thompson

wedding reception decor, candle wedding decor, add pic source on comment and we will update it.

Metal votive candle holders 1
Kristen Green

Metallic votive candleholders

Metal votive candle holders 1
Leah Campbell

A charming candlestick crafted of thin black-coated metal wires. It looks like 3 thin tree twigs intertwined with each other and having numerous more and more thin offshoots with 3 round flared cups and clear glass balls on ends.

Metal tree candle holder
Esther Gar

These are beautiful DIY tea light candle holders. Originally they were typical, transparent glass, but they were given a new life by painting them metallic gold. it can become a nice decoration of a wedding celebration.

Metal votive candle holders 9

Pretty containers

Metal votive candle holders 10

Wrap jars in metal for a gorgeous candle holder perfect for weddings or everyday use! These metal wrapped jar candle holders are so easy to make. Adding this to my must make list!

Metal votive candle holders 4
Jennifer Hay

A charming votive candle holder made of shiny mercury glass. It's displayed on a sparkling, mirror base. It will be a wonderful decoration of a wedding table or Christmas table. You can also use it during supper to create a romantic atmosphere.

Metal votive candle holders

A traditional metal candle chandelier in black. It's built of a round frame with 12 ring holders (for candle cups) fixed inside, 12 hooks fixed outside (they are used to adorn a chandelier with e.g. dangling crystals), 3 trimodal hangers and a hook.

Metal twig candle holder
Tara Zucker

A small, but eye-catching object, which might be a nice highlight of the table. It's a metal candle holder that features countless small holes. The holder has a subtle and romantic design that will be perfect as a wedding decoration.

Metal twig tree candle holder
Hill Karen

One of the best ways to set the mood in the interior is to use metal votive candle colders. Braided from small circles, disperse the whole room - with beautiful warm candle light. Are finished in gold and can be your favorite centerpieces.

Tin house candle holder

These metal candle holders distinguish themselves with multiple, tiny, crystal ornaments. They create a magical, glittering composition. Having all that said, they shall be considered while organizing weddings i.e.

Metal votive candle holders 22
Patterson Alexandra

Elegant #Christmas mantel with a metallic feel made with wrapping paper and glass containers!

Metal votive candle holders 17
Kristen Green

Glass Star Candleholder Rain Chain. For sale. I would like to make one. Materials: Ceramic Beads, Telephone Wire, Glass, Upcycled Candleholders

Metal tealight holders
Bennett Melanie

This metal decorative crowns will give you a romantic atmosphere on the patio. Made from oil lamps are perfect to use as a candle holders in unique design of crown. The crowns will underline the beauty of other decorations on your patio.

Punched metal candle holder
Carmen Milani

SKURAR Candle holder, assorted colors

Metal votive candle holders 7
Alexis Millerism

Really creative candle holders ideas. Metal votive holders look really posh. These egg shape look super romantic, and the ones with the bulb shape reminds us of christmas time. Either way it's such a cool idea to use candles.

Punched metal votive candle holder you always need candles in

Punched Metal Votive Candle Holder you always need candles in the bedroom

Metal votive candle holders 11

Copper Wedding Decoration / Copper Wedding by CarolesWeddingWhimsy, $39.99set of 6. Copper Wedding Vase with Silk Flowers - It is never to early to think about FALL WEDDINGS and SPECIAL events. This set of (6) Copper Vases trimmed with Chocolate Brown R

Metal votive candle holders
Cassandra John

A charming tea light holder that you can make on your own. Just prepare a typical glass votive holder and dye it with a light pink paint. You can distress it a little bit to obtain even a better efffect.

Tassel Iron Votive
Hilton Emily

Tassel Iron Votive
Pretty decorous stand for votive candles. Crafted of iron and glass, it showcases aromantic style inspired by ancient times. Central holder is topped off with swirly accents; they hold three votive cups.

