Metal House Number Signs

House number signs aren’t perhaps the most essential element ever but they can also come in nice designs, shapes and sizes. Here’s the collection which will convince you about that in case you still have any doubts. Check the solutions shown at the photos and pick the right one for yourself.

Marisa Anderson Interior Design Expert
Metal house signs
Patterson Gracie

A durable and weather-resistant address plaque that can be easily mounted on a wall next to your front door. Designed for outdoor use, the plaque is made of powder-coated metal with cutout numbers for modern appearance.

Metal house number signs
Kathleen Coleman

The Monroe address plaque is a modern and stylish addition on your home. It is handmade of the 3/16" thick steel with black and gray colors. It have to be mounted with the standoff bolts.

Custom house numbers

An aesthetic modern house number sign made of weatherproof stainless steel. It has a square black wall mount. Large stylised numbers are fixed to it on short round rods, arranged horizontally and have delicate metallic shine.

Wrought iron name plaques
Cintia Brook

The superb form with the motif of the bird used in this lovely metal house number signs captivates. Entirely decorated in black shades, it delights in details and beautifully presents itself outside the house.

Metal house number signs
Brittany Ree

Thanks to this modern plaque, you can display your address on the front wall of your house or on your mailbox. Characterized by durable metal construction, the plaque is weather-resistant and easy to maintain.

Beach house numbers
Susan Turn

This water cut steel plate constitutes a great modern address plaque. It will allow you to distinguish your house from the neighborhood, adding a bit of a contemporary refinement.

Decorative metal numbers
Alexis Hallify

This set of metal house numbers will help you distinguish your house from the neighborhood. All of the numbers can be characterized by an ornamental font.

Modern door number signs
Wilson Gabrielle

This element is very practical and it also decorates outdoor areas. These are house numbers made of durable metal with an interesting rust finish. These numbers are large and readable from different distances.

Metal house number signs 1
Weber Lily

Combining style and solidness, this gold metal house number address plaque is designed to distinguish your house from the neighbourhood, providing a royal character to the space. Made upon custom order, each item is different.

House numbers spelled out
Megan Pow

LED lighted for unrivaled visibility, even in the dark or from distance, this crisp metal house number custom address sign with acrylic base looks particularly on-trend when exposed on a wooden panel wall.

Love this house number sign
Kelly Stacy
Metal house sign
Erin Edwards

The you decide to organise your home in the contemporary style or the decorations outside should also fit. This number sign made of rusted metal perfectly catch the idea of the modern decoration style.

Front door number signs
Jenna Edward

Always make sure that your guests can find the way to your home easily with these house numbers. They come with the stainless steel structure and can sport both the number and the name of the street to make them more convenient.

Stainless steel house plaques
Rachel Morgan

Modern cedar outdoor divider / fence with large metal house number sign. Clean lines of the font make the fence truly contemporary - that's what is fashionable right now. Brushed metal frame encompasses the elegant wooden slats construction.

House number plates stainless steel
Caitlin Robi

Creating a smooth transition between the modern and the past, this wood and metal number plaque will help you distinguish your house, creating a refined appeal. Of course each of the orders can be customized, adapting to one's individual needs.

House number signs modern
Melissa Kelly

Enchanting from the very first seconds, this custom made house address number sign is a lovely piece of metal furniture. It features several birds sitting on a tree branch, creating a good way to distinguish your exterior a bit.

Metal house number signs

Do not let situations in which bad office marking leads to the loss of the number of people. Strong, made of stainless steel metal house or office number signs plates are personalized and left in a metallic finish with black professional UV print.

Custom house number
Alexis Milani

Contemporary mailbox in matte steel, with sleek numerals embossed in the right bottom corner. Sleek, minimalist look was the designer's goal while creating this handsome mailbox, and personally I find the goal achieved!

Spelled out house numbers
Lauren Martinezify

Laser cut metal house number / monogram, displayed with fancy scrolls and swirls, or custom design. Handmade of heavy gauge metal. Finished black, bronze or distressed matte white / red to afford a custom feel.

Cool house number signs
Shannon Wri

Do not be fooled by the subtleties of this contemporary house number sign, in a Scandinavian style. This is a practical giant - a mailbox that is partially made of teak wood. The incised house number in the stainless steel front.

Laser cut house numbers
Theresa San

Opt for some nice and visible house numbers for your land to make it much easier for your guests to find their way and to, at the same time, elevate the stylish appeal of your interior with the simple yet modern look they offer.

Address plaque for 4 house numbers
Craven Zoe
Metal house number signs 1

With this metal house number sign your outdoor setting will prove to be a truly complete work of art. Now you can guide your guests with ease, while the fleur de lis accents make this metal piece much more appealing visually.

Custom street sign made to brighten up the outside of
Metal house number plaque
Ebony Gra

An excellent accessory for outdoors, that will emphasize the front of your home with modern accents. This address number sign is made of stainless steel, giving you a durable item, able to withstand weather-conditions.

Metal house number signs 1

Interesting combination of metal and wood in this beautiful house number signs looks great and beyond functionality beautifully adorns the outside of the house. The whole is a great addition to the decor.

House Number Sign - Alpine Ascent
House numbers address plaque sandblasted hdu house number address plaque
Rachel Massonable
Custom steel family name sign
Alyssa Wilsonify
Avalon modern house numbers
Laetitia Kloss

Mark the address of your home with style, using those handmade, scrolled numbers designed of wrought iron and bathed in a pitch black finish. You can easily attach them to a rock, without worrying they will rust, chip, or crack while being exposed on weather conditions.

Metal number signs
Chloe Hughesful

A rustic decoration for outdoors and a durable address plaque. It's characterized by worn-out metal construction, with an oval plaque with steel numbers, and two legs that you can easily put in the ground for stability.

Custom Steel End of the Trail address sign
Metal house signs personalized
Cassandra Bailey
Vertical house numbers custom metal house number custom metal work
Michele Powell
Custom address numbers
Erika Smi

House numbers mounted in oval frame and decorated with starfish theme. It is made of metal with gold finish. Perfect addition for any freestanding house.

Metal house number signs
Olivia Smithist
Ideas for house number signs
Rachel Massonable

Elegant house numbers made of metal. Designed for freestanding homes. It is finished with decorative curves. Suitable as stand for mailbox.

Vertical metal house address numbers 4 number by toughandtwisted 47
Lily Cravenable
Contemporary house number signs
Magnetic address numbers
Caitlin Mill

Multi-color, mosaic house number that looks very attractive. It not only decorates outdoor walls, but it also provides information about house number. These numbers are large and readable from distance.

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Tara Robi
Stainless steel house signs
Bianca Noorda
Bird and leaves metal address sign metal house by megametaldesigns
Street number metal cutout best metal yard art ive seen
Maria Martin
Custom Steel Tropical Palm Trees address sign
Yulia Thompson
Custom tropical bird house number sign
Lambert Abbey
Led lamp of illuminated house numbers copper illuminated house sign
Alison Gar
Franklin Column Address Plaque
Rachel Butler

Franklin Column Address Plaque

Metal address letters
Carmen Milani

Usually a number plaque home, hangs on the wall - right? You do not have to do the same as everyone else, get yourself a custom solution - a metal plaque, with address letters box, just in the ground before your lawn.

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