Metal Obelisk Trellis

A metal obelisk trelis is a strong accent feature in the garden. If you want to enhance this zone with an eye-catching detail, browse below. The collection includes designs of various sizes and made of different materials. Check them out.

Cintia Kowalski Interior Design Expert
Metal garden trellises

Constructed of weather-proof metal, those large supports are perfect for those, who love for their garden to be drowning in a sea of vine greenery. Each support splits at the top, looking like a coconut palm, giving your vines even more space to grow.

Obelisk trellis
Sarah Ashleyist

A showy contemporary ground-fixed garden trellis of metal with a weatherproof black finish. It has a form of 2 large vertically arranged rings joined closely on one side and gaped at the other one. A wider side has a ladder-like lattice design.

Metal obelisk trellis
Alexis Milani

Make room and provide proper growth conditions for your carefully curated trailing plants: this handsome metal obelisk trellis in black is fit for numerous gardening purposes, and it beautifies its outdoor space.

Metal garden arbors and trellises 1

Wall trellis made of aluminum. Designed for outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Great solution for plant arrangements in the garden, patio and more.

Metal obelisk trellis

Contemporary Garden Arch

Wrought iron obelisk
Julie Jac

This metal garden trellis enchants with its lovely, crossover style. Wrought iron, being a formable material, enabled to create a delighting construction, which catches the attention with its curves and arches.

Tall garden obelisk

Climber flowers, in need of space, need a construction that will help them grow. A metal obelisk trellis that looks like a paravane with floral ornaments will be durable and representative. The steel/metal elements themselves are like flowers.

Wrought iron garden obelisk
Isabella Martinable

Enchanted, mysterious garden - in it must find magical gates and passages. For example, metal obelisk, followed by favorite plants in a fancy shape. It's beautiful metal garden gate for a rustical or vintige backyard.

Garden obelisk wrought iron

This metal obelisk trellis constitutes will be a beautiful addition to one's garden. Creating a characteristic rustic appeal of the Victorian times, it will be a romantic corner to sit and relax.

Metal obelisk trellis
Morgan Meghan

this onion dome made of black metal trellis obelisk is an awesome supplement that would match any garden. It looks fancy and is designed of good quality material that would not corrode and always keeps its decorating qualities.

Metal trellises for sale

A cool contemporary garden trellis entirely hand-forged of metal with a rust-resistant coppery finish. Its tall openwork frame is constructed of a dozen or so thin curved rods with top scrolls and swirls. It resembles a giant onion.

Metal garden obelisk
Julia Lambertify

A cool rustic tree fence for outdoor use. Its cone-shaped openwork frame is constructed of metal barbed wire with a resistant coppery finish. It features irregularly deployed ornaments such as hearts and stars.

Metal obelisk
Kristina Howard

Crouching flowers require a good helper. Such a friend of flowers and design in the garden are metal obelisks. This one has a triangle shape and perfectly fits in the herb garden. It's useful, but also impressive.

Steel garden obelisk
Rebecca Pet

Often the biggest treasure in the garden is the climbing roses. In the shape of a subtle tower, or the Indian tent, the high metal or steel construction of obelisk trellis gives an interesting appearance and is truly helpful.

Steel obelisk

This metal obelisk trellis constitutes a fabulous outdoor decoration, especially if you are looking for some rustic charm and warmth. Its iron construction delights with its ornate curved coping.

Iron obelisk
Stacey Davi

In every old traditional project, a potential for innovation can be found. This traditional conical garden metal obelisk trellis usually helped plants run - in this case, it was filled with miniatures of colorful pumpkins, creating a great autumn decoration.

Garden obelisk trellis
Julie Mil

A charming antique style garden trellis. Its tapered up frame of metal wires has a weatherproof rusty finish. It's built of vertical rods joined by diameter-varied circular horizontal stretchers. It features a dome top with scrolling and a finial.

Wrought iron ball charlie topiary plant trellis obelisks garden
Dominique Cox

Wrought Iron Ball Charlie Topiary Plant Trellis Obelisks, Garden ...

Garden metal obelisk
Peterson Krystal

When the winter if finished we need to discover our garden again, by adding some new stuff like presented here contemporary but classic metal obelisk trellis. They look perfect in 2. Are open metal form with a square at the bottom and a triangle on the top.

Garden obelisk metal
Jacqueline Rogers

A beautiful obelisk that will make for just the perfect display measure for your flowers either outdoors or indoors and comes with the stunning, detailed and well-decorated metal structure with little flower accents all over it.