Metal votive candle holders 19

A charming little candle holder, would look great in teh autumn or winter. DIY Rustic Glam Candle Holder // 7th House on the Left

Metal votive candle holders 10
Jessica Zernike

metal napkin rings used as tea light holders, how great! | nelly vintage home

Place these fairytale dreams centerpieces on your tables and watch
Lindsay Gre

Place these Fairytale Dreams Centerpieces on your tables and watch your fairytale event unfold. Each metal Fairytale Dreams Centerpiece is 9 inches high x 6 inches wide x 10 inches long. Candle is sold separately.

Metal votive candle holders 27
Melissa Jame

antique effect t light holders set of four by paper high |

Metal votive candle holders 9
Young Jacqueline

Choosing Your Wedding Venue – 5 Quick Tips | Team Wedding Blog #wedding #weddingdecorations #weddingvenue

Metal votive candle holders 3
Perry Alexandra

Antiqued White Metal Votive Candle Holder #kirklands #eclecticelegance

Pyramid Tealight Candle Holder
Jenna Daviesful

Pyramid Tealight Candle Holder
Cool latter-day holder for 5 tea candles. It's crafted of black-coated steel and has a form of a pyramide with steps on a 2-foot base. Each step has a round recessed holder. Two side walls are of subtly smoked clear tempered glass.

Metal votive candle holders 3
Meghan Rodriguez

Beautiful and rustic set of metal goblets made into a set of elegant votive candle holders. The have curved bottom lines and mysterious pattern on them. Made from rustic steel makes them even more 'from-a-different-century'.

Metal votive candle holders 5

Stylish candle holders with gold finish. Adds freshness and elegance to each place.

Metal votive candle holders 6
Margaret Diaz

These stylish sailboat candle holders will take you and your guests on a delighting sea voyage. With their nautical motive, they constitute a perfect option for weddings, boat parties, yacht celebrations, birthdays, or any seaside occasions.

Willow Votive 3 Piece Candle Holder Set
Lauren Rog

Willow Votive 3 Piece Candle Holder Set

Metal votive candle holders 26
Carmen Milani

An Indian Summer: Eye Candy - Decor

Yankee candle metal reindeer votive holder
Laetitia Kloss

Yankee Candle Metal Reindeer Votive Holder

Home fetching water girl metal candle holder
Ramirez Patricia

Home » Fetching-water Girl Metal Candle Holder

Antique metal votive candle holder in green
Roberts Isabelle

Antique metal votive candle holder in green

Metal votive candle holders 6
Perez Alexandra

Twig Candle Holders - 40 Rustic Home Decor Ideas You Can Build Yourself

Metal votive candle holders 13
Peyton Donaldson

I just love these votives, why they're like lil crowns and tiaras......................

Metal votive candle holders 7
Liliana Gadjus

Event planner extraordinaire, David Stark, created a cityscape of light using paint cans! Each can was illuminated from within with candles and mounted onto black posts to create a floating illusion.

Metal votive candle holders 4

Diamond wrap is a sparkling, bendable ribbon perfect for wrapping around wedding bouquet handles, favor boxes, candles and vases. Makes gorgeous centerpiece accents.

Site that feels a little like oriental trading company for
Kelly Denise

Site that feels a little like Oriental Trading Company for adults. SOOO Fun.

Metal votive candle holder 2
Leah Cart

metal votive candle holder

Attach decorations such as this lantern to the arches as
Olivia Smithist

Attach decorations, such as this lantern, to the arches as desired. The arbor will naturally weather to a rusty color.

Home hack for a festive centerpiece wrap vases and votives

Home hack! For a festive centerpiece, wrap vases and votives in metallic leather cord.

Purple silver mercury

purple & silver mercury

Metal votive candle holders 8

originally a jewelry holder, but votive candles would look nice on here.

Wrought iron tealight candle holder for home decoration china candle
King Margaret

Wrought Iron Tealight Candle Holder For Home Decoration / China Candle ...

Mercury Glass Candlestick Holder
Holly Kelly

Mercury Glass Candlestick Holder
Candlestick holder which were made of glass looks really pretty and are perfect fill of traditional house's decor. There is no place for things that are not durable and doesnt look well so thanks to this candlestick holder you can refresh your decor.

Metal votive candle holders 12

Floral Centerpiece // Rustic Country Wedding in Blush Navy // Meet The Burks Photography