Metal Trunk Coffee Table

Metal trunk coffee tables are an interesting alternative for everyone who looks for character pieces of furniture. They spice up the interior with their crude forms and lines and definitely play the main role in the interior. Check out my inspiration below.

Peyton Robinson Interior Design Expert
Metal trunk coffee table 3

Original coffee table in the shape of trunk. It is made of metal and reinforced with sturdy supports. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Includes roomy compartment for storing needed stuff.

Vintage metal coffee table

Modern living room furniture made out of stainless steel that will play the main role in the lounge. It is a perfect addition to a leather sofa and pitch-black huge TV screen. Its brown details make it even more stylish.

Steamer trunk coffee table for sale

A chic vintage trunk-like storage coffee table which can serve even as a bench as its sturdy frame is of metal with a beautiful burnished brass finish. It has metal fittings in a lighter tone, a lifted top with a hasp, 2 handles on shorter walls.

Metal trunk coffee table

The incredibly functional and glamorous metal trunk coffee table is the perfect choice for the original modern interior with a touch of industrialism. Beautiful design makes an impression, and the spacious interior of the trunk will be checked for storage.

Metal trunk coffee table
Steamer trunk coffee table

Spice up your living room with a drop of timeless elegance by deciding on this lovely coffee table made of an old-fashioned storage trunk. The trunk is surrounded with mirrored panels and a matching top, equipped with a pair of handles and reinforced by leather accents and nail head trim.

Metal trunk coffee table
Old metal trunks

This original metal trunk coffee table is an ingenuine example of contemporary design and another proof that upcycling is a common trend recently. Rustic and austere, it provides new character to the decorated space.

Steamer trunk coffee table 2

The metal construction of the trunk coffee table makes the unit robust and durable. A beautiful base of wood with smoldering legs adds a unique style. The metal magazine stand is very versatile and can be used in many ways.

White metal trunk

Durable coffee table with a nice trunk stylization. This original element provides some space for coffee, drinks and snacks. It includes decorative elements, so it looks like a real trunk. Its metal parts are attractive and durable.

Metal trunk coffee table
Steamer trunk coffee table stainless steel

Using the metal case as a coffee table? Great idea! Fits to the each simple colour and type of furniture. Adds the interior some mysterious nature. Wonderful for hiding some accessories inside. Stylish and 100% hot in this season.

Metal trunk coffee table
Mirrored trunk coffee table

Characterized by durable metal sheet construction and capacious inside; this eclectic coffee table will be serving your for years to come. It has a well-polished surface, a pair of bronze-finished metal handles, and it stands flat on the ground.

Metal trunk coffee table 1
Metro Shop Upton Home Duncan Travel Trunk Cocktail/ Coffee Table-OS0813
Mirrored trunk

Tasteful and very functional at the same time oak living room furniture delights. The combination of metal base and wood in this stylish trunk coffee table is beautifully presented by bringing in a unique atmosphere.

Treasure chest coffee table

The rich and stylishly designed treasure chest coffee table is a perfect combination of unique style and design. The whole made of the trunk will hold many trinkets and can serve in many ways in every original interior.

Metal trunk coffee table 2
Metal trunk coffee table 4

Modern with slightly vintage touch coffee table in shape of metal trunk will be original accent in your living room. Easy to clean, made of solid metal with decorative drawers, where you can keep some objects out of sight.

Metal trunk coffee table 1
Metal trunk coffee table 5
Metal trunk coffee table

An old-fashioned element that fits classic-styled indooors. The frame is made of 0,5-inch plywood and the solid birch makes the whole element very attractive. This table can be opened and it provides an extra storage space inside.

Metal trunk coffee table 6
Restoration hardware trunk coffee table

Coffee table in the form of trunk. It is made of metal and fitted with comfortable handles for easy carrying. Includes capacious compartment for storing needed stuff. Rectangular top has large usable surface.

Metal storage chest coffee table 220 occidental
Metal trunk coffee table 7
Steamer trunk table

In " La Casa Blanca" which means in Spanish " a white house," there is no president, but there are a lot of white great furniture, like this distressed trunk coffee table with metal rough elements, and black clasps.

Metal trunk coffee table 8
Metal trunk coffee table 12
Metal trunk coffee table 15
Metal steamer trunk coffee table
Stainless steel trunk coffee table

This fantastic handmade project is a model example of upcycling at its best. Vintage suitcase placed on equally old metal legs from the 60's - a simple recipe for eye-catching living room embellishment.

Restoration hardwares richards metal trunk coffee table which i would
Metal trunk coffee table 10
Boulstridge Nailhead Trunk Coffee Table

Boulstridge Nailhead Trunk Coffee Table
Gorgeous coffee table with lift-top metal toggle latch. Fantastic design utilizing shape detailed diamond pattern and metallic nail-heads, ample storage space, and sturdy frame made of durable wood in walnut finish.

Bischoptree Trunk Coffee Table with Lift Top

Bischoptree Trunk Coffee Table with Lift Top
This coffee table is a piece of furniture that fatures a stylish appearance thanks to its original trunk design. Its frame is durable with a stylish espresso stain finish. The table also features a spacious storage compartment.

Large storage trunk furniture 1

A perfect choice for an original coffee table - this steamer trunk Italian chest sports a design straight out of 1920-1930s and will help you create a lovely and charming atmosphere in your interior, while making for a wonderful centerpiece of any living room.

Metal chest coffee table
Ludlow trunk with stand coffee table black traditional coffee tables
Benjamin Trunk Coffee Table with Lift-Top

Benjamin Trunk Coffee Table with Lift-Top

The line of trunk inspired furniture comes in a variety

Detailed and durable Trunk Coffee Table in Espresso Finish offers spacious storage area concealed behind a moveable, rectangular lid. The table also features a center bottom drawer, and solid wood craftsmanship with iron accents.

Silver industrial aluminium trunk coffee table tfa101 al
Tibetan Book Trunk, Natural Pine
Steel trunk box
Garrison Trunk - Olive Green

This roomy and very practical at the same time chest was made of MDF which makes it very stable and durable. It looks very stylish and has a practical closing. Perfect for home.

Silver metal trunk coffee table 350
Metal trunk coffee table
Oval Coffee Table

Oval Coffee Table
Interestingly designed coffee table with oval top mounted on four-legged metal base. Its lines are quite sleek and curvy, but the top features rough wooden texture. All this may well complement industrial or rustic decor.