Garden obelisks metal
Bianca Weberable

Being an exceptional support system for roses. It remains upright even in high winds, as well as can be used in the ground or in a container. Available in two sizes, differing with the height. You can choose between 48 and 72", the diameter is 14".

Tall Black Garden Obelisk. This Round Metal Trellis is a Nice Outdoor Fixture for Climbing Vines and Plants.
Maria Anderson

Tall Black Garden Obelisk. This Round Metal Trellis is a Nice Outdoor Fixture for Climbing Vines and Plants.

Obelisk trellis metal
Monica And

This garden obelisk trellis constitutes a great contemporary accent for one's garden. Its metal construction will provide solidness and a fresh, modern appeal, helping you creating wonderful flower compositions.

Rose obelisk garden trellis
Carmen Milani

Surrounded by delphiniums, roses, salvia, this metal obelisk trellis constitutes a great way to add some charm and warmth to your outdoors and create a romantic corner.

Iron garden obelisk
Aloma Garcia

What is an inherent symbol of nature, wherever we look? Leaf - a symbol of life, in this case, gave its slender figure to a garden metal obelisk trellis of thin metal, as a fantastic decoration and a place to grow other plants.

Wedding plant stands
Carter Erica

Invite to your garden an metal trellis with charcoal brown powder coat finish! Tall pedestal for plants stands three feet wide and more than five feet tall. It will transform your garden space. It works as well as patio trellis!

Metal obelisk trellis 5
Martin April

Good Directions | Garden Obelisk Copper Finial OB-02 | On Sale

Iron garden obelisks
Mega Leahbrown

Rust Obelisk Metal Wire Trellis (Set of 3) : 7.25

Garden trellis metal
Colleen Thompson

These steel ring trellises constitute a great garden decoration, providing a contemporary character to your outdoors. Embellished with a creeper, it will create a magical corner.

Obelisk garden trellis
Tara Gosselin

Steel obelisks - By David Harber Garden obelisks made of mirror polished stainless steel to catch the eye and reflect its surroundings.

Steel garden obelisks

Using wire to tie copper tubing together for use in a DIY copper coil garden trellis

Large garden welded steel plant support wrought iron scroll topiary

Large Garden Welded Steel Plant Support - Wrought Iron Scroll Topiary - 3 Sizes | eBay

Metal obelisk trellis 3

INA WALL TRELLIS SR This one is made of metal. I bet we could figure this out with wood and hardware cloth or something similar.

Metal obelisk trellis

Wrought Iron Bob Topiary Plant Trellis Obelisks Garden Flower Support ...

Trellis obelisk
Stone Caroline

Detroit Garden Works

Luster Leaf 931 7.5-Foot Link-Ups Obelisk with 4 Embossed Rings, Black
Stephanie Ros

Luster Leaf 931 7.5-Foot Link-Ups Obelisk with 4 Embossed Rings, Black

Achla designs 5 5 ft square iron country cottage obelisk

Achla Designs 5.5-ft. Square Iron Country Cottage Obelisk Trellis

Contemporary garden trellis
Carmen Kowalski

Products Metal Obelisk Trellis

Steel obelisks for garden
Nicole All

metal obelisk trelli

An outdoor metal trellis similar to this mounted on your
Olivia Smithist

An outdoor metal trellis similar to this mounted on your brick wall for the honeysuckle.

Scroll top obelisk 1
Brittany Griffin

Scroll Top Obelisk

Metal obelisk trellis 4
Julie Ross

Have to have it. Deer Park Metal Crown Top Obelisk Trellis Topiaries $199.99

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Vine leaf obelisk metal garden trellis

Vine & Leaf Obelisk Metal Garden Trellis

Gothic circular obelisk metal trellis galvanized iron so 8901 96
Shannon Gonz

gothic circular obelisk metal trellis galvanized iron so 8901 96 h x ...

Metal obelisk trellis 6
Abigail Wrightful

Square Garden Trellis

Garden obelisk trellis balls

Garden Obelisk Trellis Balls

Emerald Series Lattice Trellis
Jillian Bake

Emerald Series Lattice Trellis
It is a lattice trellis that is perfect for every garden. It has got a good quality and it is perfect for a climbing rose bush or other flowers. It will make an amazing decoration in your beautiful garden.

Wall trellis
Anderson Marisa

wall trellis

The fat charlie topiary is our best seller this simple
Krystle Mit

The Fat Charlie topiary is our best seller. This simple topiary is ...